Cancer New Moon and Sirius Gateway Ritual

new moon sirius ritual 2024

The Cancer New Moon falls on July 5, 2024, coinciding with the Sirius Gateway.

The Sirius Gateway occurs each year around the first week of July and is when the Sun and the star, Sirius come into alignment.

Sirius is considered our Spiritual Sun, and during the Gateway we can experience soul activations, soul retrievals, and a recharging of our spirit energy. It is a high-frequency time that can help us to raise our vibration and unlock higher wisdom.

This year, the Sirius Gateway aligns with the New Moon, bringing the Sun, Moon, and Sirius together. This heightens the gateway’s energy and supercharges the New Moon’s potential.

It feels like a positive new beginning is on the way, or perhaps the Universe is reminding us that it’s never too late to begin again and to see the opportunities and blessings that have been given.

If you want to dive deeper into this incredible energy, I recommend you read the full Cancer New Moon forecast. But, it is also recommended to feel into these energies for yourself, so they can come alive and feel more real to you.

This ritual is designed to help you do just that. I recommend trying this ritual between July 4th-6th to really soak up and maximize the energies on offer. But, don’t worry, if you can’t do this ritual on the dates mentioned, you can absolutely still do it on a different day.

While the ritual is intended to be followed as written, you can adjust it to suit your needs and your own intuition.

I hope you enjoy this energy and the ritual!

Cancer New Moon + Sirius Gateway: Golden Beginnings Ritual

You will need:


1.) Set your ritual up as follows: place your bowl of water in the middle with the candles on each side. The two candles represent the Sun and Sirius, and the bowl of water represents the Moon.

2.) Light your candles and start by cleansing your aura and then surroundings using your chosen tool of choice. As you cleanse your aura, feel free to recite:

“Starting at my head and working my way down to my toes, I cleanse. I cleanse myself free of any negativity and any dense energies that no longer serve me. I let go of painful memories, of past hurts, I forgive. I surrender. I trust the Divine that flows within me. I am cleansed from my head down to my toes. My aura is restored. My soul energy is restored. I am at peace. My mind is clear and my heart is open.”

If you desire, feel free to recite the following as you cleanse your surroundings:

“I cleanse this space with light and loving energy. All dense, heavy, or negative energy may no longer dwell here. This is a safe space where energies flow in harmony. This space is a container for light and love. My space is cleansed. My space is clear.”

3.) Think about an area of your life that you are struggling with or wish was different. Taking your piece of paper, write a new beginning for this area of your life. You can’t change the past, but what is the best outcome moving forward? How can you write a brighter, happier, and more positive new beginning? If it helps, imagine a new door opening for you around this situation- what do you want the outcome to be?

4.) Once you have finished writing your new beginning story, see if you can summarize it in about 2-3 bullet points. This may feel tricky at first, but just do your best. Essentially, you want to encapsulate what you are looking for in about 2-3 sentences. Write these points down on a separate piece of paper.

5.) Take the paper with your bullet points and fold it up. Holding it in both hands, along with your crystal, recite the following, or feel free to adjust it to suit your personal needs/desires-

“Under the energies of the New Moon and Sirius, I call in a new beginning. I call in a fresh start. I ask new doors to be opened; I ask to be pointed in the direction of opportunity, potential, and gratitude. I ask to see things from a lens of love. I ask to be supported, guided, and nourished. I trust the power and potential of my soul. I am whole. I am One. My wishes have now begun. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

6.) Now place the folded paper into the bowl of water, and put your crystal on top of or in the bowl of water. (Note: some crystals can be damaged when you leave them in water. If not sure, put a lid on the bowl and place it on top. You can also create a lid by using a few strips of tape/cling wrap on the top of the bowl.)

7.) Leave the candles and your bowl of water to charge while you do the Adventures with your Higher Self Meditation. Please make sure the candles are in a safe space so you can close your eyes and fully relax into the meditation.

8.) When the meditation is complete, snuff out your candles, but leave your paper in the bowl of water overnight. In the morning, take the paper out and discard it. The paper that you wrote your new beginning on in step 3 is yours to keep. Do with it as you please.

Pay attention over the coming days and weeks as you see your life transform!

Your ritual is complete! New Moon and Sirius Blessings to you!

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