Intuitive Astrology: February Full Moon 2016

astrology full moon february 2016

The Full Moon in Virgo will peak on February 22nd, helping all of us to clear the baggage and evaluate the turn of events and decisions that have unfolded in the last six months.

February’s Full Moon is the last Full Moon in the Eclipse cycle that started back in September 2015, and will pave the way for the energies of the upcoming Eclipse cycle which begins next month in March.

As the Moon shines brightly in the sky in the independent and thought-provoking sign of Virgo, we are all going to be guided by the Universe to expand our awareness and look deeper into the signs and clues around us.

What do we need to pay attention of? What do we need to focus on right now? What finer details or clues are we ignoring?

Matters, no matter how small they seem will need to be addressed and the finer details of life will need to be observed during this Full Moon, so we can be sure that we are creating solid ground for the future.

In many ways, it is like the Full Moon in Virgo is going to bathe us in her glorious, goddess light, allowing us to heal and clear out all those tiny nooks and crannies (and belly button lint) that we have avoided or have not been able to see.

When any clearing process is in order and the ending of an Eclipse cycle is near, we must look within and work out where we need to love ourselves more, where we need to hold and speak our truth and where we need to find our voice of independence.

The symbol for Virgo is the Virgin, and it is one of strength, independence and true self-love. It is the Virgin’s ability to feel totally whole and self-fulfilled that gives her the strength she needs to do her best work.

This will be the energy that we will all be working with leading up to the new Eclipse cycle in March, and we may notice this working the most in areas surrounding the heart. This includes our relationships and feelings of self-worth and self-esteem.

February’s Full Moon may also may force us to revisit events during the last six months in order for us to see things more clearly. In fact, the journey that we have all taken from September until now will be highlighted at this Full Moon, which will allow us to reap our rewards from all that we have sowed during this time.

If your life has felt influx since September of last year and if things have been crumbling around you, February’s Full Moon will also give the opportunity to get grounded and clearer about the path ahead.

It will be important to pay attention to any signs and clues that may be presented to you around this Full Moon, as things left unattended will surely return during March’s Eclipse season.

Uranus and Pluto will also be present during this Full Moon, and will be shaking the ground beneath us so we can assess what is safe and what may need repairs.

As we start laying down the foundation for the months ahead, Uranus and Pluto are also going to be asking us to see things and create things differently.

These planets are going to challenge us to break the habits of the past and revolutionise our ideas, philosophies and beliefs so we can reach new heights of consciousness.

This has been an ongoing mission from both Uranus and Pluto for a while now, however their effects may really be felt as the Full Moon peaks.

To fully embrace the energy of this Full Moon, it is really time to allow your inner strength to shine. It is really time to embrace all that you are, and tune into that inner voice that is going to help you sort out fact from fiction and face all the little nitty-gritty details that have been ignored.

The Virgo Full Moon is going to help you to go through your life with a fine-tooth comb and work out what needs to be cleansed, what needs to be healed and what needs to be prepared and protected.

As one Eclipse cycle comes to an end and another gets ready to begin, we are also going to be given clues and signs as to what may be in store for us over the course of the year.

The point between Eclipse cycles is a magical time, a time where we are all collectively getting ready to start a new chapter, no matter where we are in our path. This energy is powerful and when used to its fullest advantage, it can really help us to leap forward in whatever direction we choose.

Use this Full Moon to clear out the old, assess the direction of your life and then surrender to what is. When you do this, the Universe is going to open the door for you and guide you the rest of the way.

Whatever February’s Full Moon presents to you, it is always a gift. It is always a gift that will help you to awaken and embrace that luminescent, radiant being of light that you are.

Image Artwork by Lisa Stanley 

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