Intuitive Astrology: Gemini New Moon June 2024

gemini new moon june 2024 astrology

We welcome the start of a new lunar cycle on June 6th with the Gemini New Moon, and it seems the Universe is drawing our attention to love!

Venus, the planet of love and relationships is heavily intertwined with the energies of this New Moon, as is Juno, the Goddess Asteroid of marriage.

Venus, Juno, and the Moon together are a magical combination that can boost our feelings of romance and creativity. It holds the promise of some soft energy that allows us to move with compassion and deeper understanding for others.

Whatever you are moving through under this New Moon, chances are the relationships in your life, and perhaps your own relationship when it comes to love, will be highlighted in some way.

Love under the Gemini New Moon

Love is such a complicated subject. We all have different ideas of what love means to us. We all have different ways to feel and give love. We all have different wounds around love. Love is what unites us all. It is the fuel for creation and for a lot of what we do.

Love keeps us going. It is what makes life worth living. We all want to feel loved; we all want to feel that which we are.

Under the Gemini New Moon, our thoughts around love may begin maturing. We may see things from perhaps a more intelligent perspective.

Gemini energy gets us thinking deeper; it opens our minds and allows us to be curious, and perhaps this curiosity is one that will lead us to a new understanding of love and what it truly means to us.

Through this process, our relationships may deepen, or we may find ourselves opening up, allowing new connections and people to enter our lives.

If a relationship has been rocky, this New Moon promises a resolution or a deeper understanding that will allow some forward momentum.

Balancing Heart and Mind with the Gemini New Moon

While strong Gemini energy, as we have under this New Moon, can sometimes make us feel mentally cluttered or stuck in our heads, this nice balance of heart energy will help us feel our way through.

It seems whatever transpires, we are being called to sharpen the connection between our hearts and our minds. We are being called to allow these two parts of ourselves to step into higher harmony and to work in synergy with one another.

Under the energies of the June 6 New Moon, see if you can honor your heart, honor your mind, and then allow the two to work together.

You may even have to use your own powers of discernment to figure out whether you are leading too much with your mind or too much with your heart.

Remember, finding balance will be key, but when you find this balance, the New Moon promises to deliver greater wisdom, understanding, and openess when it comes to love.

Setting Intentions Under the Gemini New Moon

New Moons are always a power time in our month to set intentions for what we wish to call in. Under this New Moon, intentions around love and relationships will be favored. Take a moment to think about what you wish to call in and write it down.

It is also interesting to note that the Gemini New Moon arrives at roughly the halfway point in our calendar year.

If the year has not gone the way you have liked so far, know this New Moon can also be your turning point. Start with your intentions, let the Universe know what you need, and trust that all will be delivered in divine timing.

Your Gemini New Moon Ritual is coming soon.

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