Intuitive Astrology: Aquarius Stellium 2021

Aquarius stellium 2021

From the end of January through February 2021, we have a string of planets lining up in the sign of Aquarius, including Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. 

Along with these planets, we will also have the Sun in Aquarius until the 18/19th, and from February 10-12th, the Moon will join in too.

As the Moon joins in this incredible line up of planets, it will give us a total of six cosmic bodies in Aquarius. (Not to mention the asteroids Chariklo and Pallas Athena will be in Aquarius too!)

In astrology, a line up of four or more planets in the same zodiac sign is known as a stellium.

Stelliums indicate a strong concentration of energy in one particular area of the sky, and in our lives.

While each planet has its own unique energetic expression, when they come together in a stellium, the energy of the planets merge, creating a supercharged field of energy to tune in and work with.

As stelliums are concentrated portals of energy, we may find our focus turning to one particular area of our life. 

We may feel drawn to put all our energy in one direction, or we may find ourselves getting obsessive or even overwhelmed about something.

Stelliums are powerful, and the sheer amount of energy they offer can make us feel like we are underwater, but once we learn how to work with them, we can make incredible progress and open the door to a greater abundance. Instead of feeling like we are sinking, we can begin swimming with greater speed and less effort.

Stelliums are accelerators, so think about an area of your life you would like to accelerate or make greater progress with, and channel this Aquarius stellium energy into that.

The Aquarius stellium will also assist in preparing and integrating us deeper into the Age of Aquarius. The energies connected to the Great Conjunction we had back on the December solstice may also be re-triggered by this stellium alignment.

We may see a stronger push towards Aquarian themes such as technological advancements, social programs, greater humanitarian efforts, changes to our societal structures, and daring innovations.

The Aquarius stellium may also bring a shift to our focus on a global level. Something is going to capture our attention and be a strong point of focus. This stellium is like the Universe saying- “Hey, look over here!”

It remains to be seen where the Universe will draw our attention, but something is likely to be highlighted for us on a global level.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus so whatever does come about may catch us by surprise or create a need for sudden or abrupt change.

Uranus is the planet of awakening, so while it does bring change, it often does so to awaken us and to get us to look at things in a new and different way.

From this vantage point, we can expand our minds and observe things that we couldn’t see before.

Aquarius is an air sign, which means our mental energy will be strong, and the door to new ideas and inspiration will be wide open. 

The caveat however, is that Mercury, the planet that rules over the mind, will be in retrograde for much of this stellium period, indicating that we may feel a little more indecisive than usual or confused about how to approach something.

To work around this, we need to take it slow and avoid making long term commitments during this window of time. 

If possible, it is better to test the waters, investigate, experiment, dabble in a few things, and join the flow rather than trying too hard to control or set things in stone. 

Aquarius energy favors experimentation and trying new things, so this should feel natural. We just have to stay out of our monkey-mind, and learn how to channel energy from our head into our hearts if we start to feel mentally foggy.

On deeper levels, Aquarian energy is also about the collective consciousness. While we appear to be separate, we are really all connected and part of the greater whole. 

When we remember this, it can fill us with compassion and empathy and serve as a reminder that each of us have something to offer and bring to the world.

Here are some dates to watch during the Aquarius Stellium:
  • January 31- Stellium begins with Venus moving into Aquarius joining Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter. 
  • February 11-12- The Aquarius New Moon amplifies the stellium energies, making it the strongest day of the stellium. 
  • February 25- Venus leaves Aquarius for Pisces, the stellium grows weaker by the day.

Aquarius Stellium Journal Prompts

You can do these prompts at any point throughout the stellium- 

  • If I could receive a boost to one area of my life it would be…
  • My focus has been on….but I would like to redirect my focus to…
  • If I had the courage, I would…
  • I can’t change the past, but moving forward I can…
  • My problem is… A potential new way of looking at it is…

If you would like to explore the energies of the Aquarius stellium further, look to where Aquarius sits in your chart. The house Aquarius rules over in your chart may indicate the type of themes that may come up for you.

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