March Equinox: The Astrological New Year 2019

march equinox astrology

The Equinox on March 20-21st, 2019, is marked by the Sun moving into the constellation of Aries. As the Sun crosses into Aries, we experience equal hours of light and dark.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so when the Sun enters this sign, it represents the start of a new cycle and the start of the astrological year.

The Equinox is not only the start of the astrological new year, but also the start of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the start of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.

This change in seasons causes a shift in the expression and flow of energy around us, and we can look to Mother Earth for clues on what direction the energy is flowing.

In the Northern Hemisphere, Spring is a time where everything comes into bloom. The bare trees begin to birth new leaves, and the flower buds that remained dormant all winter suddenly start to open.

Spring is a time where the energy is moving from an inner state to an outer state. There is a lot of outward energy guiding us and encouraging us to get out there and express ourselves.

Spring is definitely a season for new beginnings, for new growth, and for a fresh new start in our lives.

In the Southern Hemisphere, Autumn is a time of death. It is perhaps one of the most meaningful times of year as it reminds us of the cycle of death and rebirth.

Sometimes things have to die so they can be reborn for a greater purpose or a greater mission. Sometimes we have to let go in order to welcome in the new.

Autumn is a time where the expression of energy moves from an outer state to an inner state. It is a time where we are encouraged to retreat within and to begin thinking about clearing and letting go of things from our lives.

It is a time where we have to release, clear out the clutter, and to celebrate all we have achieved and accomplished. It is also a time of harvest, where we can reap the rewards of all our hard work and effort.

In many ways, this flow of energy on opposite ends of the globe is more similar than it is different. No matter where you live, you are being encouraged to begin a new cycle and enter into a new flow of energy that will help to carry you further on your journey.

Each year the Equinox carries a slightly different vibration based on what activities are occurring in the cosmos. This subtle vibration can elude to what the astrological year ahead may have in store for us.

This year, the Equinox falls very close to the Libra Super Moon. This Libra Full Moon represents a huge point of release, and will be guiding us to really purge and let go of the year passed.

As it falls in the sign of Libra, it is also encouraging us to find balance in our lives, and this theme will continue for the rest of 2019 as well.

2019 is really a year for finding balance, especially when it comes to our mind, body, and soul. It is a year to work on ensuring that all these components of our being are nurtured, looked after, and regarded with the same importance.

Another flavor that makes its way into this year’s Equinox is that of Chiron, as very soon after, Chiron aligns with the Sun.

Even though this alignment happens annually, this is the first time that the Sun and Chiron have met in Aries in nearly 50 years.

When these two celestial bodies align, Chiron is going to whisper its secrets and wisdom to the Sun, which will then be shone down upon us all year long.

Chiron is an asteroid known as the wounded healer. However, these wounds are not weaknesses, rather they are powerful openings of light, compassion, and strength. Over the years, Chiron has learned to take the wisdom from his wounds and use them to heal and guide others.

It is likely that the year ahead for all of us will carry a similar theme or message. We are going to be guided to work on turning our wounds into strengths, and to accept them as part of who we are, rather than something that needs to be “fixed.”

Between the Libra Super Moon and Chiron aligning with the Sun, it seems that the year ahead is going to be one for finding our balance, accepting who we are, and acknowledging that we are whole.

We no longer have to feel held back by our wounds or by our circumstances, and instead we can march forward with confidence and courage on our journey.

Our focus this year needs to be about finding balance, and we need to encourage and support all areas of our being.

At certain times, one area of our life may dominate over the others, but as long as we are aware of this and work to bring things into harmony, we can trust that everything is going to be ok.

This astrological year is an important one as there are so many new energies to work with. All we need to do is enjoy the ride and trust the cosmos to do its thing.

Stay tuned for more on the Libra Super Moon and your Equinox Ritual!

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