How to Balance Your Root Chakra Using the Energy of Mars

balancing root chakra mars

The planet Mars rules over action and energy. It is our drive, determination and motivation that Mars energy helps us with.

Mars also rules over our Root Chakra, which is the red chakra that sits at the base of our spine. This chakra is responsible for-

  • Feeling grounded or rooted
  • Sexuality and sexual desire
  • Impulses and “gut feelings”
  • Taking action and making decisions
  • Feeling motivated and enthusiastic
  • Standing up for what we believe
  • Feeling purposeful
  • Physical strength
  • Processing surface level emotions

The Root Chakra and Mars often work in sync with each other to keep things balanced. When things are unbalanced in this area it may result in feeling:

  • Unmotivated or moving ahead with no regard for anything else
  • Feeling all over the place
  • The inability to make a decision
  • Fearful about life
  • Lacking purpose
  • Unhealthy connection with sex
  • Anger and resentment
  • Inability to welcome change
  • Stressed and fatigued
  • Physical ailments or symptoms (particularly in the joints or reproductive organs)

While the Root Chakra and Mars can be out of balance due to life circumstances, another time of imbalance can also occur during Mars retrograde.

This happens roughly every two years and causes the energy of the Root Chakra to be slightly dimmed. In many ways, this is so the energy can be restored and replenished.

If you accept this dimming of energy, chances are you will simply flow with it and allow things to be as they are. But when you resist, or struggle to deal with the dimming of energy, it can cause a lot of resistance.

Often the astrological sign that Mars is retrograding through will also reveal who may feel the dimming energy most strongly.

When Mars is retrograde, it is important to nourish and allow the energy of the Root Chakra to rest.

Root Charka energy helps us go full force in the direction of our choosing, but while Mars is in retrograde, there is very little desire for our Root Chakra energy to be activated in this way.

We will all feel this manifesting differently depending on where we are in our lives, however as Mars begins to move out of retrograde, it becomes even more important to tune into the health of the Root Chakra.

As Mars moves out of retrograde, the Root Chakra starts becoming brighter and stronger. Slowly the dimmed light begins getting stronger again.

This means that whatever occurred during Mars Retrograde will become illuminated. Any damage will become illuminated and any rest and restoration will also become illuminated.

As Mars begins to turn direct it is very important to watch your health and look after yourself on a physical level. It is also important to be aware of any anger, frustration, or resentment you may be carrying around.

If you are feeling sluggish or drained physically during a Mars retrograde period, especially during the beginning and end of it, here are some Root Chakra exercises that can help-

1. Use Red Crystals (Garnet, Red Calcite, etc.)

The colour of the Root Chakra is red, so using red crystals or even wearing red can help to stimulate and heal any imbalances. When using the crystal, place it on your pelvis area and take 5 deep breaths. Feel the breath moving all the way down to the pit of your belly and out again. Imagine the energy of the crystal melting into your Root Chakra area. See the red melted crystal wash away any pains, stagnancy, or stuck energy.

2. Essential Oils and Aromatherapy 

The essential oils associated with the Root Chakra include Cedarwood, Frankincense, Patchouli, and Vetiver. Pick your favorite oil or make a blend, and begin rubbing it into the lower part of your back where your tailbone and coccyx are. Rub the oil in a circular motion to help stimulate the energy. You may even want to recite a mantra as you do this. You can leave the oil on throughout the day to help keep your energy calm and balanced.

Note: if you have sensitive skin you may want to mix the essential oils in a carrier oil like almond oil or with your regular moisturizer.

 3. Earthing and Nature

Another great way to restore the balance to your Root Chakra is to ground yourself. This is very simple and involves walking barefoot on the grass for 10-15 minutes. This helps to reconnect your vibration with the earth and can be very healing. Spending time in nature is also a great way to restore your Root Chakra as well.

4. Tuning into Your Body

Eating right and exercising is always a good idea, but it becomes more important when Mars energy is moving and changing. Pay attention to your physical body and nourish it with clean, organic foods and plenty of water. Exercising and getting your heart rate up is also a great way to help push stagnant energy out of the body. Scheduling checkups and doctor visits are also great during this time, especially if a physical ailment presents itself.

5. Affirmations

Reciting a mantra for the Root Chakra can be a great way to help bring it back into balance and help ease through any changing energy from Mars. You can tailor this to suit your needs, but here is a good starting place-

“I am calm and centered in my body. I feel peace radiate through my body from the base of my spine to the top of my head. I feel my feet grounded deep into the earth and nourished by it. I am able to let go of all that no longer serves me and welcome in the energy of Divine light.”

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