Aquarius New Moon Ritual February 2021

aquarius new moon ritual

The February New Moon activates a line up of planets that have formed in the zodiac of Aquarius. This line up of planets is known as a stellium and is a rare configuration that we get to work with all month.

The Aquarian New Moon brings the peak of this energy with the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn all lined up in the sign of the water bearer.

This is some strong Aquarian energy, and we get to focus it in the direction of our choosing. We may find ourselves feeling highly innovative, looking to get involved in humanitarian projects, working on some new tech, or finding new ways to build community.

New Moons are considered a time to start fresh, to recharge our energy, and to center ourselves for the new lunar cycle that unfolds.

This ritual is designed to help you do just that, but as there is so much concentrated energy around this New Moon, be sure you are listening to your own body too. If you feel the need to rest and retreat, make sure you do that first.

This ritual can be done anytime from February 11- 20th, 2021 so take your time if you need. 

Aquarius New Moon Ritual 2021

You will need:

  • Cleansing tool of choice (eg. herb sticks, wands, oil sprays, etc.)
  • Ho’oponopono Meditation 
  • Pen and Paper
  • Soothing background music (something like binaural beats, crystal bowls, etc)


1.) Have your music on quietly in the background. Start by cleansing your aura using your tool of choice. As you cleanse your aura, allow yourself to move to the rhythm of the music. Allow the sounds, the movement, and the cleansing tool to do the work of clearing and cleansing your aura. After cleansing your aura, repeat this process while you cleanse your surroundings. Aim to do this for about 3-7 minutes. 

2.) Once done, take your pen and paper and either begin free flow writing (so writing anything that comes to mind) or choose one of the prompts below. Allow the music to inspire you as you write for at least 15-20 minutes.

  • Once upon a time… (feel free to write something imaginative)
  • I am feeling…
  • It’s time to…

3.) Once done, just reflect on what you have written. Just observe and sit what comes up, if anything. 

4.) Finally, turn off the music and end the ritual by doing the Ho’oponopono meditation with headphones if you can. (Ho’oponopono is a powerful Hawaiian prayer for heart healing. You can read more about it here.)

After your meditation, spend the evening or rest of the day relaxing and being extra gentle with yourself.

Happy New Moon!

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