How a Survivor Wants you to Donate

how a survivor wants you to donateOctober is dubbed “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”. You will see boatloads of advertising getting you to donate towards the many breast cancer research charities. These charities are doing great work (though you should always check to see where your money goes).

However, I can’t help but wonder what other charities are left out because we are all pink-washed with one select cancer. As a cancer survivor myself, I would personally like to see a movement for donating to charities once a month that aren’t cancer-specific and don’t have the advertising funds to get our attention.

When should this movement start? Well, I was given my first “clean-bill-of-heath” on October 31st 2006. Halloween. I remember waking up on November 1st with a new look on life and that’s how everyone should feel so how about we make November “Charity Awareness Month.”

It doesn’t matter what charity you choose. Just choose it. They’re a lot of people around the world that could use YOUR help. And (myself included) would rather spend our money frivolously sometimes when it could be much better spend helping someone.

You may have a charity that you love but not many people know about it. Charity Awareness Month is the perfect time to spread the word about an organization that you believe it. Just take to social media and let everyone know about it after your donation!

Seeing as how the month is Charity Awareness and you find a charity doing unlawful or shameful practices with their donations, let us know with the hashtag #charityawarenessmonth so others can choose to donate elsewhere.

So on November 1st, take the Cancer Awareness Month challenge and donate. And when you do, try to use that moment to reflect on what you have and how else you can help.

I challenged myself and donated to Charity:Water. I believe in this charity and you can donate easily online at

When you donate, take to social media with the hashtag #charityawarenessmonth and challenge others to do the same. And don’t worry, getting challenged will still keep you dry and warm.

Donate as much or as little as you’d like, because with a little bit of help we can do a lot of good.

So, ready to get this movement going? Who will you challenge? What are some charities that you would like others aware of?

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