Intuitive Astrology Forecast June 2024

june astrology 2024

June 2024 brings a strong wave of Gemini energy, which will lift our spirits, ignite our intellect, and get us to express ourselves poetically.

Gemini energy can sometimes get a bad rap. On the surface, it’s known for being two-faced and sharp-tongued, but there is so much more to this sign. In fact, the Gemini twins are a symbol of the dance between the material world and the spiritual world, as one twin is mortal and the other is immortal.

The dance between our material world and our spiritual world is one that we are always moving through. At times, it is easier to access the world of spirit and find the magic and synchronicity that life has to offer.

Perhaps we have all had moments where we felt the spirit of our being radiating strong and true, guiding us forward and giving us all that we have dreamed about. And, then I am sure, we have felt the effects of the material world, too. The need to have shelter, income, and the stresses that come to ensure our basic needs are taken care of. We have all experienced getting sick and the vulnerability of our physical body.

Dancing this dance between the all-knowing spiritual self and the material self that just wants to survive, is a constant process as we journey through this earthy realm. When Gemini Season arrives, we are guided to bring this dance into greater balance and to remember to honor both sides of our being.

How well we can balance the two will determine how well we can flow with the energies that are on offer, especially in the first part of June.

June also brings the Solstice, one of the key markers on our trip around the Sun. The Solstice is one of the most cosmically powerful days of the year. The seasons around us shift, and so do we. In fact, we can use the Solstice portal to shift to a higher harmony and to access our own innate healing powers with greater ease.

As we reach the end of the month, Saturn, our Master Teacher planet, stations retrograde, joining Pluto in the Underworld. Saturn Retrograde is a time to revisit the lessons of the past. You can think of it as Saturn’s opportunity to test whether we have been doing our homework or not. The good news about Saturn Retrograde is that it can also be a time to receive the gifts of our hard work, too!

Let’s take a closer look into the energies of the month ahead and how we can make the most of it –

June Astrology 2024

June 2: Jupiter in Gemini Trine Pluto in Aquarius

Jupiter has just moved into Gemini, and while it is still getting settled, it makes a beautiful trine alignment with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, and our planet of death and rebirth. A trine is generally considered a harmonious alignment, so we get a sweet fusion of energy from both Jupiter and Pluto on this day. Jupiter is the greater expander but is also a highly optimistic force, so perhaps at this time, we may find ourselves feeling a deeper appreciation or satisfaction around our own journey of death and rebirth. Jupiter and Pluto joining together is also a positive omen for success, wealth, and fame, so stay open to these gifts, too!

June 3: Mercury in Gemini

Mercury moves into Gemini, giving us a line-up of three planets in Gemini along with the Sun. This lineup of cosmic bodies in Gemini is known as a Stellium and will deliver us this strong force of Gemini energy that we can use to bring balance to our spirit and human bodies. Mercury entering Gemini is also a positive transit that can bring greater ease when it comes to all forms of communication.

June 4: Sun Conjunct Venus in Gemini

The Sun and Venus come together, merging their energies as one. This powerful day can be used to boost our creative energy and also the energy of romance and love! This is a good time to focus on creating harmonious relationships in our lives. If there is a relationship that needs healing, the energy of this day will help to support understanding and compassion. If you are looking to create more meaningful relationships in your life, this is a good day to take action.

June 6: Gemini New Moon

The Gemini New Moon is all about love! This is a powerful New Moon when it comes to our relationships. If you have been looking for guidance on a particular relationship or wondering if you should stay or go, this New Moon can help bring a fresh perspective and, hopefully, the answers you need to forge your way ahead. This New Moon can guide us to new ideas when it comes to love as well. We may feel more inspired to open our minds or we may just be thinking with a new level of clarity and understanding about what we want when it comes to love. No matter what arises on this day, use this New Moon to celebrate and appreciate the love that is in your life. If you are looking for love, this is a good time to set some intentions around the partner you wish to attract. Just be sure what you wish to attract and your actions are aligned! Sometimes, we think we want something, but our actions tell a different story. Getting the two on the same page can be a big help for manifesting love under this New Moon.

June 9: Mars in Taurus

Mars, the fiery planet, moves into grounded, earthy Taurus. Mars in Taurus is not the most energetic placement, but it can help us to move into a state of refinement. We may find ourselves refining the smaller details or perhaps looking over the foundations we have set. Slow and steady is the motto here, as we are encouraged to fine-tune things. Mars in Taurus is also a great time to focus on sustained health and well-being. No fad diets or workout routines; this is our chance to create some long lasting healthy habits.

June 11: Mars in Taurus Square Pluto in Aquarius

Mars Square Pluto is generally considered a combative alignment. It can bring power struggles and unrest. On the world stage, this alignment also seems to coincide with protests our aggressive outbursts from governments or its people. While we may feel extra irritable or frustrated under this energy, we can use Mars and Pluto to get in touch with any anger we may be harboring. Sometimes, we need to get what is inside of us up and out, especially if we are holding onto resentments. While it would be nice to aim for healthy outlets to release, such as journaling, talking things through with a therapist, or even exercising, sometimes it doesn’t always happen this way! If you or someone close to you experiences a wave of strong emotion, don’t be hard on yourself or them; use this as an opportunity to get the truth up and out.

June 14: Sun Conjunct Mercury in Gemini

Another powerful day in the month for self-expression and communicating what is really on our minds. This is also a great energy day for starting a journaling practice or negotiating a contract. If you are looking to buy a car or book travel, today can bring some clarity and good opportunities!

June 17: Mercury and Venus in Cancer

Mercury and Venus both move into Cancer, creating soft, gentle, and compassionate waves. Venus in Cancer becomes the nurturer and Mercury in Cancer becomes the poet! There is some beautiful soft energy we can take advantage of today. Use this energy dynamic to create some gentleness and grace in your world.

June 20: Sun Enters Cancer – The Solstice

The Solstice is here! This is a power day in our year that moves the energy grid into higher harmony. With the energy grid of the planet vibing high, we can use today to set intentions and soak up the healing power of Mother Nature with greater ease. Spending time in nature or bringing nature into your home can help to intensify the experience. The Solstice also represents a shift of seasons for some parts of the world. This shift in seasons can be used to create a shift in our own lives and to remember that we, too, move through our own seasons of life.

June 21: Capricorn Full Moon

The Capricorn Full Moon is guiding us to take responsibility when it comes to our lives. We may say we want something, but do our actions actually reflect that, or do they lead us in a different direction? This Full Moon can deliver some hard truths, getting us to take a real hard look at ourselves and the actions we are taking or not taking. In some ways, this Full Moon feels like a rude awakening, snapping us out of any self-pity or self-sabotage and into a place of leadership. Take the reigns under this Full Moon; allow yourself to face up to the reality of your situation without the need to defend yourself or your actions. Release any shame you may feel and take ownership of your life and the direction you are traveling. This is a good Full Moon for purging bad habits or habits that are keeping you stuck or in repetitive patterns. It’s time to break the cycles of karma and create a new path forward. The Universe is on your side!

June 29: Saturn Retrograde in Pisces

Saturn spends a good portion of the year in retrograde, so while we are somewhat used to this energy, it is a power day not to be ignored! The day Saturn stations retrograde brings a clue as to what lessons the Universe has been encouraging us to master. Pay attention to the lessons that are brought your way on this day, as they are likely to be part of a larger theme you have been working through. Saturn Retrograde is our chance to finish off our homework and ensure that we have, indeed, mastered the lessons that have been coming our way. Saturn Retrograde can also bring gifts and rewards too, as we finally master a new chapter of our lives. You can learn more about this Saturn cycle here.

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