Gemini Super New Moon Healing Ritual May 2017

gemini super new moon ritual

New Moon’s are often great times of the month to get into manifestation mode. On a New Moon you can plant seeds and set your intentions out into the Universe in order to see what blooms.

On this New Moon however, the energy feels slightly different. On this New Moon it feels like the energy is too premature to make wishes or to start building anything new. Instead, it seems like this energy is guiding us to focus on restoring a sense of wellbeing.

Even though this is a Super New Moon, perhaps making our list of wishes and dreams would be more productive for next month.

This is because we have another Super New Moon in June as well, and it almost feels like these two Super Moon’s are going to be working in tandem.

Perhaps we are not really going to know what new beginnings the Universe has in store for us until the next New Moon on June 24th, 2017.

There is very intense energy in the cosmos right now that is guiding us to transform ourselves, and this energy is organically unfolding with very little effort. All we need to do is focus on our feelings of wellbeing.

Under the influence of this Super New Moon, it seems that the cosmos is very strongly guiding us to heal our energy, our emotions and even our physical bodies.

Under the May 2017 Super New Moon in Gemini, we are being guided to heal ourselves on all levels. To heal any anxieties, energy blockages, stresses, symptoms, diseases, twitches, aches and pains; whatever may be presenting on our bodies right now, the time has come for healing.

Healing can happen on many different levels, but the focus for this ritual will be healing the energetic body.

Along with this ritual, use the rest of this lunar cycle to really look after yourself, practice clean eating, sleep, rest, exercise and really listen to your body.

Gemini Super Moon Ritual for Healing 

Here is what you will need:

  • Blue or white crystal of your choice (Aqua Aura Quartz is a good choice)
  • Sage, palo santo or incense (for smudging)
  • Candle (white preferably)
  • Paper and pen


1.) Before you begin your ritual, smudge your aura and your surroundings.

2.) Light your candle and hold your crystal in your non-dominant hand. Take 3-5 deep breaths to center and ground your energy for the ritual.

3.) With your pen and paper, you are going to start writing down messages from your body. The trick with this is to really let yourself relax and go with the flow of what comes out as you are writing. Try not to censor or judge yourself, just give yourself permission to write whatever comes to your mind. Trust that whatever is written will have some meaning for you-

Questions to guide you to the wisdom of your body:

a.) Dear body, how would you like to feel?

b.) Dear body, what can I do to help you feel this way?

If you have any current ailments, or feelings of anxiety you can even try talking directly to them. It sounds weird, but it can be quite enlightening. For example- “Dear anxiety, why are you here?”

Again, you will have to trust the answers that flow. Try to just write your answers or feelings without judgement.

4.) Once you have communicated with your body, take your crystal and place it over your heart. You can lie down or you can simply hold the crystal to your heart.

5.) Close your eyes and visualize the healing rays of the crystal going into your body in order to heal and nourish it. Breathe in and out deeply as you do this. Give thanks to your body.

6.) Once you feel the crystal is activated, begin visualizing a blue light around your entire body. See the blue light surrounding your body and moving through your body. Feel the blue light healing your entire body. As you feel the blue light, keep breathing deeply.

7.) Once you can clearly see the blue light, recite this mantra or one that you have written for yourself. Say the mantra 3 times-

“I am healed. Healing light surrounds me. I am a Divine being with the amazing power to heal my mind, body, heart and Spirit. I know healing energy surrounds me now and forever more. I am healed. I am blessed. I am a miracle.”

8.) After reciting the mantra 3 times, you can open your eyes and close the ritual. Snuff out the candle and keep the crystal with you for the next few days.

After doing this ritual, try to stay open to the messages that your body is sending you and try to check in, to ensure that you are taking care of yourself.


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