Gemini New Moon Ritual June 2023

gemini new moon ritual 2023

The June 2023 New Moon comes at a busy time in our cosmic skies. Peaking on June 17-18 in the sign of Gemini, the energy behind this New Moon may have us feeling a little unsettled or confused.

While there is big soul-growth energy on offer, one of the best ways to navigate through all of the cosmic vibrations is to get our thoughts, ideas, and feelings out onto paper.

The communicative and expressive nature of Gemini energy will be on our side, guiding us to find clarity and bring balance to both our logical mind and our soul essence.

Here is a ritual to guide you, don’t forget you can read your full astrology forecast for this New Moon here.

Creating Clarity: Gemini New Moon Ritual June 2023

You can do this ritual anytime between June 11-19, 2023

You will need:


1.) Begin with cleansing your aura using your tool of choice. Start at the top of your head and work your way down your body. As you cleanse your aura, feel free to recite the following:

“I cleanse my head, releasing any tension. I cleanse my hair, my psychic antennas to the world around me. I cleanse my jaw and shoulders, unclenching and softening. I cleanse my chest, allowing my heart to feel free. I cleanse my belly, letting go of all I no longer need. I cleanse my legs, releasing anything that feels heavy. I cleanse the soles of my feet, may they walk me to peace.

Using your same cleansing tool, cleanse your space and any of your ritual ingredients.

2.) Get nice and comfortable and begin your “I am Aligned” Cosmic Guided Meditation. This meditation is designed to bring you into a state of alignment, which will definitely be welcomed, considering the busy energies behind this New Moon!

3.) After the meditation is complete, take your journal and pen and select from one of the following journal prompts, then make a bullet list of 50 points as fast as you can- you may just surprise yourself with what comes up! (If you want extra credit, make it 100 points!)

  • I feel the Universe is teaching me how to…
  • If I felt fearless, I would…
  • Things that hold me back…
  • Things that bring me joy are…
  • My dream life would include…
  • Things that drain my light…
  • Kind and loving things I can do for myself…

4.) Review your list and sit with any thoughts or feelings that have come up. Follow any inspirations you may feel to take action on anything.

Your ritual is now complete.

New Moon blessings to you!

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