Intuitive Astrology: Gemini Full Moon November 2023

gemini full moon astrology 2023

We have almost reached the end of the calendar year and under the November Full Moon, we may begin feeling that it’s time to release and let go of any heaviness 2023 has brought our way.

While we still have one more Full Moon to go in December, the Gemini Full Moon on November 27, guides us to begin thinking about what we wish to cleanse and what we wish to purge.

What do we no longer want to carry in 2024? What has become too heavy and too burdensome? What has been taking up far too much of our resources?

It’s time to start thinking about letting the heavy things go. It’s time to start clearing our plates so we can move through 2024 with more alignment, grace, and ease.

Use this November Full Moon to start assessing what is too heavy to hold and what you wish to be free of come the new year. Set your intentions and put them out to the Universe under the Full Moon. Allow them to be carried by the powerful cleansing energies that the Full Moon brings.

The Gemini Full Moon, a Time for Gathering

Gemini is represented by the Twins, where one twin is mortal and the other is immortal. This represents the duality that lives within us all. We are both a finite human being and an infinite, timeless soul.

We have human “rules” that we must observe and live by, but our soul selves are boundless and free.

This duality symbolized by the Twins is something we can connect to and honor under this Full Moon. How can we appreciate our human selves but then also honor our soul and the wisdom it has to offer? As Gemini is ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury, exploring this question through journaling would be a great fit.

Mercury is also known for its excellent social skills and ability to story-tell, making the Gemini Full Moon a fantastic time to be social, hold a gathering, or spend time with friends.

We may feel the urge to be extra social, or we may naturally find that our social calendar fills up with some events. Conversations may flow with a little less effort, and we may feel more comfortable coming out of our shell and sharing our story.

Make the most of this energy by scheduling a gathering, date, or event around this Full Moon.

The Gemini Full Moon and Strong Planetary Forces

There are many planetary forces at play under this Full Moon, making it both busy and perhaps a little scattering. Mars is in the mix and so is Saturn, plus the feminine goddess, Lilith is active too.

All of this planetary energy combined gives this Full Moon a fiery edge. Both Mars and Lilith are very strong planetary forces that can charge us up and create some tension. If there has been something bubbling up within you, this Full Moon may trigger things to overflow.

Heated emotions may rise up, and we may find ourselves feeling a little irritable or perhaps frustrated with how things are unfolding.

This is where using this Full Moon to release things that have become too burdensome and creating some fun, social activities can help to soften any tensions you may be feeling.

Saturn, the planet of Karma and our Master Teacher, is also active under this Full Moon, reminding us of the importance of setting boundaries and looking after our health and well-being.

You can see that there are a lot of mixed energies circling under this Full Moon. We have many different planetary influences, so we may feel all over the place under this energy.

Whatever comes up for you, it seems that this Gemini Full Moon is set to be a powerful teacher. Allow yourself to be the student, and you are likely to find that as this Full Moon passes, you can understand things from a better place or see things from a bigger-picture perspective.

Overall, the November 2023 Full Moon is our reminder to begin clearing the clutter of the year gone by and to make time to socialize with our friends and family. By creating this lightness, it will be easier to navigate through any tense energies the Full Moon brings.

Your Gemini Full Moon Ritual and Reading is here.

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