Intuitive Astrology: Chiron in Aries 2018-2027

chiron in aries

In astrology, the Chiron asteroid symbolises your deepest wound, your seed of spiritual transformation, and the alchemist of your life.

Whenever Chiron is active in your birth chart, it often brings about a healing of wounds that your soul has been sent to learn and grow from.

All of us come into this life with wounds to heal. These wounds are carried over from our previous lifetimes, but they can also be lessons that our soul is eager to learn. Sometimes our soul will take on these wounds and lessons in order to become a teacher or a guide.

In astrology, whatever sign Chiron falls in your birth chart can often indicate or give clues as to what wounds you have come to heal in this life.

No matter what sign your Chiron was in at birth, Chiron’s move into Aries is going to affect everyone.

Chiron moves signs very rarely, and when it does, it brings a shift in energy and leaves a lasting imprint that we will all be able to look and reflect back on once it has finished its journey.

To begin to understand Chiron’s move into Aries, we need to go back to 2010. It was around this time that Chiron shifted into Pisces. Chiron has been in this placement since then, and by understanding the past, it will allow you to make sense of the future.

In Pisces, Chiron has been guiding all of us to focus on healing our spiritual selves. Chiron has been asking us to awaken to our truth and to really dig deep into our psyche in order to uncover subconscious thoughts and beliefs.

While in Pisces, we have all been encouraged to activate and open our spiritual selves, and to understand that there is more to this life than just what we see.

Many awakenings have happened since Chiron’s entrance into Pisces, and this gentle placement has helped all of us to open our minds on some level.

Perhaps think back to what was happening in your own life regarding your spirituality since this time. Perhaps reflect on any subconscious thought patterns that were bought to your attention, or awakening  moments that helped to inspire and heal you.

By understanding this, it will allow you to gain some insight on what may unfold as Chiron enters Aries.

Chiron enters Aries on April 18th, but will hover in and out of Aries and Pisces until 2019. Even though we will start to get a taste of Aries Chiron energy during 2018, we will really begin most of the work in 2019.

It may also help to pay attention to what unfolds in your life around April 18, 2018 and February 18-19, 2019. If there are any significant shifts, thoughts or feelings, this may also hold a clue as to what this energy has in store for you.

On a global level, Chiron in Aries is all about healing our ego and our sense of self. This is a time for all of us to learn how to embrace who we are and to allow our ego to work for us, not against us.

This is also a time of self-realization, and coming into a new understanding of our individual uniqueness and what our purpose here on earth is. The fundamental question- Who am I? Will be explored under this energy on a whole new level.

Chiron in Aries is very physical, so our bodies may also be extra sensitive under this energy, and we may need to pay greater attention to our health. Any injuries or physical ailments may also come to the surface in order to be repaired and balanced once and for all.

While Chiron in Pisces was a very gentle and patient energy, Chiron in Aries is going to be a little more aggressive and quick moving.

Chiron in Pisces would have given us time to think, ponder, reflect, and dig a little deeper, whereas Chiron in Aries is all about taking care of things quickly and efficiently. We going to be encouraged to heal and resolve things swiftly and to not wallow in events that come our way.

Under the influence of Aries energy, we are going to be continually encouraged to get back up and dust ourselves off whenever we get knocked down. This energy feels like a bit of tough love that the Universe is sending our way in order to progress us further and faster.

It is important to understand that healing, grief, pain and sadness, is all part of life, and all part of the experience of being human.

Our souls are made of unconditional love and we will always return to this place, but here on Earth, we must allow ourselves to feel, and we must give ourselves permission to be who we are.

By the time Chiron has finished its journey in Aries in 2027, we are all going to have a greater acceptance of ourselves, and an understanding that our unique expression is important for not only finding our purpose, but for healing on both an individual and global level.

We are also going to have been able to clear and release any wounds regarding our self-worth and find the strength and courage to get back up, even when we feel battered and bruised.

Chiron in Aries is a strong and fierce placement that is going to help us all find our inner power and inner warrior. This energy is fiery, bold, and is going to help all of us to reach new levels of consciousness and awareness so we can heal on a whole new level.

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Tanaaz is the creator of Forever Conscious. She is an intuitive astrologer and aims to use her writing to heal and inspire. She is also the author of several books including the Power of Positive Energy, Messages for the Soul, and My Pocket Mantras. She also runs online courses and in-person retreats.