Intuitive Astrology: Aries Season 2021

aries season 2021

Aries Season begins on March 20/21 (depending on your timezone), and is a time for new beginnings. It is a season for finding your inner strength and fanning the flames of your inner fire. 

For Aries Season 2021, we have zero major planets in retrograde, meaning that the energy of the cosmos is supporting us in moving full steam ahead. This is a time to leap forward, to go for our goals, and to push past any fears that have kept us held back.

Aries is represented by the head of the ram, which is believed to embody the creative, strengthening, and nourishing qualities of the womb. 

It is in the womb that new ideas can sprout, new beginnings can be birthed, and our creative potential can be realized. 

In the Northern Hemisphere, the start of Aries Season is also considered the start of Spring. It is a time of heightened fertility and blossming. It is a time where new life sprouts and Mother Nature shifts its energy outward. 

In the Southern Hemisphere, the start of Aries Season is also considered the start of Autumn. It is a time of death and letting go. A time where Mother Nature prepares for retreat and shifts its energy inward.

No matter which part of the cycle you are experiencing, Aries Season encourages us to welcome the new shifts and changes. It encourages us to work in harmony with the creative energies that are on offer and to use them as fuel to push forward on our goals, projects, and dreams.

As Aries is considered the first sign of the zodiac, the start of this season can also be seen as the start of the astrological new year.

We can wipe the slate clean and begin again. We can set forth with new wisdom and feel confident in our abilities to take a new trip around this zodiac wheel once again.

Looking at a glance into Aries Season, we have some wonderful energies that are helping us to embrace the qualities of this fire sign and make the most of wherever this new beginning is guiding us. 

Here are the key dates to watch:

March 20/21- Aries Season Begins with the Equinox

In tropical astrology, the start of Aries Season coincides with the Equinox, a time of equal hours of night and day. The Equinox has long been considered a sacred time of balance, unity, and working in harmony Mother Nature. On the Equinox, the veil between dimensions is believed to be thin, making it easier for us to connect with higher realms and our spirit ancestors and guides. It is also a powerful time for ritual work. You can find a March Equinox ritual to guide you here. 

March 25- Sun Conjunct Venus 

As Venus aligns with the Sun we receive a strong dose of its energy. Venus is the planet of love, relationships, and money. She reminds us of our connection to the Divine feminine, and the power we each have to create. Under the Aries Sun especially, this is amazing energy to own your feminine side, to honor your creative powers, and to make some bold and brave heart-led decisions. 

March 28- Full Moon in Libra/ Grand Trine

Aries Season offers us one of the most magical Full Moons of the year. At the time of this Libra Full Moon, the Moon, along with Mars and Saturn will align in a perfect triangle known as a Grand Trine. Grand Trines are considered lucky, protective, and even magical! They represent harmony, and an easy flow of energy between these cosmic energies. Mars and Saturn, along with the Moon, join forces to help us get motivated, work hard, and go after our dreams and goals. This is strong manifestation energy that can really help us tackle projects we may have thought were too big or too ambitious. Something may also culminate for you on this Full Moon where you are able to see the rewards of all your hardwork and risk-taking efforts.

March 28/29- Sun Conjunct Chiron

March 28 brings the Full Moon but also the alignment of the Sun and Chiron. Chiron is an asteroid that is known as the wounded healer. Its energy helps us to take our traumas and wounds and turn them into portals of strength, inspiration and healing for ourselves and for others. As Chiron infuses its energy with the Sun, we receive more support to heal and transmute our wounds into powerful resources of inspiration. 

April 3- Mercury Enters Aries 

Mercury enters Aries creating a line up of cosmic bodies in this sign. At this point we have the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Aries, along with the asteroids Ceres and Chiron, and the dwarf planet Eris. All of this strong Aries energy is adding fuel to our fire and helping us to make some bold moves. With Mercury now in Aries, we may have to be a little mindful over what we choose to share with others and not saying things we may regret later. Aries energy can be impulsive, so it’s just something to watch!

April 9- Mars Square Neptune

This is an interesting dynamic of energy that can help us think more creatively and flexibly. With all this motivating energy circulating these last few weeks, this energy can help us to think differently and perhaps find a new creative way of doing things. If you are searching for clarity or looking to push past a road bump, this energy can be beneficial.

April 11- Aries New Moon 

The Aries New Moon is one of the most powerful for manifestation work and drawing in all that you wish to attract. At the time of this New Moon, both Venus and Pluto are very active, strengthening our inner power and giving us an opportunity to rise up to the plate and claim what is rightfully ours. This is a power time for connecting with your higher self and knowing your worth. 

April 14- Venus enters Taurus 

Venus loves being in Taurus making this a harmonious shift of energy. We will start feeling things slow down a little and perhaps we will want to be more methodical about our next steps forward. 

April 18- Sun Conjunct Mercury

The Sun and Mercury aligning is always a special event in matters of communication and tapping into the hidden messages of our subconscious and intuition. Pay attention to any messages or intuitive pings you receive on this day.

April 19/20- Sun in Taurus 

The Sun leaves Aries and Taurus Season begins.

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