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This article is written by Sarupa Shah, a spiritual business mentor, channel for Spirit, and the creator of the Abundance Oracle Cards. Discover more at www.thesoulagentblog.com or find her on Instagram.

Here we are again at a new lunar month, which begins with the Taurus New Moon.

Since the last New Moon, the world has continued to rapidly change and nature is thriving. The fear is we can’t or won’t…

The fears about whether we can survive on many levels are real for so many people, and there aren’t any platitudes or spiritual statements to smooth over the reality some people are living. That was old energy when we pacified our self with a sentence once read from a book.

Everything about this crisis from an energetic perspective is to dig deep. Who are you? Who could you be? Will you be all that you came to be? 

Tuning in to the energy, I feel such strength this month. A force that has a purpose and direction. It feels like a bridge for us to travel and underneath that bridge, just like in many fairy tales, are our fears.

Similar to the bridge trolls, our fears are for us to pass so we can move beyond where we are. None of us are immune from fear. Fear is unresolved energy and as we grow, more is unearthed. 

With Taurus and its relationship with Earth, it isn’t surprising this month has the sense that we are digging deep to move. That is the theme for this month. 

Abundance in the New World

Abundance, as a spiritual energy is love. It is appreciation for all that we could be and all that we truly are. It goes amiss for us when we doubt, when we believe we aren’t enough, when we believe we are wrong and don’t belong, and when we let our feelings and thoughts try to control our soul wisdom. 

Abundance in its most universal expression is how we claim our spiritual value. It isn’t about what certificates we hold, or how many crystals we have, or how many spiritual workshops or books we have attended or own, or if we ‘work’ in a spiritual profession – it is when we accept that we are part of the bigger picture.

Spirituality is about being not doing, it comes from within and isn’t about what you do.

This month the guidance was to pick three cards…they are here for you to work with as you step into the energy and align with the cosmic gifts that are always present. 

Card 40: Soul Purpose

With the world in lockdown and with all the physical and material changes, seeing this card was a great reminder: who you are at a soul level isn’t impacted by the external, material world. In fact, it is the opposite. 

Your soul and higher self has the capacity to impact material change and maybe we have forgotten that.

This card has come this month to remind us all and carries on the message from last month where we learned the universe hasn’t lost its center, and now we are being reminded we haven’t lost our soul. 

In particular, this card is reminding us all to go inwards, so don’t let that meditation practice drop. Don’t let all the noise about what is going on in the world let you conclude that your soul has lost its light and influence.

Card 44: Joy

One of the things I have noticed in my conversations with people over the last few weeks is a mask of- I am okay. 

There is no bravado in avoiding the existence of fear. We all know it doesn’t make it go away if we pretend it isn’t there. This month the theme is to face it, just as the card says.

Name your fear but don’t claim it – instead resolve it. Nothing can be resolved if it stays hidden. This works with the next card too…

Card 36: Violet Fire

Often when working with fear there is a natural transmutation when it is ‘moved’ beyond. When this card came in, it was one of those moments where I got goosebumps, as it is absolutely perfect.

The violet fire is a spiritual energy that transmutes. It doesn’t clean up what we aren’t prepared to let go of. We have to be ready to let go.

As you travel this lunar month and discover a fear or two you have about abundance or your financial future that you are ready to let go of, call upon the violet fire.

  • As you sit or stand, imagine in front of you there is a column of violet fire.
  • Name your fear and put it into the violet fire to be transmuted. See yourself putting it into the column of violet fire.
  • Hold the image of the violet fire cleansing and transforming your fear into new energy.

Remember if you decide to pick up the fear again you will recreate it, so it is important that you create new habits and practices that allow you to continue to step forward and build a new foundation.

This lunar month the Taurus energy is helping to move us forward and that will become easier when we are honest with ourselves and resolve what we don’t want to bring forward; the fears, the stories of our smallness that we have told and expanded. Instead dig deep, Taurus is going to help.

Some additional resources to help you at this time:

For those of you wanting to connect and be with like-hearted souls as we all travel through this time:

I host a weekly Zoom gathering where we talk, share, inspire and focus on topics that are impacting the heart-centered and lightworker community, you can join us here to get your invite.

Healing circle – there is a weekly meditation held by my friend and mentor Tony Barton.

Both these resources are free and offered via Facebook and you are all welcome, the message around the world is #togetherwearestronger and it includes you too.

Sarupa Shah

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Sarupa Shah

Sarupa Shah is an award-winning spiritual business mentor, channel and voice for Spirit and creator of the Abundance Oracle Cards. Go to www.abundanceoraclecards.com /www.thesoulagentblog.com or find her on Instagram: www.instagram.com/sarupa