Abundance Oracle: Aries Lunar Cycle 2020

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This article is written by Sarupa Shah, a spiritual business mentor, channel for Spirit, and the creator of the Abundance Oracle Cards. Discover more at www.thesoulagentblog.com or find her on Instagram.

While current world events are likely to be having a direct impact on the way you are living; the message I received as I tuned in to share with you this month is: the universe hasn’t lost its center, so you need not lose yours.

The energy feels pioneering, asking for us to think and feel in new ways. The magic this month is in the expansion. The illusion is everything has contracted, but the cosmic energy isn’t showing that. However, expansion requires letting go of what was; there’s a new way dawning. 

At the start of the last lunar cycle, I shared about the Universe still breathing out, and I want to explore this with you a little more.

With its out breath, the Universe continues to serve its purpose in the Divine Plan. We are being asked to pause and choose how we cooperate with that plan. Everyone one of us across the planet is part of this unfolding shift. 

Our opportunity has always been to align with the Universe so we can collaborate with its energy and fulfill our purpose. Storms will come and go, but standing in the light of who we are is a gift we all can learn to share.

We have been cosmically training to embrace uncertainty and surrender to the Universe, and it’s time to bring that learning to the fore. Surrendering to your heart knowing, and not to your defeat will allow for old energy that has remained stuck and bound by illusions to shift.

This lunar month is not about being passive, nor is it about expecting the energy will do it all for us. We are being given an alarm that is ringing to say – hey you, everything you could be requires you to let go and step into the new.

This month I am guided to share one card to assist your abundance journey. Just as the Universe is breathing out and fulfilling its expansion and service; abundance, joy, love and other cosmic influences, Universal laws aren’t changed, they remain expanding and intact. What is changing is the human journey. 

We are being challenged to wake up and even then, waking up to what isn’t clear. It isn’t necessary to know the end yet, it is unfolding and there is a reason it is uncertain.

The work this month is how we accept our place in the big plan, as when we do, we know all is well. We don’t need to paint the complete picture, instead, it will emerge from the energy shifts we are being asked to make.

No. 27 Conscious Abundance, Element Aether

This card has come from the Abundance Oracle Cards and when it appeared my heart opened and I felt such an a-ha and oh yeah.

Firstly, we had this card last New Moon, so if you worked with it last month it is showing up to reveal a new layer and continues to challenge us to step out of illusion and stop putting the idea of abundance into boxes. We live in an abundant Universe and abundance is always the eternal potential.

The card of Conscious Abundance is about how awake, alert, and aware we are to abundance.

It isn’t a surprise this card has come in as the pull/push energy at the moment is playing out like a battle between contraction and expansion.

It is so easy to unknowingly slip into habits of contraction. When we don’t choose soul led living, we are choosing limitation. This is not to say that everyone has to follow a certain spiritual path, as soul led living is about a frequency of being, now about what you do. 

Cosmically, the energy is saying let it go and let God. Which isn’t code for passivity, it is a message for alignment.

This month’s card is inviting you to repeat the affirmation: Abundance is all around me.

You can choose your favorite way of working with affirmations. Mine is always to repeat them 11 times in front of the mirror as I look into my eyes.

As this card came forward, I saw a journaling exercise to complement the cosmic door we can walk through.

Journal weekly this lunar month to acknowledge the abundance around you.

Give yourself permission for 5 minutes to heart storm about the abundance around you and in your life. Don’t worry if at first, it feels hard to write more than a few things. The more you allow it, your energy will lift and you will awaken like a curious adventurer who has just woken from a slumber to see a new dawn.

Remember before the dawn, there is always the dark. Let the cosmic energy gifted to us by the Universe guide you to the dawn.

Give yourself the gift this month of working with this card and the additional journaling exercise, and allow yourself to develop a new relationship with yourself based on vulnerability and honesty.

Abundance in action is knowing that your light was dreamed into being here right now, as there is something for you to share and grow from.

Leave a comment below, sharing how this month’s Abundance Oracle Card has resonated with you.

Abundance is and always will be real, despite the illusions of matter.

Sarupa Shah

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Sarupa Shah

Sarupa Shah is an award-winning spiritual business mentor, channel and voice for Spirit and creator of the Abundance Oracle Cards. Go to www.abundanceoraclecards.com /www.thesoulagentblog.com or find her on Instagram: www.instagram.com/sarupa