Before the Fact

2014 is a seemingly incredulous year.  It is a wondrous year. It is an intense year. It is life at its peak. As we know it so. It is now.

This year has A LOT of astrological movement and energetic shifts occurring. Have you felt the change?

Have you been caught lately sensing things before they happen? Have you been “living life” in very surreal dreams? Have you felt a sudden surge of heaviness, grief, anxiety, and not have any direct reason to feel these “feelings?” Do you simply feel like there is something cooking in your unforeseen oven of destiny? A something?

This is your body downloading. Preparing. Receiving information that your physiological body and mind can not yet interpret. Even if you are not in the slightest a self confessed “spiritual significant,” these energies are everywhere, and are not controlled by you, and are displacing through everyone. They are not found on your cell, your email, or the inglorious Facebook.
They are not even found in your lover. Or in your mind.
They are higher than you and apart of you all at the same time.
“They” is simply higher information meant for you!

This divine information is being downloaded to you for “use” in the perceived future.
It’s like receiving a car, without the keys yet. Sit with it, observe it, love it even. It has a use, but not just yet! Do not fear!

Typical examples of these “downloads” can be: unexplained lethargy, the sudden need to cry, upset digestion, shakiness/breathlessness, premonitions, astral dreaming, or simple general “fuzziness.”

When you are in the midst of these “feelings” the best thing to do is to quieten the mind as much as possible.
Ground yourself. Walk barefoot on the grass. Let it out. Cry if you need! Do not analyze. Be grateful that you are receiving a gift. Rest. Drink water. And feel blessed. Love it! You have so much to be grateful for!

Call it “the universe”, “karma” “God” or give it no name. 2014 is offering you “stuff.” It is about the liberation of the human spirit, and we are all vessels of transformation. We are in a time of advanced receiving. This information “before the fact” is opening you up to a more divine intelligence, ultimate truth and unconditional love to be used soon. Be open. Stay calm. You are ready.

Bring it on I say! 🙂

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