Black Moon Lilith Meets Venus and Chiron 2020

black moon lilith chiron venus

Black Moon Lilith is known as the Goddess of Darkness and represents our shadow side. It represents the metaphorical fire that burns us to ashes, so we can rise again transformed and wiser than before. 

While we each have a personal Black Moon Lilith to work with, collectively for most of 2020, we are navigating the themes of Black Moon Lilith in the sign of Aries.

Black Moon Lilith was last in Aries in 2011, and has returned again in 2020 to begin a new cycle. Black Moon Lilith will remain in Aries until the end of October, so we really have most of the year to work through these themes. 

Black Moon Lilith in Aries calls us to work on where we feel triggered when it comes to leadership, control, working with others, and our independence.

Black Moon Lilith calls for us to observe how we react when someone else gets to make the decisions. Do we struggle when we are not in control or do we prefer to give up control?

Black Moon Lilith in Aries also calls for us to think about whether we can stand in our power in a balanced way without being overly dominating or overly submissive.

This energy also guides us to work on being able to collaborate and connect with others while also balancing our independence and autonomy.

To guide you on this, observe any triggers that arise when:

  • Things don’t go your way
  • You are not the one in charge
  • You always have to take the lead
  • You have to collaborate with others
  • You have to do something alone
  • You have to act on impulse

Observe while Black Moon Lilith moves through Aries where your triggers in these areas may be, and see if you can create more balance and awareness around them.

While Black Moon Lilith is touring through Aries over the coming months, it makes a transformative alignment with both Venus and Chiron under the February Full Moon 2020.

Venus’ presence in this trio will be short-lived but both Black Moon Lilith and Chiron will linger a little longer until May 2020.

Black Moon Lilith, Venus, and Chiron

Just before the peak of the February 8-9th Leo Full Moon, Black Moon Lilith, Venus, and Chiron will all be within a few degrees of each other in the sign of Aries. This means we have the Goddess of Love blending with the Goddess of Darkness, along with Chiron, the Wounded Healer. 

Having these three heavenly bodies come together signifies a time to heal our relationship with feminine energy.

Feminine energy is not about our gender, it is more a quality or expression of energy. If masculine energy is straight lines, feminine energy is wavy lines. If masculine energy is our outer world, feminine energy is our inner world.

This is about acknowledging the feminine divinity within all living things. It is about honoring our intuition and our inner world. It is about aligning with what makes us feel connected with others.

As this potent healing energy is activated, we will either find ourselves healing a deeper part of our own inner world or holding space for this healing in someone else.

This is a powerful time to dig deep into your psyche and to pull things that are making you feel disconnected from your true self.

It’s also a time to listen to your body and to pay attention to any signs or symptoms. If something feels off, trust the wisdom of your body and be sure to investigate further. 

This is also powerful energy to heal any shame around sexual preferences, body image, relationship status, empathic-ness, or expressing our more feminine qualities.

Here are a few journal questions and prompts to use if you would like to go deeper with this work: 
  • I can trust the rhythm and flow of my life more by releasing…
  • How do I feel when I look in the mirror?
  • I feel most connected with my intuition when…
  • 10 ways to honor the divine feminine within me…
  • I feel shame around…

As Venus is the planet of love, our relationships may be triggered under this energy and we may find ourselves becoming aware of a new truth, even if it is painful or instigates change within that relationship.

If your heart center has been feeling blocked, if you’ve been finding it hard to express yourself, or feeling overly emotional, paying attention to your heart chakra and heart energy will be favored at this time.

A powerful exercise to help strengthen and awaken the energy of the heart is to imagine you are breathing in and out of your heart center. If you would like to try this, here is a guide- 
  1. Find a comfortable place where you can sit up nice and straight.
  2. Make sure your posture is good and your shoulders are back.
  3. Imagine you are pointing your chest to the sky for a moment and then relax, repeat this 3-5 times before coming to a neutral position.
  4. Now, close your eyes and bring your awareness to your chest area.
  5. As you breathe, imagine you are inhaling from your chest and exhaling out of your chest. It sounds a bit strange but give yourself a few minutes to get the visual. It’s almost like your chest is your nose or mouth and it is the one doing the breathing.
  6. Once you get the rhythm, relax into it and breathe here for 1-5 minutes or for 44 breaths. 
  7. Repeat this daily for 4 days.

Black Moon Lilith aligning with Venus and Chiron is a powerful time for the Feminine Divine. It is a powerful time for us to heal, especially when it comes to our heart. It is a time for us to trust our inner voice and to remember that everything we need is within us. 

We are both in the Universe and part of the Universe, and just like the Sun, we too cast shadows. These alignments will be helping to bring awareness to what has been hiding behind these shadows so we can transform and awaken them. 

This is a power time of healing and raising our consciousness, especially the collective feminine consciousness.

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