Intuitive Astrology: December Solar Eclipse 2019

december solar eclipse astrology 2019

On December 25-26th we welcome the start of Eclipse Season with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Capricorn.

Solar Eclipses are like potent New Moons and open an accelerated portal to higher levels of consciousness.

On a Solar Eclipse, a new doorway is opened that helps to push and advance us further on our soul path.

Under the energy of the December Solar Eclipse, we are going to be shown a new path. A new way is going to unfold. This new way may appear subtle at first. Perhaps it will begin as a new thought or a new feeling, and then slowly it will shift into taking a new action.

It’s almost like this Eclipse opens a new stream of energy which we can take and download into our lives.

How we download it is up to us and where we are on our journey, but all of us are going to be changed, all of us are going to be awakened in some way.

The energy surrounding this Solar Eclipse is abundant and expansive.

There are opportunities here to really plant seeds that will turn into the tallest, most luscious trees.

The days following this Solar Eclipse are perfect for setting intentions and thinking about what goals and ambitions we want to take on in the new year.

While we can set intentions at this time, we may also have to be patient and see what this Eclipse brings in.

We may find that this new doorway changes what we desire or makes way for new intentions we wouldn’t have considered earlier.

There is also strong energy around this Eclipse that is calling on us to transcend childhood patterns or unleash our inner child.

We may experience a healing on an inner-child level, or we may discover that we no longer need to hold onto patterns or traumas that we have collected through our upbringing.

Alternatively, we may discover that we need to stop taking everything so seriously, to lighten up, and to bring the energy of child-like play back into our lives.

There is a strong sense around this Eclipse of being able to transcend any family drama or family karma and shift it in a harmonious way.

Because this Eclipse falls around the holidays and many of us will be with family or thinking about family, we can really use this as an opportunity to rise above any unhealthy dynamics or patterns that no longer serve us or bring out the best in us.

We can also use this harmonious Eclipse energy to forgive, heal, set boundaries, and to practice loving kindness and compassion.

Sometimes accepting our family for who they are, flaws and all, can be incredibly healing and can allow us look past how they may not have fulfilled the roles they were supposed to.

Capricorn energy is not the most expressive or emotional. It is practical and likes to keep things logical. However, this energy may come to help us around this time.

Family dynamics can often get emotional and heated very quickly, but how can we look at things from a more practical, black and white mindset? How can we look beyond our emotions and just focus on the facts?

We may find that by doing so, we feel a little more at ease about whatever comes up or whatever family dynamics we are being called to work through.

If any tensions do rise at this time, try to focus on the facts. Try to see things from a logical point of view, rather than getting swept up in emotion.

Of course, this is easier said than done, but if you feel triggered, especially around family, see if you can lean in deeper to release whatever the trigger point is.

Sometimes you need a little time and space to figure this all out, but know the Eclipse energies will be supporting you.

As the vibrations around this time are extremely harmonious, any issues are likely to be ironed out quickly and result in more love and more understanding.

Overall, the December Solar Eclipse carries abundant energies and will open a new doorway into a new stream of consciousness.

Its energy is expansive, protective, and harmonious and will feel like a gift from the Universe.

This is something we have been working hard all year to receive, so be sure to open yourself and welcome in the shifting, awakening energies this Eclipse brings.

2020 promises something different than the years before, and the doorway to this new wave of energy starts under this December Solar Eclipse.

No matter what unfolds on this day, the energies will lift us up and prepare us for the incredible cosmic waves that are set to begin come the new year.

We are all being called to level up, to rise up, and to step into a new power and this Eclipse will be lighting the way.

Your Capricorn Solar Eclipse Ritual is here

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