Astrological New Year and Aries Season Horoscopes March-April 2024

horoscopes march april 2024

The Astrological New Year begins on March 19, 2024, the same day as the Equinox. This is considered the start of the astrological new year, because in Western Astrology, the March Equinox always aligns with the start of Aries Season, and Aries being the first sign of the zodiac represents day one on our trip around the zodiac wheel.

As we welcome the beginning of a new astrological year, let’s take a look into what is ahead for your zodiac sign. You can read for your Sun Sign and Rising sign if you know it.

(Your rising sign was the zodiac on the horizon at the time of your birth. You will need to know your exact time of birth to locate your rising sign. You can learn more with my book, The Ultimate Guide to Astrology.)

Astrological New Year and Aries Season Horoscope March-April 2024


Welcome to your season! The Sun has moved into your sign of the zodiac and you will be feeling its warming rays on your skin. This would be a great time to celebrate, to start fresh, and to think about what you wish to achieve for the months ahead. Think of new inspirations or ideas that you can bring into your life. If you have a new business venture or want to start a new course or job, your season will be particularly favorable! You will want to act as close to March 19 as possible, as come April 1st, Mercury Retrograde begins. Mercury Retrograde is typically considered not a good time to start new things or to make long-term commitments. It is, however, a powerful time for going back over things and revisiting the past. So if you have a past project or idea that never saw the light of day, Mercury Retrograde will help you to revive it! When it comes to matters of the heart, you will want to pay attention to the Libra Lunar Eclipse on March 25th. This Lunar Eclipse will be making it clearer to you where you stand when it comes to a current relationship. You may have an awakening or realization that things can no longer continue how they have been. Eclipses tend to reveal things to us, so pay attention to what revelations or clues come your way. It is likely there will be a powerful message brought your way under this Eclipse. On April 8th, we have another Eclipse; this time, it’s a Solar Eclipse, and it’s in your sign! This is a powerful Eclipse to support new goals and dreams. It is also a great time for affirmation work. Your health may be on your mind under this Eclipse. This is a power day for healing and for sorting through any lingering health issues that need to be dealt with. If you have been struggling with some health issues, this Eclipse may also bring a positive turning point, helping you to begin a brighter new chapter.


Welcome to the start of the astrological new year! There is powerful energy on your side for new beginnings and to think about what seeds you wish to plant moving forward. But before you can navigate what is new, you may need to pay some extra attention to what needs to be cleared first. While all signs will feel this on some level, you are going to feel it more than most. While you may see and feel fresh new energy all around you, it will be important to take some time to clear away the muck and clutter before you can truly welcome this energy into your life. What needs to go? If that is not yet clear, think about what you want more of and then see what is aligned and what is no longer. You are the planner of the zodiac and your great earthy energy helps you to be methodical in your approach. If you are planting seeds, you need the right soil, and while it may take some extra time and effort to create the right environment, the rewards will be well worth it! The Libra Lunar Eclipse on March 25, is going to bring some information to light. This information may be hard to digest, but it is always better to know the truth. Whatever surfaces, know that more is likely to be revealed in the weeks that follow. April 8th also brings another Eclipse, but this time it is a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Aries. This Eclipse is the more powerful of the two and brings powerful inspiration into our lives. Whatever manifested at the end of March will feel much more manageable come this April Eclipse. You may even feel new inspiration flowing in, allowing you to make the most of whatever situation you are in.


Welcome to the start of the astrological new year! I am sure you have plenty of new ideas and inventions up your sleeve already! As you welcome this fresh energy and inspiration, take a moment to pause and celebrate how far you have come. Your mind is always moving a mile a minute, so slowing down can be a powerful practice and can help you recognize just how far you have come! On March 19, when we celebrate the Equinox, the energy grid of the planet moves into higher harmony, so soak up some of these harmonious vibrations and use them to balance your own energetic body. This will hold you in good stead for the weeks that follow for they are busy! On March 25th, we welcome the first Eclipse of the year, a Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. This Eclipse is going to highlight the friendships in your life. You may find that a certain friendship has served its time in your life, or alternatively, you may be taking steps to partner up in business with a friend, or you may even find yourself falling for a friend in a romantic sense. If you are joining forces with a friend, be sure to make sure everything is clear, and you are both on the same page. Your ruling planet, Mercury, will be in retrograde, which means that miscommunications are more likely to occur. The same goes if you are having a conflict with a friend in your life. With a greater chance for miscommunications, you will have to work extra hard to make sure you are expressing yourself thoughtfully and being understood in the right way. Things may seem a little messy under this Eclipse but the Eclipse that follows on April 8th will help to clear the fog. This April 8th Eclipse is a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Aries. It is one of the most powerful cosmic events for 2024! This Eclipse is going to open a doorway for all of us into a new chapter. For you, this new chapter is likely to be in your creative life. A fantastic, life-changing opportunity may come your way, or you may give birth to an idea that is likely to be incredibly prosperous for you. If you are working on a creative project, use the energy behind this Eclipse to push things forward. The Universe will be on your side!


