Intuitive Astrology: Cancer New Moon July 2024

cancer new moon 2024 astrology

The Cancer New Moon arrives on July 5th, 2024, in the heart of the Sirius Gateway, creating a powerful start to this new lunar cycle.

Known as our Spiritual Sun, our ancestors from all corners of the world, have paid special attention to Sirius and aligned its movements with sacred events and rituals. The Sirius Gateway, which is when Sirius aligns with the Sun, is one of the most special and potent times for connecting with its energy.

Having the Cancer New Moon and the Sirius Gateway at the same time creates an alignment of the Sun, Sirius, and the Moon, activating a powerful time of healing, restoration, and regeneration. While we will feel this most strongly on July 5th, we are also likely to feel it a few days before and up to two weeks after.

The Sun, Sirius, and the Moon Align

This high vibrational energy and rare alignment between the Sun, Moon, and Sirius, can help us to feel connected to Source, part of the Oneness of the Universe, and can boost our spirit energy. We may even find ourselves reuniting with parts of our soul that have been lost or abandoned.

With all this positive energy flowing around us, we are invited to seek joy, take an optimistic approach, and lead with love and compassion.

Along with being a high vibrational energy, Sirius also holds the frequency of higher intelligence. It is said to spark unique ideas, innovations, and the ability to think outside the realms of the conditioned mind.

Couple that with the fresh energy the New Moon will bring, we may find new inspiration, new pathways, or new ways of thinking coming into our awareness, sparking excitement and hope for what’s to come.

Cancer New Moon and Opening the Heart

The Cancer New Moon is always a time when our heart energy is amplified, and we are able to connect with the energy of compassion, love, and forgiveness. We may find our hearts softening or that we are able to connect with the truth of our feelings.

The waves of the Cancer New Moon may increase our sensitivity too, and while we do have to be mindful of taking on emotions that are not are own, or allowing ourselves to be consumed with our emotions, we may also find a new freedom emerging too.

Perhaps as our sensitivity increases, so too, does our awareness of what our heart is saying. Perhaps we may find it easier to discern those more subtle heart messages or those nagging feelings that our heart and body can send our way.

Our feelings can be our compass, but often, it is hard to decode what they may be trying to show or tell us. So much of our feeling space can also be hampered by past triggers, preconceived ideas, and anxieties.

Under the Cancer New Moon and with the help of Sirius, we may really be able to wade through all the muck and clutter and see what is truly underneath it all, especially on a heart level.

Venus and the Cancer New Moon

Venus, the planet of love and relationships, is also active under this New Moon, adding to the already strong heart-centered energies. We may find relationships are a theme for us under this July New Moon, or we may be peeling back new awareness when it comes to our hearts.

Remember, New Moons tend to bring new opportunities and draw things to us, so this is a powerful time to set intentions and to think about what you wish to create in your life. What do you want to bring close to you? What do you want to bring close to your heart?

Leading with the heart is very much going to be the way forward under this New Moon, and with the Sirius Gateway energies also present, our manifestation abilities are surely to be heightened. Think about what you want to create for your future and let the Universe know!

This is an incredibly high vibrational time of year that we can all soak up and enjoy! Use the energies of the Cancer New Moon and the Sirius Gateway to love yourself and make the time to replenish all of your soul.

A Cancer New Moon and Sirius Gateway Ritual is here.

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