Capricorn Full Moon Ritual for Spiritual Transformation July 2017

capricorn full moon ritual

The July Full Moon falls in the earth sign of Capricorn and is one of the most potent of the year. The Native Americans refer to the July Full Moon as the Thunder Moon and for good reason.

While many state that the Thunder Moon got its name because thunderstorms occur more frequently this time of year, there is a deeper meaning to this name.

In Shamanic cultures, thunder is said to bring spiritual healing and cleansing. The sound of the thunder and the bolts of lightening are said to be able to clear and release even the harshest of negative energies.

In fact, many ancient cultures would view thunderstorms as a cleansing and renewal of the land. After a thunderstorm, it was believed that balance and harmony would be restored.

All of this “thunderstorm energy” fits perfectly with the message of the July Full Moon. This Full Moon is all about cleansing and transforming our lives so balance and harmony can be restored.

Just like a thunderstorm, the energy of this Full Moon is intense but once it passes and the Sun comes out, everything will seem much reborn.

This Full Moon is the perfect time to conduct a ritual of spiritual transformation and to honor the cycle of death and rebirth.

While the Full Moon will take care of what needs to go and what needs to stay, this ritual is more about bringing a heightened awareness of spiritual understanding to the cycle of life.

This ritual is perfect to use if you are looking to transform spiritually, raise your vibration or bring more acceptance to whatever transformations come your way.

This ritual can be done up to 2 weeks after the Full Moon, which falls on the 9th of July, 2017 and can be adapted to your liking 🙂

Capricorn Full Moon Ritual for Spiritual Transformation

You will need:

  • White candle
  • Smudging tool– sage/palo santo
  • Pen and paper (optional)


1.) Find a quiet place where you can’t be disturbed. Light your candle and smudge around your entire body and the room that you are conducting this ritual in.

2.) Sitting comfortably, preferably on the floor or on your bed. Close your eyes and begin by taking 7 deep breaths in and out to help calm your mind and still your energy.

3.) With eyes still closed, place your hands over your heart center, and repeat 7 times- “I love and accept myself”.

4.) Now lay down on the floor or your bed. Imagine your hand is a magic wand that is going to open, clear and raise the vibration of three of your most powerful energy centers. Use whichever hand you prefer, but stick to the same hand through the process.

5.) Imagine a powerful white light coming from your hand. Visualise it and see it in your minds eye. Hover your hand over your belly and begin moving your hand in a counterclockwise direction, making big circles over your stomach. (Imagine the clock is face up on your body).

Repeat the circle 7 times. Once completed, shake off your hand and then repeat with 3 more circles in a clockwise direction. As you make the circles you can use your breath to help you.

6.) Next, hover your hand over your heart center/ chest area and repeat the process- make 7 large circles in a counter-clockwise direction, shake off your hand and then make 3 circles in a clockwise direction. As you do this, imagine the white light from your hand clearing, cleansing your energy.

7.) The final energy center to clear is your third eye region which is at the top of your head/forehead. Repeat the same pattern- 7 circles counterclockwise, shake off your hand, 3 circles clockwise.

Notice what comes up for you as you make these circles, do you feel any energy moving? Feel free to trust your instincts and repeat more circles if you need to.

You can also concentrate on other areas of the body too if you feel like you need healing in a particular energy center.

8.) Once you have finished the circles, stand up and shake off your body, just to get the energy moving and your blood flowing.

9.) One final time, place your hands over your heart center and repeat 7 times- “I love and accept myself”.

Notice any changes in your body and in yourself as you say this mantra for the second time.

10.) As a final step for the ritual, you can write or state a verbal intention that you would like assistance on. This Full Moon is about transformation, so perhaps focus on an area of your life you would like to transform or bring acceptance to.

11.) To close the ritual, you can smudge yourself and your surroundings one more time if you feel its necessary. You can leave the candle burning for as long as possible, but don’t leave unattended!

Happy Full Moon!

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