Welcome to the start of a new astrological year! The Sun is beginning a new journey around the zodiac wheel, and you may be feeling fresh inspiration and energy as a result. The March 19th Equinox is also a power time to set intentions and for manifestation work. Create a vision board or write down a list of goals and dreams. Use the power of your mind to visualize them all coming into your reality, and know the energies of the Equinox will be supporting you in this vision! The March 25th Libra Lunar Eclipse will begin our journey into the first Eclipse Season of the year. This Eclipse carries the theme of endings, and for you, this seems to be connected to your home and family life. You may be moving away, moving homes, or seeing changes to your family life. If you have experienced strained relations with a family member, this Eclipse may just bring the final straw. Alternatively, you may find that your role within your family dynamic is changing. Perhaps you have been doing too much or bending over backward to care for and support a family member; you may decide that you can no longer continue the way you have been and that things need to change. Whatever the manifestation, it seems that something is coming to an end, whether it be a habit, a conflict, or something more tangible like the moving or selling of a house. On April 1st, Mercury, the planet of communication and contracts, will station retrograde, so it will be important to look over any contracts or binding agreements very closely and to make sure you are communicating mindfully. Then, on April 8th we welcome a very powerful Solar Eclipse in the sign of Aries. This is one of the most powerful events of the year and will help to open doors that we never dreamed possible! This is going to be fantastic news for you when it comes to your career. Whatever dreams or aspirations you have with your career are going to feel very supported under this energy, so take action and stay open to what comes your way! A wonderful career opportunity may come your way on this day, too, so put your feelers out there in the lead-up to this Eclipse. Put your work on display or take a leap of faith when it comes to your career goals. If you don’t have any career goals or are retired, this energy will help fuel your feelings of purpose, allowing you to feel more centered and passionate about your day-to-day routine.


Welcome to the start of the astrological year! The Sun has moved into fiery Aries and this is going to bring a nice boost to your energy levels and your feelings of motivation! You are going to feel more empowered and more energized to start new projects and bring fresh energy into your life. Travel may even be on the agenda with a last-minute trip opportunity coming your way. This trip is likely to be life-changing in many positive ways, so if you can, jump on it! Alternatively, if you have been wanting to book a trip, this would be a good time to explore that option. Even taking a short vacation somewhere or visiting a new part of the city you live in would be a great way to channel some of this optimistic, explorer energy! Seeing new things and opening yourself to new experiences is always a great way to bring fresh inspiration and joy into your life. The Libra Lunar Eclipse on March 25 begins our gateway into Eclipse Season. This Eclipse holds the themes of endings, and for you, Leo, it seems that some heavy weight is being lifted. Perhaps you are wrapping up an important legal matter, or maybe you have been in talks or negotiations in regard to a project. It does seem that something logistical that has been taking up much of your brain space is coming to an end, and this will be a welcomed thing! Hopefully, you can feel the lightness that follows and use your mental energy for something more peaceful and joyous. On April 8th, there is another Eclipse; this time, it’s a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Aries. This Solar Eclipse is a powerful road opener that can help you forge new paths and start new chapters. The new beginning that enters your life may surprise you! So, stay open and see what the Universe sends your way.


