A Beginners Guide to Reading Palms

beginners guide to palm reading

As an intuitive, the first thing I learnt how to read was palms. I remember picking up a book at the library and then practicing on everyone and anyone who would let me.

At the time I never really thought I had any special intuitive abilities, but I saw how people loved it and this only encouraged me to learn and explore more.

Learning how to read palms is fun and also helped unlock my intuition. Here are a few basic steps for beginners:

1.) The Shape

To determine the shape look at the bottom of the hand near the wrist and the base of the thumb. (It is common to have a combination of shapes)

earth palmBroad/Square: Ruled by the element of Earth, those with square hands are practical and motivated. They are driven by career success and are very practical and intellectual.


Long/Skinny: Ruled by the element of Air, those with long hands are naturally air palmcreative, curious and talkative. They tend to be nervous and are prone to anxiety.


water palmShort/Oval: Ruled by the element of Water, these individuals are sensitive and emotional. They are artistic and often naturally intuitive.


Short/Rectangle: Ruled by the element of fire, those with short, rectangular hands are energfire palmetic, active and inspirational. They can at times be too head strong.


2.) The Left Hand Vs. Right Hand

Traditional palmistry states that the non-dominant hand reveals the energy you were born with- your potential, strengths, weaknesses etc. Your dominant hand however, shows what you actually do with the possibilities you were born with.

It is believed that your non-dominant hand never changes but your dominant hand will always be changing depending on your choices in life.

Although this is the traditional interpretation, I believe that whichever hand people give me first is the palm I am “meant” to read.

3.) The Major Lines

palmistry 100Life Line

This shows your health, vitality, energy levels, quality of life, sexual health and prosperity. The stronger and clearer the line, the more energy and vitality the person has whereas, weaker, paler or interrupted lines can indicates issues.

If you see a double life line, this means the person is heavily looked after by guardian angels or spirit guides.

palmistry 102The Head Line

This shows the level of intelligence and memory and concentration skills. When the line is strong and clear it indicates a good mind for business and career success. If the line appears to go in two directions or splits, it could indicate that this person has two different types of intelligence. If the line appears heavily broken, the individual may be confused and unsure of their own mind.

The Heart Line

This shows the emotional health, passion, sensuality and the ability to give and receive love. Those with a heavily chained heart line are often extremely compassionate. If the line points up it indicates a mostly positive individual. If the line is broken or weak it could indicate difficulties expressing love. If the line points down, it may indicate a negative mind set.

The Fate Line

This shows the overall life path as well as any hurdles, challenges and successes. It also reveals life purpose and the potential career path. If the line is dominant, this means the individual has set out on their highest path and is aware of their purpose. If the line breaks it could indicate different possibilities or life paths that may be available to them. Any crosses or cuts through the line may indicate challenges.

4.) Predicting the Future

marriage linesMarriage & Relationships

The number of lines indicate how many marriages or serious relationships the individual will enter into. The stronger, deeper and redder the lines are the more likely the lines indicate marriage. Clear lines indicate happy relationships whereas broken lines can signify endings.


children linesChildren

Look to the fine, tiny lines underneath the pinky finger. If there are many lines it could indicate that the individual works with children or has many children around them (siblings, nephews etc). Curved lines indicate girls and straight lines indicate boys.


travel linesTravel

Look to the vertical lines under the heart line. The short lines indicate domestic travel and the long lines indicate international travel. If any of the travel lines extend out to the fate line it shows a significant or meaningful trip that is likely to be life changing in some way.

line of apolloMoney

Also called the line of Apollo, this line indicates financial success and even fame. The line should be deep, straight and unbroken.


Remember, no matter what the lines say, the future is always in your hands!

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About the author


Tanaaz is the creator of Forever Conscious. She is an intuitive astrologer and aims to use her writing to heal and inspire. She is also the author of several books including the Power of Positive Energy, Messages for the Soul, and My Pocket Mantras. She also runs online courses and in-person retreats.