Feng Shui August 2015: Moving from Fire to Earth

feng shui august 2015

In Feng Shui, the month of August represents a shift from the element of Fire to the element of Earth in the Northern Hemisphere and the element of Water into Wood in the Southern Hemisphere.

Shifting from one element to another is significant in Feng Shui as it represents the closing of one cycle and the starting of a new one.

Understanding the Elements

Fire: is the most powerful of all the elements as it represents energy, passion, transformation and growth. During the Summer months, there is a lot of energy and activity in the air and people are likely to go on vacation, spend time outdoors or have busy schedules. Fire energy can also help to stimulate new ideas and change.

Earth: brings about the energy of stability, security and permanence. It allows us to feel grounded, reassured and secure in our decisions and provides a sense of comfort. The Earth element is introduced during the end of the Summer as the Fire energy begins to fade and things begin to slow down. All the changes felt during the Fire phase can also start to be implemented.

Water: brings bout the energy of abundance, career and also emotions. The element of Water helps us to release all that we do not need, which provides a sense of strength and motivation. The Water element is introduced in the winter months and is a time to reassess goals, put plans into action and go after what it is that we truly desire.

Wood: brings about the energy of creativity, inspiration and new life. Introduced in the Spring, Wood energy introduces a new flow and direction of Chi (energy) in order to bring about growth, renewal and purification. The element of Wood helps us to reap the rewards from shedding the old during the Water phase and brings a new, fresh perspective on life.

Metal: brings all of the other elements together- in many ways it is the ‘transmitter’. Introduced in the Autumn or Fall months, Metal helps to stimulate intellect, focus, cognitive pathways and also consciousness. It allows us to think clearly about the future and to reach new heights in our careers, relationships and in personal development.

Shifts in the Northern Hemisphere

For those living in the Northern Hemisphere, the shift will be away from action, energy and change and into more of a sense of groundedness and peace. Whatever changes, ideas or transformations occurred in the Summer months will slowly start to be implemented and a greater sense of clarity surrounding certain decisions will arise.

The element of Earth will also help to bring about a wisdom that will allow you to reflect and stablize your current situation.

Sometimes this energy can create the sinking feeling of ‘coming back down to earth’, especially after riding the Fire of the Summer, however know that the Earth element will help you to set your intentions for the rest of the year ahead.

If the Summer months bought up a need for change or new direction, this Earth energy will help you cement these changes into your being and provide you with a sense of comfort and reassurance. Earth energy is also perfect for laying your roots down, you just have to give them time to grow.

August is really a month to go within and give yourself space and time to feel comfortable and secure with your life.

As the Earth energy shifts into Metal, things are really going to be come clearer and you are going to be able to look forward with purpose, understanding and ease.

To welcome in this Earth energy try adorning your home with antiques, books, plush carpets, earthy colours and rocky plants.

Shifts in the Southern Hemisphere

For those living in the Southern Hemisphere, the shift from Water to Wood will help bring about new inspiration and creativity.

The element of Water forces us to go within and shed what we no longer need in order to move forward. It allows us the time to focus on what is really important to us and what tools we need in order to get ahead in our careers.

Personal growth is also imminent when the Water element is strong and depending on what comes up for you, things may feel heavy or emotional.

In August, the energy will start to slowly shift from Water to Wood and chances are you will start to feel a new sense of inspiration and motivation. Whatever was let go during the Winter months will start to ease and you will begin to see new ways that you can move forward.

Pay attention to any issues that come up in August, because chances are if you have been holding on to something that you no longer need in fear of letting go, it may very well slip from your fingers. Understand that this is a blessing and as the elements shift, so too will your perspective.

To welcome the Wood energy into your home bring in green house plants, fresh flowers or decorate with bright green or purple.

Are you feeling this energy for August already?

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