Akashic Reading: Sirius & Lion’s Gate Portals 2024

akashic reading sirius lions gate

This article is written by astrologer and Akashic channel, Narayana Montúfar. She is the author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power. Please visit www.naramon.com to book a reading with her or follow her here @narayanamontufar  to keep up with her astro-weather reports. 

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Greetings, dear reader. In preparation for an upcoming pilgrimage to Egypt this Fall, I’ve been connecting with the Neteru, the primordial deities of our spirit world, via the Anubis Oracle.

On the morning of Thursday, June 27th, after opening the Akashic Records, my guides asked me to look at the current sky alignments, reminding me that we are collectively heading towards a potent time of the year. They said: “grab the deck and begin writing.” The result is a channeled deity for your sign (read your sun & rising signs), accompanying you to cross the Sirius and Lion’s Gate portals toward a brighter future.

For me, the process was healing, calming, and grounding. Once I closed the records while in a deep meditative state, a magical moment occurred—a few of the deities I channeled in this reading showed up to thank me. Nekhbet, the predynastic vulture deity handed me a key, blessing my path as I continue to unlock the mysteries of ancient Egypt. 

Akashic Reading for Sirius and Lions Gate Portals

A powerful time portal is now opening up! The door is cracking open, and all you need to do is look into the offerings the other side has, with your eyes and heart full of curiosity. As I write this on June 27th, feminine planet, Venus begins touching the light of Sirius, the brightest star in the firmament.

A week later, the luminaries also perfectly align with Sirius, keeping the portal open until August 8, when this year’s Lion’s Gate celebration arrives. While the Lion’s Gate portal is a yearly occurrence, the fact that the July 5 New Moon in Cancer (14 degrees of Cancer) is exactly aligned with Sirius is oh, so very special. 

Sirius is not only the brightest star in our sky—it is a source of life, and what all ancient cultures and mystics have considered, for millennia, to be the star that fuels our Sun with light and spiritual wisdom. Ancient Egyptians are strongly connected to Sirius, as the pyramids were built to be perfectly aligned with Sirius, also known as the Dog Star. 

The wisdom coming from Sirius is similar to that of the Divine Mother but it is also bold in its creativity—and as the Earth gets deeper into the Age of Aquarius, more of us are being exposed to it. The elevated consciousness being channeled from Sirius is yours now, and will accompany you in thriving during this highly transformative Summer. 

How can you harness the power of Sirius and the 2024 Lion’s Gate Portal? With the guidance of the sacred Akashic Records, we have asked The Anubis Oracle. Below is how your soul can align with the light of the wisdom keepers of ancient Egypt. 

Tarotscope for the Sirius and Lions Gate Portal

Aries: Bast

Bast—also known as Bastet—is the Egyptian goddess of instinct and sensuality. She represents the human gift of feeling lust and longing for pleasure and connection. This sensual cat goddess shows up to remind you of the joy of being incarnated in your physical body. If you are giving birth to something new, she functions as your guardian and guide, elevating your dedication and commitment to it. 

Harness this goddess’s powers by practicing self-love and self-care and treating your body as the temple it is. Move slowly and delicately whenever making love. 

Taurus: Isis

The Holy Queen of Egypt herself shows up for you during this special Sirius portal, Taurus. As the pure embodied manifestation of love, Isis is all about the magical arts of healing. As the sacred bridge between Heaven and Earth, Isis will assist you in dispelling any type of confusion you are now feeling so that clarity can come through. Under her tutelage, take a big-picture approach to any troublesome situation, allowing her voice to guide you. 

Connect with Isis by practicing chakra balancing meditations, or by simply repeating the powerful mantra: “As above, so below. As within, so without. As the universe, so the soul.” 

Gemini: Nekhbet-Mother-Mut

Being the blend of two vulture goddesses, Mut and Nekhbet, this is the card of the Grand Mother and the Wisdom Keeper of ancient Egypt. She is the “old crone” appearing to confirm that you’re being initiated in a journey of coming back to your “truest self.” A strong guide and protector, she inspires you to listen to the advice that an elder, a grandmother, or a teacher might soon be gifting you. 

Harness Nekhbet-Mother-Mut’s guidance by honoring your ancestor via ritual or spending time meditating in nature where you can connect with the spirit of ancient trees. 

Cancer: Sothis

Bright light and wisdom are available to you now, dear Crab! Sothis is the stellar manifestation of Isis as well as the star Sirius itself. This card’s appearance speaks of the evolution of your consciousness—that the star of your being is rising! Sothis inspires you to share your knowledge and teach others what life has taught you. If you’re coming out of a dark night of the soul, this card confirms you are on the verge of finding the light. 