Welcome to the start of the astrological year! You have been busy these last few months, so you may feel as if the year has already kicked into full swing! While life may be bustling around you, take a moment to pause as we celebrate the Equinox and New Year. Find some stillness and practice gratitude for the journey you have traveled. You tend to underestimate just how much you do and how accomplished you are, so make it a point to acknowledge and honor yourself! Perhaps even schedule time for some much-needed self-care. The Libra Lunar Eclipse on March 25th carries the theme of endings. Your finances are likely to be involved, so perhaps that is where you will be noticing the changes. Maybe a contract position comes to an end, or perhaps you are finally retiring or leaving your job. Alternatively, you may have to make some adjustments to how you have been spending. Perhaps it is not that some income comes to an end but rather a spending habit. It doesn’t have to be all negative, though; if you are saving for something, you may finally reach your goal, or perhaps you come into some new money that allows you to spend more freely. There are many possible manifestations, but it seems that money matters are going to be on your mind, and some adjustments are going to be made. The April Solar Eclipse that follows on the 8th brings the opportunity for new beginnings. If you have been dealing with some financial stresses, you could find the answers you seek under this Eclipse. This Solar Eclipse is also a good time to organize your finances and spending, or perhaps look into saving for your future. There is fantastic support on your side when it comes to this area of your life.


Welcome to the start of the astrological year! While the Sun is in Aries, you are going to be the star of the show, for we have a powerful Eclipse in your sign on March 25th. This is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and it holds the theme of endings. It seems for you Libra, these endings may be connected to a health issue you have been dealing with. Perhaps you have been on a healing journey for the last few years and are now starting to see the light. Or, perhaps you have been discovering new things about yourself and are finally just starting to peel back more layers to reveal a truer and more authentic self. Whatever the journey, it feels deeply personal so perhaps only you know what is being released from your life under this energy. While there is more to the story that will likely be revealed around your birthday month, it does seem that this March Eclipse will deliver many answers and insights to help you on your way. Following this Libra Eclipse, we have a powerful Aries Solar Eclipse on April 8th. This Solar Eclipse is one of the most powerful we will experience all year and brings new beginnings and fresh inspiration into your life. It seems whatever journey of self-discovery you have been on can now guide you to take tangible steps in your life. Use this Solar Eclipse to take action to create the life of your dreams; you will feel supported!


Welcome to the start of the astrological new year! This new collective trip around the Sun holds so much promise, adventure, and excitement for you. I hope you are able to feel it! The Libra Lunar Eclipse on March 25th is going to clear a path for you. It seems you are doing a clearing under this Eclipse, especially on an emotional level. You may find yourself feeling an array of different emotions as you navigate this Eclipse energy, but essentially think of it as a purge moment where you are able to clear and cleanse from the inside out. Be prepared to feel lighter and more optimistic about what’s ahead. This clearing is going to be a positive step for you, and one that will help pave your way forward. Our inner world becomes a reflection of our outer world, so whatever inner clearing you do under this Eclipse will eventually start to project out to your outer world. The Solar Eclipse on April 8th is, in fact, a fantastic opportunity to put this into motion by setting intentions and taking action steps to better your life or shift in a new direction. Don’t worry if things are not crystal clear for you even under the Solar Eclipse about what new chapter you wish to take, you may have to give things time to open themselves to you. All you need to do is stay open to receiving. If you want to channel this energy in a more direct way, a good way to use this Solar Eclipse energy is to focus on your daily routine. How can you create a routine that feels supportive, nourishing, and productive? How can you create a routine that feels aligned and allows you to focus on what is truly important? These will be powerful questions to work with under the Solar Eclipse. Enjoy the journey!


Welcome to the start of the astrological new year! As the Sun moves into Aries, you can absorb this fiery energy and use it to feel more alive, more with purpose, and to celebrate all you have achieved! There is a lot on offer as the astrological new year begins, so soak up the energies around you and enjoy them! The Libra Lunar Eclipse on March 25 holds the themes of endings. It seems that even though we are beginning a new year, we are being guided to do some release work first. This release work seems to be centered around your hopes and dreams. Maybe it is time that your dreams evolved in some way, or perhaps it is time for you to take a bold step and shed all that is blocking you from achieving your dreams. It can be hard to let go of a dream or let go of our fears surrounding that dream, but it seems that this is what the Eclipse is calling you to do. Sometimes, we outgrow our dreams, and sometimes, we outgrow our current lives, which then beckons us to create new dreams and goals. Pay attention to your dreams around this Eclipse, for they are likely to also hold important messages for you. Whatever space you clear for yourself under this Libra Lunar Eclipse will hold you in good stead for the April 8th Solar Eclipse in Aries. This Solar Eclipse is one of the most potent of the year and holds some incredible energy for new beginnings. This Eclipse will open a new pathway for fresh starts and beginnings. You may even find that a new creative project or idea comes your way. This Solar Eclipse is also fantastic energy for supporting any new dreams and goals you may have. Take a leap of faith, for the Universe is on your side!


