Aries Full Moon Ritual October 2019

aries full moon ritual october 2019

The October 13th Aries Full Moon will be guiding us to break free from the shackles and limits we have placed on ourselves.

The time has come to step out from behind our masks and to spread our wings for all the world to see. This is a Full Moon where we can cut ourselves free of all that is holding us back and weighing us down.

What are you holding onto that is weighing you down and preventing you from shining more of your energy out into the world?

This ritual will guide you to the answer to this question and will help you to feel confident, stronger, and more directed on your path.

This ritual is best done from October 10-19, 2019 but can be done anytime you feel called to do it.

Aries Full Moon Ritual October 2019

You will need:

  • Smudging tool of choice
  • 1 Candle
  • 2 pieces of paper and Pen
  • Bowl of Water
  • October Cosmic Guided Mediation
  • Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt
  • 3 tsp of coconut oil or any vegetable oil divided into 3 small bowls
  • Lemon rind or lemon essential oil
  • Lavender essential oil or dried lavender buds
  • Sandalwood or Frankincense essential oil

Feel free to substitute the essential oils for whatever you have on hand. You can also substitute pure aloe vera gel for the coconut/vegetable oil too.


1.) Begin by prepping for your ritual. Take your 3 small bowls and place 1 tsp of coconut oil or substitute in each. Sprinkle some salt in each bowl and add the lemon rind to one bowl, the lavender to the second bowl, and the sandalwood to the third bowl. Mix up each using a spoon until well blended and place to the side.

You will not need the salt or the oils again for this ritual, so you can pack them away before beginning.

2.) Take your other ritual ingredients and have them set up around you so you can access them easily throughout the ritual. Light your candle.

3.) Begin by smudging your aura and then your surroundings including your coconut oil bowls. As you cleanse your aura recite the following or feel free to say what you feel in the moment-

“Under the light of the radiant Full Moon, I ask to be cleansed, I ask to be free, I ask for release from all that plagues me. I ask for a clear mind. I ask for a clear heart. I ask for help wading through the dark. I ask to be free. I ask to be more me. I ask to shine as I was destined to. I am now cleansed. I am now renewed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

As you cleanse your surroundings recite the following or feel free to say whatever you feel in the moment-

“I cleanse this space around me. I cleanse these bowls of oil. I cleanse the rooms of this house and fill them up with joy. My house is filled with love, my house feels safe and clean. Only love dwells here, only light lives here, and all those, including myself, that enter this space will feel peaceful, balanced, and calm. All those, including myself, that enter this space will feel loved. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

4.) Get comfortable and begin with the Guided Cosmic Meditation for October.

5.) After the meditation, take your first piece of paper and fold it in half. On the first half, write at the top of the page- 3 limiting beliefs or actions that hold me back. Take a moment to then list the 3 beliefs or actions.

I recommend keeping it simple and starting with the things that come to your mind first. If more than 3 come to mind, feel free to keep writing.

6.) Now, on the other half of your paper, write- 3 things that weigh me down. Again, take a moment to write them out.

7.) Now, read over what you have written and sit with any emotions that have been stirred for you. Then, when ready, take your paper and begin ripping it into thin strips. As you rip, recite the following-

I let go of these beliefs and actions that hold me down and hold me back. Now that they have been identified, I can take positive action to release them from my life. I thank them for serving a purpose in my life but now, the time has come to let them go. I release all limiting beliefs. I release all limiting actions. I release all that weighs me down and keeps me playing small. Now, I can rise. Now, I can stand tall. Now, I can be who I was destined to be.”

8.) Put the strips to the side and take your second sheet of paper and write down- “10 loving things I can do for myself and my life moving forward.” Think about what limiting beliefs you just shed and how you can replace them with something positive.

9.) Now, take your lemon coconut oil and put some of the mixture onto your dominant hand. Begin rubbing the lemon blend over your sacral chakra (belly button area). Rub in a circular motion going to your right first. Make 30 circles to the right, imagining you are cleansing and releasing any limiting actions that you just identified. Now, switch your direction and make 30 circles to the left, as you do, think about all the positive things you are going to do instead. When done, shake out your hand.

10.) Now, take your lavender coconut oil and place some in your dominant hand. Begin rubbing it over your heart center. Rub 30 circles going to the right. As you do, imagine you are cleansing away all that weighs you down. Then do another 30 circles to the left, as you do, imagine all the loving things you are going to do for yourself in return. Shake out your hand when done.

11.) Now, take your sandalwood oil in your fingertips and rub the nape of your neck, in that hollow spot where your neck and the back of your head meet. Again, rub 30 circles to your right, imagining that you are cleansing away all that holds you back. Then do 30 circles to your left, imagining that you are reprogramming and shifting your vibration higher. Shake out your hand when done.

Notice any tingles or vibrations in your body as you are giving yourself these energy cleansing massages.

13.) Finally, take your strips of paper and begin burning them. As you do, keep breathing, perhaps you can let out a nice strong exhale as you burn the papers and release them. When they get too hot, drop them into the bowl of water.

14.) Once all your burnt papers are in the water, hold the bowl and recite the following or feel free to say whatever you feel in the moment-

“The release has occurred, my work here is done. I am excited for what is to come. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

15.) Optional: Try my Aries Full Moon Reading for October

16.) And you are done! You can keep your list of 10 things to reflect on throughout the month. Throw the water in the garden and discard the burnt papers in the recycling. If you have any leftover oils, reserve them to use as a nice body moisturizer throughout the week. You can also repeat the circle massages throughout the week too.

Happy Full Moon!

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