Intuitive Astrology: The Solstice & Cancer Season 2024

cancer season astrology 2024

Cancer Season 2024 begins on the June 20 Solstice, a time when the veil is thin and we can tap into the healing powers of mother nature with greater ease.

The Solstice also brings either the longest or shortest day of the year. For those experiencing the longest day of the year, we are being encouraged to shine outward, and put our ideas and visions out into the world. For those experiencing the shortest day of the year, we are being encouraged to shine within and pay closer attention to our internal world and our dreaming state.

The Solstice is also our reminder that we are half way through the calendar year and at a turning point where we can take a new direction if we choose to. Set intentions under the Solstice about how you would like the remainder of 2024 to go. Set intentions for more peace, more love, more gratitude, and more of whatever you are looking for in your life moving forward.

It is never to late to start moving in the direction that you desire. It’s never too late to share with the Universe what you need or what you would like.

While the Solstice is a powerful time for setting intentions, it is also a great time to sit out in nature and soak up the healing vibrations of the energy grid. Allow yourself to feel more connected and more attuned to the wonderful world around you.

Cancer Season 2024

Following the powerful Solstice energies, we are met with the first of two Capricorn Full Moons, one on June 21st shortly after the Solstice peaks, and the second on July 21st.

Both the June and July Capricorn Full Moons will work in tandem, revealing more to the picture as the month unfolds. This means that whatever events transpire under the June Full Moon will only be part of the story, and we may have to wait till July to receive the full picture.

While these Full Moons do hold some heavy energies and are encouraging us to step up into a new level of responsibility, they offer some just rewards too!

Cancer Season 2024 also brings Saturn and Neptune Retrograde on June 29th and July 2nd respectively, as well as a sweet and sensitive Cancer New Moon on July 5th, which happens to coincide with the powerful Sirius Gateway!

Sirius is considered our Spiritual Sun and every year around the first week of July, it conjuncts our Sun, shining down high frequency energy that supports the advancement of life on earth.

The New Moon taking place at this time is a powerful omen for new beginnings, and for a new wave of possibilities to take hold. This is going to a be a power time to rise up, step into a new freedom, and access new parts of our consciousness.

Cancer Season officially comes to an end on July 22nd, as the Sun enters Leo.

Working with the Energies of Cancer Season

To work best with the energies of Cancer Season, it helps to understand the messaging behind the crab. Most people think that Cancer is sensitive, moody, and like the crab, wants to be in its shell. But there is actually so much more to this little creature, and so much more to this zodiac sign!

The story behind the Cancer Crab is actually a surprising one. The Crab was actually a protector of other ocean life and would use its hard shell and fealess, caring nature to look out for those around it. While protecting a fellow sea creature, the Crab was crushed to death. To honor the Crab for its bravery and loyalty, its crushed pieces were scattered into the sky, forming the many twinkling stars of the Cancer constellation.

Whenever we look up to the constellation of Cancer, or we enter Cancer Season, it is our reminder that we too hold that fearless nature. That we too can stand up for those that we love, and that we too, hold the same bravery and strength in our hearts.

The Crab is not the largest, biggest, or most dangerous creature in the sea. It is not really an animal that we think of when we hear the words protector, and yet, despite its outward appearance, the Cancer Crab was all of those things.

If you are feeling small, unworthy, or unfit to handle something that is unfolding in your life, Cancer Season is your time to shake off your fears and insecurities, and connect with the power of your heart.

The crab gets its strength, and its fierceness not from its physical body, not from its knowledge, but from its heart.

As our heart expands, as we connect with the love that we are, and the love that surrounds us, we too are able to find our courage, our compassion, and our strength. We, too, can stand up for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for the life that we desire.

Things to Do During Cancer Season:

  • Acknowledge and give gratitude for all that you love and all that is important to you
  • Protect all that you care about (including yourself)
  • Love all parts of yourself
  • Connect to compassion
  • Do something for others
  • Spend time with your family
  • Create comfort in your living space
  • Create feelings of security, especially in your living situation
  • Feel at home within yourself, regardless of what is going on for you
  • Honor your emotions
  • Work with your heart energy- allow yourself to feel
  • Slow down and move with intention

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