Intuitive Astrology: April New Moon 2019

april new moon astrology

We have been moving through a portal of energy. This energy was triggered on the Super Moon back in March and will continue until the Full Moon on April 19th.

The April New Moon on the 5th is the midpoint of this journey and is the marker where we get to decide if we are ready for something new.

Perhaps you are feeling this in your life in some way. Perhaps you are feeling the call to let go of the old you. Perhaps you are feeling the call to clear out limited beliefs and to remove the blocks that are leaving you stuck.

On the night of the Aries New Moon, we are all going to be given the opportunity to embrace a new way of being and to keep moving through this portal of energy so we can evolve, grow, and renew.

The Aries New Moon is typically the best time for manifesting, setting goals, planting seeds, and making wishes. If you want a time of year for getting clear on your dreams and mapping out what the future will look and feel like, the Aries New Moon is one of the best.

Aries is fiery, it represents leadership and action, and on an Aries New Moon there is supercharged energy in the cosmos that can help bring us closer to the life that we desire.

On an Aries New Moon, we can send our wishes out to the Universe with confidence that they will be heard and that we will find the steps we need to turn them into realities.

While this is the gift of the Aries New Moon, the time has come to approach this energy differently. The time has come for us to lean in deeper to what is behind all of this, and to step out of the ego.

The problem with manifesting and dreaming about the future is that very often we get caught up in our ego.

It is the ego that lights up when we have visions of meeting our soul mate, buying a big house, running a successful business, or winning the lottery.

It is the ego that lights up when we set goals and fantasize about a reality that we wish to create for ourselves.

It is the ego that lights up when we imagine a mythical, better version of ourselves or our lives.

Of course, on this physical journey, our ego is just as important as our soul, but the time has come to balance the scales. We have to add a new piece to this equation and learn how to surrender.

Surrendering is about trusting that your soul laid out a path for you before you came into this life.

While you always have free-will and the freedom to choose, your soul carefully planned the best course of action for you to take. Your soul laid out a blueprint of what it longed to achieve in this incarnation.

Your soul didn’t come here without a plan, and even though you don’t have conscious access to this entire plan, small glimmers and hints are sent to you as long as you learn how to surrender and trust the flow of your life.

The path your soul mapped out for you is the path of your higher self; it is the path of the Divine. When you align on this path, there is no need for vision boards, there is no need for wishes, in fact, your only goal becomes staying in alignment.

We don’t have to force what is destined for us. We don’t have to chase and claw our way to our highest destiny. Our highest destiny is already unfolding; we just have to align with it and allow the Universe to take the lead.

Under the darkness of this New Moon, we are going to be invited to step out of our ego and surrender. We are going to be guided to align with the Divine and to trust that whatever needs to be will come our way.

We don’t need to fight it anymore. We can put down the warrior suit and sword that Aries is commonly associated with, and allow the softer, more Goddess side of Aries to flow.

The masculine side of Aries encourages us to make wishes, set goals, and have targets to achieve. But the feminine side encourages us to simply align, join the flow, and trust that whatever needs to come our way will do so easily as long as we stay in that alignment.

The Aries Goddess reminds us that we don’t need to make vision boards, or write down our goals and dreams. She instead encourages us to join the flow of our lives, and to trust that everything is always working out for our highest good.

She reminds us that by taking this approach, we are far less likely to become blocked or bogged down by our dreams, and we are more likely to fall into the path that is destined for our soul.

She knows that we live in a physical world and that we need our ego to survive, but she also knows that there is another approach, another way we can nourish and nurture in order to thrive.

Under the Aries New Moon, which is typically the best for manifesting, see if you can resist the urge to make wishes and goals that are fuelled by the ego. Ask yourself if what you want is really a calling of the heart and soul or just an illusion constructed by the ego?

There is no judgment here, sometimes we need our ego wants fulfiled for various reasons, and if you feel this to be true, then know you can still go for these goals without feeling guilty. You have full permission to do what you need to do.

But, if you look within and suspect your goals are not what they seem, give yourself permission to rework them or let them go. Perhaps they need to open and become more fluid, or perhaps they are the things that have been blocking your success and progress all along.

Under the dark night of the New Moon, retreat within and see how you are guided. See how you are encouraged to surrender, see how you are being encouraged to plant seeds to align with your highest truth and your highest path.

Ask the Universe to guide you to the perfect path for you. Trust that your soul knows the way and has already laid out a plan for you.

You didn’t come here empty-handed. Your guidebook is within, and your soul, that essence sitting inside of you, knows every detail and every word.

While your conscious mind may not remember these details, it doesn’t matter, because as long as you trust, you will be guided.

Experiment with this New Moon by letting go of your goals, your wishes, your dreams, and just surrendering to what is.

Place your hand on your heart and ask the Universe to guide you. Ask to be shown the way. Surrender your own plans, your own visions, your own desires, and ask to be guided.

“When you finally take your calm and silent seat on the throne of your own heart everything begins to fall into place because You have.” ~ Tosha Silver

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