Aries New Moon Ritual April 2018

aries new moon ritual

The Aries New Moon on April 15th brings the start of a new lunar cycle and a new wave of energy that is going to be helping all of us to create much needed changes in our lives.

Since the end of March we may have been alerted to things that are no longer working for us and things that need to change. A relationship or a job may have come to an end, or there may have just been a sense that current lifestyle choice is longer going to work for you.

Seeing as this New Moon falls in the fiery sign of Aries, we are all going to be encouraged to think bigger, and to find the courage to make the changes that we have always desired.

Making changes always starts with a shift in attitude first. If something is not working on the outside, it is always helpful to look at how you can begin fixing it by looking within.

By going within and addressing any thoughts, beliefs or attitudes around the situation, you are in a much more powerful position to make productive and lasting changes.

This ritual is going to help you to do just this. By following this ritual, you will be able to connect within and really assess what needs to change.

Under this New Moon, the old way of doing things is no longer going to work. So think of an area that you need the most support and guidance on, and see how you can use this ritual to make some much needed changes.

Aries New Moon Ritual for Change 2018

This ritual is best done from April 15th- 26th, 2018

You will need:

  • 3 Candles
  • Smudging tool of choice (I really like Palo Santo for this ritual)
  • Pen and paper
  • Timer (phone works great)
  • Small Bowl of water


1.) Start by smudging your aura and surroundings. (Instructions here if you need). I prefer using Palo Santo for this ritual as it has a more masculine energy which I think is great for supporting Aries energy, but please feel free to use whatever is on hand. As you smudge, recite the following or write your own-

“I call on my highest angels and guides to help clear and release me of old patterns from the past. I call on my Divine Spirit team to help wash my aura and my space from all that is keeping me stuck, and away from the true calling of my heart. I know that it is done. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

2.) Light your candles and arrange them in a triangle shape on a table or on the floor in front of you with the top of the triangle furthest away from you. Close your eyes and take 7 deep breaths here to still and calm your mind. Have your timer handy.

3.) Taking your pen and paper, write down the heading- “Things that are no longer working out for me or things that I no longer wish to tolerate in my life”. 

Set your timer for 10-20 minutes and begin writing down anything that comes to your mind. Keep writing as much as you can until the timer goes off. Dig deep!

4.) Now that you have your writing in front of you, take a look and identify just one area or aspect of your life that you would like to work on under the energy of this New Moon. I recommend choosing the area that is bothering you the most, even if it seems like a lot of work at first!

5.) Take another piece of paper and rip it into thirds. You can also just use 3 individual pieces of paper if you would like more room to write.

6.) With your “issue” in mind, ask yourself- how does this area of my life/issue make me feel on the inside? What attitudes/thoughts and beliefs do I have that may have contributed to this situation?

Write down whatever comes to mind on one of your sheets of paper.

7.) On the next sheet of paper, ask yourself- how does this issue impact my life externally or on the outside? What events or people does this situation attract into my life?

Again, write down whatever comes to your mind.

8.) On the final sheet of paper, ask yourself- what is one productive thing I can do on both an internal and external level to change this situation?

Again, write down whatever comes to your mind. It doesn’t have to be a big, grand change, even small steps are great too!

9.) Take your first piece of paper and read it aloud to yourself. Notice any thoughts or feelings that arise. Once ready, repeat the following mantra or feel free to tailor it to suit your own situation-

“I am ready to let go of the attitudes, thoughts and beliefs that I carry that may be contributing to this situation. I am ready to change, I am ready to let go of any old stories that are holding me back so I can write a new one. I am ready to look at things from a new point of view. I am ready to change and I know that it will be done. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

After reciting the mantra, take your piece of paper and burn it using the candle on the bottom left of your triangle. Once the paper has burned, drop it into the bowl of water. Careful of your fingers!

10.) You are going to repeat this same step for the next two pieces of paper. Taking your second piece of paper, read it aloud to yourself again and notice any thoughts and feelings that come up. When ready, repeat the following or write your own –

“I forgive myself for any negative thoughts or feelings I have around this situation. I forgive others around this situation too and understand that we are all just here to learn and grow. I forgive myself. I forgive (feel free to mention specific names or events here too). Through forgiving, I release and accept what has happened but know that it no longer needs to be part of my present or future. I am now empowered to make the changes I need.”

Take your piece of paper and burn it in the bottom candle on the right. Drop it into the bowl of water when it gets too hot to hold.

11.) Finally, take your last piece of paper. Read it aloud to yourself and recite the following –

“I am ready to make positive changes in my life. I know the old ways are no longer working for me and I send loving kindness to myself so I may make the change of (insert the changes you are going to make here.”

Take your paper and place it into the top candle in your triangle. As you burn it you can say a little prayer-

“Dear Universe, as I burn this paper I send my words and energy up to you. I know you hear me. Please gently guide me to make the changes that I desire so I may lead a life that is aligned with my highest destiny. Thank You.”

Drop the paper into the water when it gets too hot.

12.) Once the final paper is in the water, you can blow out the candles and close up the ritual. Feel free to discard the paper and the water into your garden or recycling 🙂

Happy New Moon!

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