Intuitive Astrology: Capricorn Season 2019-2020

capricorn season

Welcome to Capricorn Season!

Capricorn season begins on December 21st, the day of the Solstice, and also the first day of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer in the South Hemisphere.

Capricorn is one of the cardinal signs of the zodiac, which means it carries the energy of leadership, and is one of the most productive and forward-moving points in the year.

It’s a time where we can really take the reigns and march on forward in the direction of our choosing.

Being a Capricorn myself, with five planets in Capricorn, I have really come to appreciate the qualities and energies of this sign, but it wasn’t always that way!

Capricorn is commonly represented by the mountain goat. The mountain goat is a fast, nimble little creature that can do some amazing things and balance on some pretty precarious rock ledges! But that’s not all that Capricorn’s about.

Very often we forget, myself included, that the traditional symbol for the Capricorn is not the mountain goat but the sea-goat.

If you look at the traditional symbol for Capricorn you will see that it has the head of a goat and the tail of a fish. It wasn’t until I noticed this little detail that I really started to relate to my Capricorn energy.

The sea-goat is an odd mythical creature. The story goes that these fish grew the front legs of a goat and started making their way out of the sea. They kept their tail but were able to walk on land and journey further than they ever dreamed!

And herein lies the energy of Capricorn. There is this quality of depth. They have seen the bottom of the ocean. They have swum with the currents of the ocean and felt the effects of the Moon on the tides.

But they have also learned to walk on the earth too. And not just walk. Climb. They are not interested in what’s at ground level, they want to see from the top! They keep climbing and climbing, for they know the perfect view, the place where the land meets the sea, is prettiest from up top.

Capricorn’s are all about ambition and success but that success can be short-lived if they don’t remember where they have come from and why they are doing what they are doing.

If they forget their watery roots, if they forget their ability to swim to the depths and flow with the tides, the climb can seem not only endless but also purposeless.

Every Capricorn Season, regardless of our sign, we can tap into the energy of the sea-goat.

We can allow ourselves to be guided to the watery depths of our intuition, our truth, and what really drives us in order to fuel our motivation, our dreams, and our goals.

Capricorn Season is a wonderful time to make long-term goals, to make lists, to create schedules, and to plan our route to the top of the mountain but before we can do this, we have to dig deep.

We have to dig deep into who we are and to figure out not just what we want or desire, but what calls to our soul.

It is only when we dig deep and hear our calling that we can really create a map of how our journey on land is going to go.

Of course, life never really happens according to our plans, but there is something about seeing our dreams and goals laid out in a step by step fashion that can make them more attainable or palpable.

The sea-goat loves things to feel concrete and solid. It loves to feel the earth supporting its weight but it also knows how to go with the flow when needed.

Mastering this balance is what Capricorn Season will be supporting us all to do, especially because this year we also have the starting of Eclipse Season.

We have a Capricorn Solar Eclipse on December 25-26th 2019, which will open a portal to a new wave of consciousness and inspire us to set new goals.

Solar Eclipses tend to reveal a new pathway or awaken a new line of thinking. They are a great time to take action or plant a seed when it comes to what we want to bring into our lives.

We will then have a Lunar Eclipse in Cancer come January 10th, 2020, which will be challenging but also transformative.

While the Lunar Eclipse takes place in Capricorn Season, the Moon will be in Cancer- a true water sign!

The Lunar Eclipse will be emotional and challenge us to ensure we have really addressed our motives and intentions before moving ahead. It’s a time to dig deep so we can transform and level up in a whole new way.

We also have a line up of planets in Capricorn over the coming months including Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars!

This strong Capricorn energy will be guiding all of us to get grounded, to feel the earth supporting us, and to think about why we are climbing the mountain we are climbing.

Does it really serve us? Is it really the path we want to be climbing? What is really motivating us to move forward and climb the mountain we are climbing?

With all of this Capricorn energy, we will have plenty of time to explore these questions and their answers.

Kickstarting 2020 with all this Capricorn energy is also a signal from the Universe that we are going to be supported to put plans into action and to really take responsibility for our dreams and goals.

Let us step up and become the leader of our lives. Let us make sure our climb up the mountain is aligned with the greatest love that lives within.

Let us create goals that are aligned with our soul and actually create tangible, concrete actions in our lives so we can harmonize both our inner and outer world.

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