How to Attract Abundance Right NOW

attract abunance

Abundance, it’s a funny word. Abun- dance.

According to the dictionary it means to have a lot of, or copious amounts of something, but if you look a little deeper into the word, you can see that abundance really is all about the DANCE.

Eckhart Tolle once famously stated, “life is the dancer and we are the dance“- you would think that it would be the other way around, but Tolle points out that we are the ones paving the way, we are the ones setting the course for what the world will provide for us. We are the dance and life plays within us, not the other way around.

When you begin to step into consciousness or a more awakened state, you begin to realize that we, us humans, are extremely powerful. Sure, we have free will, freedom of choice and all of that, but deeper than that, deeper than our physical we begin to see that our THOUGHTS really do create our REALITY.

When the book, “The Secret” came out, it instantly became a best selling hit. The book talked about the Law of Attraction and promised readers if they thought hard enough, if they practiced positive thinking, and if they believed they could have something, they would have it.

The Law of Attraction has been around for centuries, it really is no big “secret” however that book, as much as it bastardised the process, became the first taste “pop culture” ever had of the theory- “our thoughts create our reality.”

First, to get things straight, just because you believe and think positively doesn’t mean bundles of money are going to rain down on you from the sky however, there is a lot of truth in the statement that truly believing and thinking that you can, is much better than thinking that you can’t.

Lets face it, we all want abundance, especially financial abundance but the question is WHY?

Security? Pleasure? Happiness? Freedom?

Well, money will NOT give you those things.

Sure they may provide the illusion of those things for a brief moment, but no “thing” can ever truly give you those feelings. Those feelings are bred within us, and unless we feel secure, pleasurable, happy and free within ourselves without relying on the external, we will never really truly feel those things. Money can go as quickly as it comes, but no one can tell you how to feel- only you can do that.

Abundance however, will give you access to those things- Security, Pleasure, Happiness, Freedom- Oh yes, you can have it all! If you learn to create abundance from WITHIN.

Remember you are the DANCE, you are ABUNDANCE. Everything about you screams “copious”, “a lot”, “overflowing”, from the number of cells you have, to the number of neurons firing, to the number of fingers and toes you have. You just need to learn to TAP into it.

Esther Hicks, who is probably one of the most famous “Law of Attraction” pioneers calls tapping into this Abundance- “being in the Vortex”. When you are in the vortex, that is when you have learnt to tap into this well of abundance that lives in side of you and all around you, you instantly become a magnet that attracts all that you could possibly desire.

The reason being is that when you are “in the vortex” you are at ONE with yourself and the Universe and when you are in that state, everything you want becomes everything you need. And the Universe always gives us what we NEED.

Not to take away any of the magic of it, because being in the vortex also allows you to create and manifest and have a say in what it is that you “need”. Its a fun process and one that works every single time, 100% guaranteed.

So, how do you step into this “vortex”?

It’s all about your vibration and the energy are you emitting out into the Universe. It’s your thoughts, your feelings and the true essence of what you are really wanting for yourself. Let’s take a closer look:

What do you want?

Let’s say you want “$1000 dollars”.

Ok, next step- Why?

So I can go on a holiday”– Why? (Go deeper….)

To relax.”

RELAX. That is the keyword here. You don’t really want $1000, what you want to do is relax. So get relaxed, do everything you can to align yourself with the vibration of “relaxation” and when you do, whatever it is that you need will become yours. It may be $1000 or it may be something else, either way you have what you asked for.

When you create more “relaxation” or whatever it is that you want for yourself, you are stepping into the vortex, you are aligning what you want, with who you are and what you are doing and the Universe responds by just giving you more of that.

It’s not just good enough to do this once either, you have to do it for all areas of your life. Find out what you want, and then create it, NOW. Not when you have the money, or when you have the idea, or when you have the relationship, create the vibration of it right NOW.

“Not only does the thought you are choosing right now attract the next thought and the next…and so on- it also provides the basis of your alignment with your Inner Being.”- Hicks

Align your entire being to radiate what you are trying to attract. That is key. Act, Think and Feel love and positivity and more loving, positive things will be sent your way. Act, Think and Feel fear and negativity, and more fearful and negative things will be sent your way. This is the Law of Attraction, it’s simple and it works.

The final step in tapping into your Abundance is GRATITUDE. They go hand in hand- if you can’t be grateful for what you have, and practice gratitude every single moment, then there is no way the Universe could possibly “give” you any more.

Open your eyes to abundance and then allow abundance to open its eyes to you, the places it takes you will be magical.

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