Welcome to the start of the astrological new year! This new trip around the Sun holds so much promise and potential for you. It seems that there is a lot of change on the horizon for you in the coming months, but this change is all pushing your life in a more meaningful and positive direction. The Libra Lunar Eclipse on March 25 is going to be the first big taste of change you will experience this year. This Lunar Eclipse holds the theme of endings, and it seems like something is coming to a close in your career. It could be that you decide to quit your job, shift to a part-time schedule, or perhaps step down from a role. Alternatively, a new job opportunity may present itself that sees you working in a new role, taking on more hours, or perhaps you are starting a new job. It seems that whatever changes are taking place are all connected to your feelings of purpose. Perhaps you have been pondering how you choose to spend your time, and are finally starting to figure out what you wish to be doing. This Libra Lunar Eclipse will help to build momentum, so trust where the cards may fall. Following this Eclipse, we have another on April 8th. This is Solar Eclipse in the sign of Aries. Under this Eclipse, your attention is likely to turn to your home and family life. You may have to be there for a family member in some capacity, or your family may be expanding either with the addition of some in-laws or a new baby. A move may also be on the agenda under this Eclipse, or you may decide to renovate or upgrade your living situation in some way. While your home and family life will be triggered under this Eclipse, your inner feelings of “home” may also come up for review. Do you feel at home within yourself? This is a big question to explore at this time. Overall, the start of the astrological year and Aries season is going to stir much change, but these changes hold the promise of a brighter future.


Welcome to the start of the astrological new year! Another collective trip around the Sun has begun, so use this marker in time to celebrate all you have achieved. Place your hand on your heart, take a deep breath, and as you exhale, send beams of love towards yourself. Acknowledge everything you have achieved, all you have been through, and where you stand today. Take a moment to celebrate the year passed, and to feel excited for the future. The Libra Lunar Eclipse on March 25, carries the theme of endings. It seems that even though we are celebrating a new beginning with the start of the year, the Universe is also giving us an opportunity to clear some clutter and create some new space. Eclipses tend to bring fated events that put us right where we need to be, so trust what transpires, especially if something leaves or exits your life under this Eclipse. If you are feeling the need to clear, cleanse, and let go, follow this instinct and allow the Eclipse energies to guide your way. Eclipses can affect all of us differently and to varying degrees, so stay open and trust the process. The Aries Solar Eclipse then follows on April 8th. This Solar Eclipse is the more powerful of the two and is a magnificent road opener. It will pave a new pathway and help us to forge ahead in a new direction. For you, this new direction is likely to be something creative or perhaps something in the communications space. If you have ever thought about starting a podcast, writing a book, or getting your message out there, this Solar Eclipse is a great time to take action. Any creative or communications projects will be supported. This is also a great time to fuel those creative muscles and try something new. Eclipses tend to guide us, so as long as we are staying open we are sure to find the signs the Universe is sending our way. Enjoy the ride!


Welcome to the start of the astrological new year! The Sun has just moved out of your corner of the zodiac, and with that usually comes a wave of clarity. The Sun shines bright, but as it leaves, you are able to see things more clearly. What was blinded by its rays comes into full view, so stay open to the new insights and information that may come your way. The Libra Lunar Eclipse on March 25, will touch you deeply. This Eclipse energy feels very personal and is likely to touch you on the deeper, unseen levels. You may be doing a lot of questioning or exploration work. You may be diving deeper into your subconscious mind or perhaps paying closer attention to your dreams and thought processes. This Lunar Eclipse holds the theme of endings, and it seems you are being guided to do away with unhealthy thought processes or ways of thinking. It is not always easy to do this by yourself, so seek support from friends, family, or even a therapist. If you feel inclined, practices like energy healing can also be a powerful tool for you at Eclipse time and will help you to release any built up stagnation or heavy energies that are no longer serving you. As we arrive at the April 8th Solar Eclipse in Aries, new inspiration and fresh waves of energy will be on the way. If the Libra Lunar Eclipse is all about endings, the Aries Solar Eclipse is all about new beginnings. The Solar Eclipse is the more powerful of the two, so it seems like we are really being encouraged to start a new chapter in our lives. This new chapter seems to be around your feelings of self-worth and could perhaps also be connected to money matters in your life. You may find that this Solar Eclipse also brings some good news when it comes to your finances. Stay open to abundance!

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