Intuitive Astrology: Capricorn Full Moon July 2023

capricorn full moon astrology 2023

The Capricorn Full Moon arrives on July 3, 2023, and brings both challenges and rewards. It seems that the Universe is encouraging us to do the hard things but is also promising we will be pleasantly rewarded when we do.

This makes the Capricorn Full Moon a perfect opportunity to find the discipline needed to achieve the goals we are after. Create those schedules, tick off items on your to-do list, get back on your meditation cushion, and tackle those challenging projects you have been putting off – the Universe is on your side!

The Capricorn Full Moon can also help illuminate what is no longer working in our lives, giving us the opportunity to step up and take responsibility. It can be challenging to confront what is no longer working or supporting us, as it sometimes requires us to take ownership of the situation that has been created. While not everything is our doing, there is a power to be found when we step up to the plate and start taking responsibility for the situation we have found ourselves in.

When we address the role we have been playing, that is when we can find the courage to turn things around to get our lives closer to where we want to be.

If you use the powers of this July 2023 Full Moon wisely, it can guide you to overcome obstacles, face up to challenges, and reach the top of whatever mountain you wish to climb!

To guide you through all of this energy, we can turn to the Capricorn Sea-Goat to guide us. The Sea-Goat is a mythical creature used to represent the energy of the Capricorn zodiac. As the name suggests, the Sea-Goat is half fish and half goat.

This unique mix of species allows the Sea-Goat to swim to the depths of the sea and climb the tallest mountains. The Sea-Goat has a unique advantage, but it also has some limitations too. It is up to the Sea-Goat to overcome these limitations in order to reach its fullest potential. When it learns how to swim with just half the body of a fish, it can marvel in the miracles of the deep sea. When it learns how to scale a tall mountain with just half the body of a goat , it can marvel in the miracles of the view below.

We can all tap into the gifts of the Sea-Goat when the Capricorn Full Moon lights up our sky. We can all learn from the myth of the Sea-Goat and apply it to our lives. In fact, take a moment to pause and see how the story of the Sea-Goat resonates with where you are right now.

Do you feel you are facing some challenges that feel difficult but could also be highly rewarding too?

The Sea Goat is all about taking on challenges and surmounting them in order to live its best life, so just like the Sea-Goat, embrace those challenges that seem too big to tackle. And especially embrace them if the potential rewards would result in finding a higher harmony or a greater sense of well-being and happiness.

Even the small things, like making time to meditate every day counts here! The discipline and challenge it takes to find the time and commit to sitting in stillness is the perfect task for this Full Moon.

You can of course, go bigger too, and use this Full Moon to sit for an exam that will open up job prospects, commit to a deeper path of healing, or have that difficult conversation with a family member that will hopefully lead to a peaceful resolution.

Just one day after the Full Moon, the Sun will also align with the star Sirius, which is considered our Spiritual Sun. The Sun and Sirius aligning together unlocks a portal of high-frequency energy which is going to be magnified due to the presence of the Full Moon.

It seems that not only are we being asked to face up to challenges, but we are also being strongly supported by the Universe to use this energy to raise our vibration, honor our Soul, and to remember that there is nothing we can’t handle.

We have the strength and the intuition to move through whatever comes our way, and this Full Moon will be our reminder of that.

Jupiter is also in a strong position at the time of this Full Moon, casting its blanket of support.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, but ancient astrologers also considered it the planet of gifts and luck! Jupiter’s luck can very well be on your side under this Full Moon, so be sure to take advantage of it.

Jupiter’s presence also allows us to see the silver linings with greater ease, so if something challenging does come up under this Full Moon, or you are left to confront some painful truths, look for the silver lining that Jupiter can bring.

And remember the Sea-Goat. The struggle up the mountain or to the depths of the ocean is challenging, but once you arrive at your destination, it will be well worth it.

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