Aries Total Solar Eclipse Ritual April 2024

solar eclipse ritual aries 2024

The Aries Solar Eclipse on April 8th, 2024, is one of the most defining astrological events of the year. It is going to set us up on a journey of self-discovery and new beginnings.

The Aries Solar Eclipse is also the most potent time of the year for manifestation work. To work with these incredible energies and to lean into the new beginnings on offer, here is a ritual to guide you.

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Aries Total Solar Eclipse Ritual 2024

This ritual is best done before sunset on April 8th or 9th, however you can also do it anytime up until April 22nd.

You will need:


1.) Light your candle and start by cleansing your aura. Use your aura cleansing tool and start at the top of your head and then work down your body all the way to your feet. Don’t forget to do the soles of your feet as well. Aries is ruled by the head, so we want to pay particular attention to our head area. As you cleanse, recite the following –

“I open to the loving energies that flow within me and around me. I ask these energies to join me as I cleanse and remove all that is heavy, stuck, stagnant, and no longer needed. As I work around my aura, my energy is lifted, vibrant, and heightened. I am cleansed, energy moves freely through my body, my heart openly and willingly gives and receives love. I am now standing in my purest light. Thank you.”

2.) Now, using the same aura cleansing tool, cleanse your entire space, starting at your front door and working your way through your home. Make sure a window is open so any negative energy can escape. As you cleanse your space, recite the following –

“I cleanse this space with light and loving energy. Only positive energy may enter this space. I cleanse this space with light and loving energy. It is safe for me to dwell here; it is safe for me to call this space home. My home is cleansed, and I am renewed. My home is cleansed, and I am renewed.”

3.) Taking your crystal (if using), get nice and comfortable, and begin your Heart Drumming Meditation. This meditation is going to activate your heart energies so you can be in a state of receiving and receptivity.

4.) Once your meditation is complete, take your piece of paper and write down 10 things you wish to manifest in your life over the coming 18 months. Once you have your list, state what you desire out loud to yourself. Allow the vibrations of your words to resonate around you.

5.) Take your paper and begin ripping it into strips. Take each strip and place it in the flame of the candle. When the strip of paper gets too hot or is burned enough, drop it into the bowl of water. This mirrors the idea of releasing, and allows your intentions to be sent out into the Universe.

6.) Take your crystal (if using) and place it in the bowl of water. Swirl your finger in the water, stirring it three times clockwise. Leave your bowl of water in the sunlight for about an hour.

7.) While your bowl is charging, do your Cosmic Oracle Reading for 2024. Reflect on any messages that have come up for you.

8.) Discard the water and the papers. Dry off your crystal and keep it close to you for the next 3 days.

Your ritual is complete! Solar Eclipse Blessings!

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