Aries Full Moon Ritual September 2018

full moon ritual

The Aries Full Moon falls on the 24-25th of September and is going to help highlight the shifts taking place towards the end of September. These shifts include Venus, which is preparing to go retrograde in October, and the Equinox, which will bring a change in seasons and in energy.

An Aries Full Moon is always an emotionally charged one. Aries rules over the head and the Moon rules over our emotions, so we may find ourselves feeling hot-headed, angry or frustrated.

On the flip side however, we may also find ourselves feeling passionate and motivated to make changes we have been longing to make.

With this fiery energy coming from the Full Moon, this ritual is going to help us find our center and stay calm and balanced.

It is going to help us get into a state where we can hear the softer voice of our heart and tune into our passions so we can make the changes we desire.

This ritual is very soothing and great to use if you find yourself feeling frustrated or too “hot-headed”.

Aries Full Moon Soothing Ritual

This ritual can be performed anytime, but is best used from September 21-30, 2018

You will need:

  • Smudging tool of choice
  • 2 slices of cold cucumber (optional)
  • Glass of water
  • Candle
  • Your favorite crystal (optional)


1.) Have all your ritual ingredients in front of you ready to go. Begin my smudging your aura and surroundings. Smudge your aura first, and as you do recite the following mantra-

“I cleanse myself with light and loving energy. I cleanse my heart so it may release all I no longer need to carry. I release the heavy weight from my shoulders so I feel light and free. I release any pent up energy in my gut that may be blocking me. I release and let go of all that I no longer need. I release and surrender to the divinity inside of me.”

Now, smudge your ritual ingredients and your entire space. As you do this, recite the following mantra as you smudge-

“I cleanse this space with light and loving energy. I give thanks to my home, to my space, and to these ingredients before me. I feel blessed with abundance as I have all that I need. I am constantly provided for by the Universe. I create space so everything will open to me in perfect timing.”

2.) Find a comfortable position such as laying on the bed or sitting upright in your favorite chair. Light your candle. Hold your crystal in your hand and if using, place the cucumber slices over your closed eyes. Breathe deeply here for 10 breaths and feel the cooling sensation of the cucumber slices soothing and relaxing you.

3.) Now hold your hands over your heart center still holding the crystal. Breathe here for another 10 breaths, and repeat the following mantra (you can of course open your eyes to read the mantra if needed, or feel free to state your own in the moment)-

“I am balanced. I feel the cooling sensation provided to me by Mother Earth and I feel the heat provided by the Mother Moon. I am balanced. I am whole. I am centered in myself. Any anger or frustration is now melting away. I feel calm. I feel soothed. I feel in control of my breath. I feel light. I feel motivated and inspired of my journey to come.”

4.) Take another deep breath and exhale any final anger, frustration, or pent up energy that you need. Now, close your eyes again with the cucumber slices and breathe here deeply for another 10 breaths. Try to still your mind and try not to engage in any lingering thoughts that may pop into your mind.

5.) When ready, take your cucumber slices and drop them into the glass of water. Imagine that all your anger, frustration and any heavy weight you no longer need to carry are being held in the slices. If you are not using cucumber slices, you can spit into the water instead, and imagine your spit as a way to release and let go of any heavy weight.

6.) Hold the glass of water and either go outside under the light of the moon, or stand near a sink. Take a deep breath and throw the water out like you are letting go and releasing any negative emotions.

7.) To close the ritual, snuff out the candle. You can sleep with the crystal by your bedside or hold it as a reminder to stay in this soothed state.

Happy Full Moon!

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