Aquarius Full Moon Ritual August 2020

aquarius full moon ritual 2020

The Aquarius Full Moon illuminates the night sky on August 3rd, bringing illumination and awakening.

Under the power of this Full Moon, the planet of great awakenings, Uranus, will be activated helping to trigger and shift us into a new state of awareness.

This Full Moon may leave us feeling like we are walking on shaky ground, uncertain of the future and what is to unfold. But through this, it does promise an awakening.

It does promise that even though your life will be shaken and stirred, you will come out the other side with new perspective and new wisdom.

We can use these vibrations not only to trust in what’s to come but to also activate our third eye and intuition.

In this ritual, you will be guided to work with your third eye and receive downloads from the Moon and the stars.

Aquarius Full Moon Ritual

This ritual is best done at night from August 1-10, 2020.

You will need:


1.) Start by cleansing your aura. For this ritual, you do not need to cleanse your surroundings unless you desire. As you cleanse your aura, feel free to recite the following:

“I open to the loving energies that flow within me and around me. I ask these energies to join me as I cleanse and remove all that is heavy, stuck, stagnant, and no longer needed. As I work around my aura, my energy is lifted, vibrant, and heightened. I am cleansed, energy moves freely through my body, my heart openly and willingly gives and receives love. I am now standing in my purest light. Thank you.”

2.) Next, listen to the Infinity Cosmic Meditation. This meditation is 12 minutes and will assist in activating and opening your third eye, and connecting you to your infinite potential.

3.) Once done with your meditation, go outside or gaze out the window. Look up to the stars and the Moon and take three deep breaths. Breathe it all in.

4.) Gaze at the Moon or in the direction of the Moon if it’s cloudy, and recite the following prayer or feel free to say what you want in the moment-

“Mother Moon illuminating the night sky. Help me to illuminate all I need to know. Help me to feel grounded and guided as I take my next steps. Allow me to shine as big and bright as you. I give thanks to the Moon and the stars. Thank you.”

5.) Now, gaze up at the night sky and choose a star that resonates or catches your attention. Just allow your intuition to guide you. When you have located the star, look at it, and imagine you are breathing in its energy.

6.) Take your pen and paper and write down at the top- “This star I have been drawn to tonight, sends wisdom of…” Then start writing whatever comes to your mind, imagining that you are downloading information, wisdom, and insights from this star.

Just allow your pen to flow and don’t worry if it doesn’t feel like it’s coming from your intuition at first. Just start writing, allowing your imagination to guide you. As you write, you may just be surprised what wisdom the star reveals to you.

Aim to journal for about 20+ minutes or until you have completed 3-4 pages front and back.

7.) Reflect on what you have written and if any messages have come through. Keep your journaling so you can reflect back on any messages as you move through the month.

8.) If using, close your ritual with your Aquarius Full Moon Reading.

Once the ritual is done, if you like, use an app to find the name of the star you were drawn to.

Happy Full Moon!

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