Intuitive Astrology: Capricorn Full Moon July 2024

capricorn full moon astrology july 2024

On July 21st, 2024, we welcome the second Capricorn Full Moon of the year. The first was back on June 21st and arrived at the beginning of the Capricorn zodiac. Now, with our second Capricorn Full Moon arriving at the end of the zodiac, it brings us to the endpoint of our story.

If you cast your mind back to the end of June, was something weighing heavy on your spirit? Were there uncertainties or a sense of uneasiness? Was there something you needed to take responsibility for but perhaps have not?

Whatever heaviness was brewing for you towards the end of June is now going to come back into your world to be completed. Something will come to a head, and an ending to the story you have been working on will be experienced.

Endings can be painful, but they do bring clarity and understanding. When something comes to an end, there is generally no more discussion, just a knowing that the chapter has closed. The sooner we accept the ending, the easier it becomes to step forward into the new beginning that is waiting for us. Of course, it is never that easy.

The Second Capricorn Full Moon

Under the second Capricorn Full Moon, it does seem that a heaviness is lifted for us. Perhaps we may have moved through something difficult or challenging, but now we feel that we are on the other side of it. Perhaps we have felt put through the Universal ringer, but now we can finally take a breath.

The Capricorn Full Moon of June conjured some hard work and perhaps some tough lessons for us, but it seems the door is closing and with that comes a peace and perhaps even a sense of victory. We have completed our challenge, we have made it to the top; we can see the full picture, and with that, hopefully a sense of wholeness and fulfilment prevails.

We may have to wait for the July Full Moon to deliver all of its offerings before we can feel this sense of fulfillment, but it does seem the Universe is dishing out some just rewards for us.

The Capricorn Full Moon & Eris, The Goddess of Discord and Strife

Eris, the warrior Goddess, is active under this July Full Moon, indicating some heated emotions or perhaps a need to stand up for ourselves. Eris is considered the sister to Mars, and while it has the same fiery spirit and can inflame emotions, she is also about returning to a state of harmony.

Eris is sometimes considered the Goddess of Discord and Strife, but she is not creating strife for the fun of it. She observes where there are issues and she brings them to the surface. She can see where discord is hiding and she has the power to awaken it, so we can fix and harmonize the situation once and for all.

Eris doesn’t hide away from what is difficult and neither does our Capricorn Moon, so we may definitely feel the need to confront all that is coming up for us. If we truly want a clean ending, we have to address it all.

The Sea Goat As Our Full Moon Guide

Capricorn is represented by the Sea Goat, a mythical animal that is half goat, half fish. The Sea Goat is unlike other animals but it is only through accepting itself and working with its unique body that it is able to receive its gifts.

When the Sea Goat learns to master walking and swimming, when it leans into what it has been given, that is when it finds success. That is when the Sea Goat can learn the magic of the mountains and the sea. That is when the Sea Goat can become like no other animal.

We can lean into the messaging of the Sea Goat under this Full Moon. How can we step into our unique body and our unique set of circumstances and push through it? How can we become the masters of our lives so we too, can learn the magic that is waiting for us?

The Sea Goat will be helping us with this mission all the way until the December Solstice, but the time to begin is under the July Full Moon. The time to begin is at this final Capricorn Full Moon of the year.

A Rebirth is on the Way

It is rather auspicious timing of the Universe to bring us these two Full Moons in Capricorn. Full Moons tend to bring up things we need to release, and Capricorn tends to bring up things that are heavy. Perhaps the Universe is giving us permission to let go of all that is heavy. Perhaps it wants us to let down our heavy burdens and say, no more. We are no longer required to carry them.

The Capricorn Full Moon can definitely stir burdens for us and pile them high on our shoulders, but there is a release that is on offer, too. We must take this release. We must allow ourselves the grace to let go of all of it.

Finally, the Full Moon is also connected to Pluto, the planet of Death and Rebirth. Pluto is only a few degrees away from this Full Moon but resting in Aquarius. This is known as an out-of-sign conjunction.

Pluto’s presence offers the promise of something new rising from the ashes, but perhaps it is just out of reach. Perhaps we will have to wait patiently to see what new rebirth is in store.

So, let go of all that is heavy. Know you deserve a lighter load. And keep in your heart that a rebirth is on the way.

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