Blocked Ear, Blocked Life?

blocked-ear-blocked-lifeFor the last few days my right ear has been blocked. The cause? Well, I don’t like visiting the doctors but I am assuming they are blocked with mucus due to the fact that I am just getting over a cold.

My treatment method usually involves just allowing my body to heal itself and nurturing it with good, healthy food- something I have not really been doing this week….but now on day 7 of my blocked ear and no sign of my cold, I am beginning to think there could be more to it.

I have always believed that our spirit tries to communicate with us through our body. Pain is a blessing in disguise as really, it is our bodies way of letting us know something is wrong.

I jumped on the internet and searched for ‘metaphysical reasons for blocked ear’ and I found many articles suggesting that the metaphysical cause was ‘fear of hearing what is really going on in your own life.’

One article suggested that I meditate, let go of the fear and truly listen to what is happening around me.

Most of the time I would jump on this, but for whatever reason, I just didn’t feel like it. Then I felt like a grumpy-poo for not doing it. I try to justify my actions- maybe all this metaphysical stuff is BS anyway?

But deep down I know it’s not.

Off the top of my head  I can’t think I am fearful of hearing anything in particular, but I know this probably requires some deeper work on my part.

Do I like having a blocked ear? Is a blocked ear such a big deal? No, I guess not, but  I can’t hear as well and it makes me feel like I cannot communicate effectively. It makes me shy away from communicating with people because I am fearful that I wont be able to hear what they say and our conversation will become a series of ‘What did you say?’ ‘I’m sorry, what?’

So now I am drawing a blank….but my intuition/ spirit guides are saying go for a walk Tanaaz!

So, I go for a walk. And now I am moping up and down the leafy streets (as leafy as you can get in Los Angeles) and suddenly I have an epiphany!

The world doesn’t need us to feel sorry for it. The world needs us to be happy. Smile, and the whole world will smile back at you. Remember that old saying?

Sure, there is poverty, famine, crisis, bad things, but we can sit around and moan and whinge about it, or we can really help the world by being happy, because happiness is contagious.

Muster ever inch of happiness that you can, and just spread it around. The world is the macrocosm, and we are the microcosm. Everything that we feel, the world feels. Our emotions are not without global impact- every action, every thought, every feeling effects everything and everyone around us, whether we realize it or not.

Our pain, is mother earth’s pain and mother earth’s pain is ours. We are all the same and together we feel the impact of everyones sorrow and everyone’s joy. It’s almost like our thoughts  and feelings create the weather of the planet and of the universe.

A woman driving by in her car smiles at me sweetly, I smile back. Suddenly, I feel happy. I smile at the mailman, he smiles back and it goes on and on….

So, where does that leave my ear? I am not sure, it’s still blocked. Perhaps I just have to let go of trying to fix everything and just allow it to be.

It does make me feel like not my usual self, but perhaps if my ear wants to be blocked, I should just let it.

Maybe it just needs a long winters rest?

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About the author


Tanaaz is the creator of Forever Conscious. She is an intuitive astrologer and aims to use her writing to heal and inspire. She is also the author of several books including the Power of Positive Energy, Messages for the Soul, and My Pocket Mantras. She also runs online courses and in-person retreats.