Intuitive Astrology: Cancer Full Moon December 2023

cancer full moon astrology 2023

What a beautiful Full Moon to wrap up the year! Activating on December 26, this Full Moon oozes harmony, warmth, and positive energy. I hope you are able to soak up its rays and feel them nourishing all corners of your being, especially your emotional body.

Cancer Full Moons can always be extra sensitive times, so while we may be feeling the feels and riding the waves of our emotions, know there is so much cosmic support on your side to achieve balance and to find the silver lining.

Let’s take a deeper look into the cosmic energies behind this Full Moon because it’s making some pretty special and rare alignments!

Cancer Full Moon Astrology December 2023

A Sirius Full Moon

Sirius is a star brighter than our Sun and is revered by many ancient cultures. Monuments have been built in alignment with Sirius, and there are countless stories of beings descending from Sirius to leave their advanced wisdom and knowledge.

In astrology, Sirius is said to be our Spiritual Sun. When it is activated, it radiates a powerful energetic force that can penetrate our light body and upgrade our frequency.

Sirius energy can be viewed as a powerful blue light that can activate a sharper intelligence, strengthen our psychic senses, and help us to create more freedom.

Sirius energy can also be used to help us problem solve, work through any technical difficulties, tune into our intuition with greater ease, and release all that is blocking us from being authentic.

On December 26, the Full Moon will align exactly with Sirius, activating its energy and beaming it into our beings. Because the Moon is primarily connected to our emotions, this is where we are going to feel Sirius energy playing out the most.

We may feel ourselves emotionally shedding all that is holding us back. We may receive a wave of inspiration about how we can navigate a situation we are moving through. We may also receive energetic downloads about what our emotions are trying to teach us.

Creating balance and neutrality within our emotional state as much as possible will help us to activate these energies with greater ease.

If you are naturally psychic or sensitive, you can expect this Full Moon to enliven your dreams, stimulate your higher senses, and boost your clairvoyance.

Jupiter Supercharges and Softens

Jupiter is also active under this Full Moon, making a harmonious sextile alignment with the Moon. Jupiter has the power to expand and supercharge, so it will strengthen and fortify the energies of this Full Moon and the energies we are feeling from Sirius.

Jupiter is considered the planet of benevolence and luck! Ancient astrologers believed that when Jupiter was strong in the sky, it would shine down abundance and good fortune!

While modern astrology takes a more balanced approach, I hope the energies of Jupiter will bring some positive energies your way! If nothing else, make this Full Moon a good reminder to tune into all the abundance and gifts around you.

We have so much to be grateful for, even if we only have a little, and making time to focus on that can help to align us with a higher vibration.

As this is the last Full Moon of the year, you may even wish to reflect on all you feel grateful for in 2023. Look back through each month of the year and celebrate your triumphs, your hurdles, and all that has unfolded. Acknowledge the beauty that has surrounded you and see if you can view things from the lens of miracles!

Full Moons are also a powerful time to release and let go, and the energies of Jupiter will be supporting that strongly. Perhaps through your reflection, you will discover some habits, attitudes, or things that need to be released from your life.

What do you no longer wish to carry? Set your intentions and allow the powerful rays of the Full Moon to carry them away for you.

Vesta, the Goddess of Hearth and Fire

Vesta is one of the Goddess asteroids and will be active under this Full Moon. The Goddess asteroid Vesta will help this Full Moon feel nourishing and comforting and show us that we are right where we are meant to be.

As Vesta is the Goddess of Hearth and Fire, and as the Full Moon falls in the sign of Cancer, the sign of home and family, this is a good Full Moon to pay attention to your environment.

Are you in an environment that lifts and nourishes your soul? Are you surrounded by people that champion you higher and bring out the best in you?

Focusing on creating some beauty and positivity in your environment can go a long way, and this Full Moon will be there to bring an added boost to your efforts.

Set an intention around creating a more aligned home and family life and see what steps you can take to align your space and your surroundings with the type of energy you wish to attract.

The Cancer Full Moon Closes 2023

There are some sensitive energies under this Full Moon that may trigger our emotions and all the feels. But, overall, it is a beautiful Full Moon that can remind us to feel powerful in our skin and free of all that no longer supports us.

This Full Moon definitely feels like a gift from the Universe as we wrap up 2023 and move into the vibration of 2024. I hope you are able to enjoy its energies and soak up that powerful high frequency energy beaming in from Sirius, our Spiritual Sun!

Your Cancer Full Moon Ritual and Reading is here.

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