How to Communicate with your Spirit Guides

communicate with spirit guides

I started communicating with my spirit guides when I was very young. Of course, at the time I had no idea what a spirit guide was and chalked the “voices” I would hear in my head and heart to be the voice of God.

I had a physical description for what God looked like too. He was an olive skin man with black hair and wore an orange T-shirt. To this day, I still have a clear visual of this man in my mind and although I have no idea where this divine image came from, I know now that God does not have a face.

God is that Universal energy that runs through everything and everyone. God lives within us, is expressed outside of us and is beyond words that even exist in our vocabulary.

While God is not human we often give the essence of God human like qualities in order to relate and develop a stronger connection to this energy, at least this is how it starts…

When I began communicating with “God” as a child I remember meeting God’s friend, Honey. I was nervous about a minor operation I was going to have on my foot and according to God, Honey was going to be there to help me through it.

At the time I never shared these conversations with anyone because I was old enough to know that hearing voices was definitely a weird thing, but after that day, I developed a “friendship” with Honey and was always amazed when she would know things, ease my worries and guide me in the right direction.

During my early teenage years, the voice of Honey remained a distant memory and even though she would pop in from time to time, for the most part I was closed off to her conversations.

It wasn’t until I had my spiritual awakening towards my later teenage years that I began to realize exactly who Honey was. Honey was in fact just a name I had given to my guardian angel or spirit guide.

Around this time in my life I had begun meditating and practicing free flow writing, and through this communication with my spirit guides grew stronger and stronger.

To this day, they have helped and supported me on my journey in ways that I cannot even fathom and it is my wish for everyone to be able to connect with their own guides.

While there is no 10 step program, I will share with you a few suggestions that I believe will help connect you with your spirit guides.

6 Ways to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides

1.) Just ask: it seems really simple but just asking for your spirit guides or guardian angels to step forward can sometimes be all it takes. Ask to see or hear a sign, tell them that you are interested in communicating with them and that you acknowledge their presence. As silly as it may seem, begin striking up a dialogue either internally or out loud.

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t immediately get the response you were looking for. Have faith and trust and know that in their own perfect way, your spirit guides will make themselves known.

2.) Trust in the voice: if you are not open to the possibilities of your guides, communication will be almost impossible. One of the best ways I have found to develop my relationship with my spirit guides is to listen and trust in what they say. If they offer advice and it seems appropriate, do it. Eventually you will learn to decipher when its the voice of your guides or just your ego.

3.) Be Still: communicating with your spirit guides is not something you can do from a place of ego. You must be still and centered in your mind. Meditation can help, but so can just relaxing and engaging in something creative. Some of my greatest spirit messages have come to me through writing, dreams and in the shower.

4.) Have no expectations: you don’t communicate with your guides to gain, you communicate to express gratitude and to honor their existence in your life. Don’t put expectations that these guides are going to come and save you or tell you which lottery numbers to pick, it doesn’t work like that. Our guides come to us when we are ready, and not a moment before.

5.) Create a Channelone thing you can ask of your guides is to help and protect you, that is what they are there for! In times of need, turn to them- write to them, talk to them, pray to them. Even though you may not get a direct response, it can he highly therapeutic and can open a channel of communication. Sometimes our guides work in mysterious ways so be on the look out for signs or coincidences.

6.) Protect Yourself: ensure before starting any spiritual work you protect yourself. Imagine a beautiful white light surrounding you and only call in beings aligned with light,love and positivity.

So, how do you know if you have made communication?

It may seem cliched, but when you do, you will just know! One thing to be mindful of is connecting with your spirit guides feels extremely comforting and peaceful. Connecting with them should not be a scary, fearful or daunting experience. Even if you are going through a tough time, when their presence is know, an amazing sense of calm and peace fills your heart.

Your spirit guides are here to guide and reassure you, protect you and comfort you, why not thank them and start making them a part of your day to day life?

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