Intuitive Astrology Forecast for July 2019

july astrology 2019

As we flip the calendar from June to July, we enter into the Eclipse Gateway, into the elevator of our destiny. We are all riding up to the next floor, which means we have to prepare.

There are many ways that we can prepare and the Universe will be our guide. We can be asked to leave things behind, to take things with us, to reflect on things, and to think about what dreams and visions we would like to fulfill.

Whichever way we are guided to prepare, when we reach the end of July, we are going to have arrived at the new floor, at the new level of our destiny.

The biggest event of July is definitely the Eclipses, but before we get into what they may bring, there is something else happening in the first part of July that is worth mentioning, and this is the alignment of the Sun and Sirius.

Sirius has long been believed to be our Spiritual Sun, and its energy is said to help activate and awaken us. For the first part of July, we are going to be in a heightened state of energy thanks to Sirius, and we will be more open to receiving downloads, intuitive messages, prophetic dreams, visitations and more.

This is beautiful and highly advanced energy that will be helping all of us to get in touch with our spiritual gifts and to awaken to a new level. This energy is definitely one that we can take advantage of if we allow our mind to empty and our heart to open.

A great way to help open to this energy is with my Cosmic Guided Meditation for the month of July which you can listen to here.

The first Eclipse of the month falls on July 2nd and it’s a Solar or New Moon eclipse in the sign of Cancer.

This Solar Eclipse is all about stepping forward into the future. It is full of opportunities, wisdom, and spiritual insights. It is an intense Eclipse, but it is one that will help us to open doors and get us to where we want to be.

If you have been working towards a goal or wanting to start a new job, move, or take action on a big project, this Eclipse offers so much support and advancement.

This is a great Eclipse if you are looking for opportunity or for change, so set your intention, put your feelers out there and see how the Universe delivers.

If you are feeling lost and a little undirected in life, this Eclipse may also present some opportunities to help guide your way. Try to stay open and try to say yes to the things that come your way, as you never know where they may lead you!

Sometimes in order to align with our purpose, we have to start taking action even if we are unsure if it is the right action. Sometimes, it is the act of moving and getting out of our rut that helps us to find where we need to be.

Following the July Solar Eclipse, we have Mercury going retrograde on the 7th.

While Mercury Retrograde is often seen as an annoyance, in this instance it is really is a gift! After the wave of opportunity that the Solar Eclipse brings, we are going to want a chance to slow down and weigh up our options, and that is where Mercury comes to help us.

Mercury will be guiding us to look at the past and to reflect on what we have learned before moving forward. It wants to remind us of the wisdom and knowledge we have gained so we can avoid making the same mistakes from our past.

If Mercury retrograde brings up things from your past, pay attention and figure out whether you want to make that past part of your future or if you are ready to leave it behind.

A day after Mercury goes Retrograde, Chiron follows, giving us a total of 7 celestial bodies in retrograde through most of the month. This is strong retrograde energy and really the Universe’s way of allowing us to slow down and catch our breath.

The following Eclipse is a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Capricorn. This Lunar Eclipse is one of the heaviest aspects of the year, however it too is also helping us on that elevator ride to a new level.

In order to move up, we have to clear, we have to let go, we have to release, and that is exactly what this Lunar Eclipse will be guiding us to do.

Under this Lunar Eclipse, it will be important for us to remember our strength, to remember all we have learned, and to never forget the wisdom and knowledge we have inside.

Everything we need has already been given to us, and keeping this in mind under the Lunar Eclipse will be helpful. We already know the way, we are just walking towards it.

On July 22, we begin the start of Leo Season. We are going to feel new motivation as we move out of watery, intuitive, touchy-feely Cancer and into the fiery sign of the Lion.

Following this on the 31st, we have a Black New Moon in the sign of Leo. A Black New Moon is very rare and happens when we have two New Moons in one month. (A Solar Eclipse is considered a New Moon.)

This Leo Black Moon will help to seal in and round off the opportunities that the Solar Eclipse may have brought our way.

Overall, July is a month of new beginnings, fresh starts, and opportunities. It is an intense month with a lot of cosmic energy bubbling, but it is also a month of acceleration and graduation.

Through this pivotal month, don’t forget to be gentle with yourself, to practice a lot of self-care, and to not allow your fear to block you from riding that elevator to the top- you’ve worked hard and you deserve it!

For guidance throughout the month, download my Cosmic Guided Meditation for July 2019.

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