Intuitive Astrology: Aries Season 2019

aries season

On March 20-21st, the Sun shifts into the first zodiac sign of Aries. This is significant for many reasons. Firstly, it is the Equinox where we have equal hours of day and night, it is also the start of the Astrological year.

This year we also have the Libra Super Moon around the same time. All of this cosmic weather points us to a bright and bold Aries season that is definitely going to help supercharge areas of our lives.

Aries is a fire sign. In astrology, it represents the head, the start, the entrance point on a new chapter.

When we are just starting out on a new journey we are headstrong and fast. We want to race ahead to see what is behind the corner and we may feel anxious to take leaps and make strides. We may feel energetic and keen to show off our new skills.

Under this energy, we can make effective progress forward and feel inspired to set out on a new adventure.

What we have to be mindful of however, is the actions we choose to make under this energy. While Aries energy is bold and strong and will be helping us to soldier ahead, it can also be impulsive, rash, and quick to act.

Seeing as we have Mercury in Retrograde and the Libra Super Moon energy in the first part of the season, we are going to have to double check things and really trust our intuition.

Under this energy, our intuition is going to be our guide and we are going to have to listen before moving ahead. While we may feel excited and energized, we also have to remember to stop, look, and listen!

We have to pay attention to that whisper or nagging feeling inside of us, as it will act as a roadmap, as a guide on this new journey.

As Aries represents the head, we have to move out of our ego and into our higher mind. Even though we may feel like we “know it all” or have been on this road before, we have to make sure we are listening. We have to make sure we are not going to fall into old habits or patterns.

This is our chance to do things differently, this is our chance to raise our vibration and change the way we choose to see the world. This our chance to live our lives with a new understanding and from a higher level of consciousness.

As we enter the first few weeks of Aries Season, we are going to be coached and challenged to lift up the energy of our life, to let go of our past, and to work on creating the new.

Now is the time to think about how we want this new chapter to feel. We may not have control over what the path has in store for us, but we do have some control over what feelings we choose to cultivate.

How do you want this new chapter to feel like? How do you want to spend this new chapter of your life?

Under the fiery energy of the Aries Sun, what do you wish your life to become? What calls to your soul? What past habits are growing old? What do you want to let go of that you have been told?

Under this energy we can rise up anew. We can rise up to be who we desire, who we were sent here to be.

We all came to this planet, and into these bodies to experience ourselves. To get to know ourselves. As Eckhart Tolle says- “we are the Universe experiencing ourselves as human for a little while.” It is this human experience that allows us to understand who we really are.

Who are you?

Don’t be afraid. There is nothing you can’t handle and nothing you can’t achieve. Don’t shy away from conflicts, don’t shy away from speaking your truth. Dig deep into your heart. Dig deep into the love that you have. This love is your power, this love is who you really are.

From this place, in this place, you will find the strength and the courage you need to get through your next breath, to get through your next moment, and to master the path you are walking.

You have walked so far already. You have seen so much, you have felt so much. There is truly no conversation too challenging, no hurdle too big or mountain too large. There is nothing you cannot achieve when you put your mind to it.

Remember the words- “I can do anything”. Repeat them to yourself again and again. Repeat them to yourself until you feel the truth of them vibrating throughout your being.

You are so much stronger than you know. You are so much stronger than you allow yourself to be. Don’t allow yourself to crumble under the weight of your circumstances. Don’t allow yourself to feel anxious or stressed when something new or challenging comes your way.

Inside you have the power, you have the strength, and you have the knowledge to rise up. To rise up strong. To rise up with love. To rise up to speak your truth.

Under the fiery energy of the Aries Sun, you are going to be guided. You are going to be held and supported. Your strength is going to be ignited, so you can get through anything.

Life is not always a breeze. No matter how high you raise yourself, there are always things to make you fall. But this is all ok. You got this. And every time you get yourself back up, every time you conquer a challenge either big or small, remind yourself, congratulate yourself, love yourself that little more.

Under the Aries Sun we are all going to enter into the new. We are all going to find a new level of strength and a new level of excitement as we continue to walk this daring adventure called life.

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