Connect with Sotis by printing an image of the star Sirius and putting it where you can be reminded, every day, of the stellar guidance available to you now. 

Leo: Higher Love & Wisdom 

Ancient deities Hathor, Set, and Wadjet have prepared something very special for you—but to receive it, you will have to show them your bravery, Leo. Set, as the trickster god, will soon show you your shadow material, something that might be hard to admit. Instead of running away from it, allow the serpent goddess Wadjet to help you find self-acceptance by truly admitting it to yourself. Lastly, allow cow goddess Hathor to turn your shadow into a magical potion of self-love by embracing that, which you would normally repress or deny. 

Harness this card’s guidance by writing your shadow material on a piece of paper. Read it out loud, cry it out, and burn it before offering it to the Moon and the night sky. 

Virgo: Anubis

You are incredibly lucky if this card has come to guide you! Anubis is the “opener of the way,” representing the deep shamanic consciousness that lives within. You are in a highly transformative process and Anubis has appeared as your spirit guide to show you the way. His guidance allows you to glimpse the mysteries of the universe so you can co-create with them your deepest desires and dreams. 

Harness the guidance of Anubis by printing an image of this deity. Keep it in your altar and meditate with it whenever you require guidance from above. The answers shall come via intuition. 

Libra: Entering the Mystery

This card mixes the power of five Egyptian deities: Nekhbet, Nut, Nephtyhs, Isis, and the Dove. Together, they initiate you into a powerful new path, requiring you to take a risk as you dive into the unknown. Something from the past is being reborn as something new, and for it to be successful, you must receive guidance from seasoned elders and listen to your intuition. Know that you are being guided and protected in this endeavor. 

Organize a small ritual or ceremony during which you offer an olive branch to all these deities as an appreciation of their guidance and support in this new endeavor. 

Scorpio: Ma’at 

Dare to enter the hall of mirrors, Scorpio. A celestial divinity that creates order from chaos, Ma’at comes to remind you that, between light and dark, there is no difference. You cannot see your light without acknowledging your shadow—and that both make you who you are. Egyptians believed, that when we die, our hearts are weighed against the feather of Ma’at, so then we can be reborn, like Osiris. But we can only lighten our hearts by practicing true self-forgiveness. 

Connect with Ma’at by drawing an ostrich feather and putting it on your altar as an offering to the Regal Mistress who reigns over the Hall of Mirrors. 

Sagittarius: The Crested Ibis

What’s on your mind, bold Archer? Known as the akh bird, the Crested Ibis is connected to Thoth and the air element of writing, communication, speech, and thought. Its appearance is a symbol of your ability to conceive powerful ideas, which will get you closer to a cherished goal. However, it does speak of the need to take a deeper look at how you’re expressing yourself when communicating with others. 

Harness this sacred bird’s powers by singing, chanting, laughing, and speaking your truth. But most importantly, lighten up—try approaching life with playfulness and humor. 

Capricorn: Sobek & Horus

How easy is it for you to forgive, Capricorn? The crocodile god and the hawk-headed god team up to help you reach a reconciliation of opposites. This could be with someone who has tested you in the waking life—or within your own psyche. Either way, this card shows that as you grow and evolve, your “old self” is at odds with the “new you” that now emerges. 

Receive help from Sobek and Horus by either forgiving someone who did you wrong or making a list of your past accomplishments and feeling gratitude for them. 

Aquarius: Hathor

Look up to the night sky, Aquarius! Hathor—the legendary cow goddess of love, joy, and magic seeks your attention. As a medicine woman, Hathor has the unique ability to resolve inner conflict, alchemizing any low frequencies into divine, pure love. Any problematic struggles and situations you might carry now can melt under her powerful chalice. She bestows unconditional love and guidance to you. 

Connect with Hathor by traveling to a place where there is no light pollution so you can truly admire the beauty of the Milky Way, which she represents. Alternatively, purchase a Hathor chalice, bless it under the night sky, and drink from it. 

Pisces: Wadjet

The great serpent goddess of ancient Egypt crawls into the depths of your psyche to offer you spiritual protection and soul purification. Your ego is undergoing a transformation, moving you away from anything that connects you to ignorance and arrogance. If you find yourself hungry or addicted to less-than-desirable behaviors, Wadjet burns those desires off, helping you find strength in the midst of any type of darkness. 

Acquire a small figure of this sacred serpent Wadjet and ask for its guidance whenever you feel yourself falling into any self-destructive tendencies. She will come to guide you! 

If you are interested in an astrology or Akashic channeling reading, please visit naramon.com. I look forward to connecting with you!

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