Fighting For Action

fighting for action

Since the past week or two of full moons and grand cardinal cross adventures, it seems our soulful selves have been taken on an interesting ride. If this ride was tangible- we would be able to sell the ride to Universal Studios for quite a sum! ( Yes, there are designers at Theme Parks called “futurists”, who design and create rides- based on “future fun!” )

Is there anything that was bubbling inside of you that has come to the surface? Have you felt a desire to do something NOW that in the past you’ve been too afraid to pursue? Do you feel an unusual sense of calm?

I myself have felt a propeller under my butt (excuse any notorious visuals), to become: a Warrior.

Another blog I read recently  inspired me to go into a deep investigation of this word “warrior” and its significance to our daily lives. Now no, I’ve not become an overnight “femmale” version of the Hulk, downing protein shakes and leg pressing 200 pounds. NO. During these weeks, I’ve felt the shift to have the fighting action of a warrior. And I know a lot of others have had that calling too.

Dreams. The life we choose to live. Is a choice. A choice of Action.

I found a definition of “warrior” that I think is wonderful : “a person who fights in battles and is known for having courage and skill.”

Now, isn’t life a battle? Not in the pessimistic sense- but truly, isn’t it full of obstacles we must always overcome? That is the constant. Buddha says life is all about problems, everyday, and how we choose to solve them.  It is simply that our conscious mind, (and the blueprint of the Western way of thinking) is to perceive a “problem”or “battle” as good or bad. Can you be brave enough, like the warrior, to see the problem as a catalyst to conquer something? To strive for something? To win at something? To fight for what you love? To never, ever give up?

Furthermore- courage and skill. I love this. They go hand in hand. You can not have one without the other. The Olympic runner can not have the mobility and speed of a cheetah, without the faith and belief that he is worthy of winning. He must have the courage, to get him across the line. And this means working daily at his SKILL and having the courage to commit.

Now, this is no Olympic medalist story, not even close, however I believe it is valid! This week I took a dance class at a very prolific studio, that  I’ve spent the last year and half procrastinating (and stopping myself) from going to! And I went, and I loved the experience.

I am going to commit to dancing once more. Period. I’ve been blessed recently, more than ever, with a surge to embrace my creative skills, and have the courage to work them, train hard at them, and be bold enough to say “yes” to who I am. That simple step of action has created a ripple affect of positive changes that are too long to write here. I don’t plan to go back to “Mrs Umm, Err, I’m not sure” anytime soon.

The warrior, the soldier, the athlete, the mother, the father, the writer, poet, business man- all had to take gigantic leaps of “action” based faith to be who they are. Yes, everyone has doubt, fear, and all the other lovely elements of being human. But the warrior will dust himself off, and keep going- he knows he will endure and conquer.  Eventually.

A famous director and acting teacher, Milton Katselas, used to always say, “Dreams into Action. NOT Dreams into Meditation.”

Is it now time for you to embrace the warrior within? Let me hear a “HELL YEAAA!” (insert Braveheart theme song here).

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