Intuitive Astrology: January New Moon 2020

january new moon astrology 2020

The first New Moon of the year is making an impact and is set to bring some volatile, wavy energy through the cosmic skies.

Falling in the sign of Aquarius on January 24th, this New Moon may bring abrupt change or a sense of unease that we are likely to feel brewing the week leading up to it.

This is because just a few days before, on January 22nd, the Sun and Uranus will be in a tense alignment known as a square, which is then further triggered on the New Moon.

Uranus is ruled by Aquarius and is the planet of change and awakening, but the changes we feel on this New Moon are more likely to be emotional ones.

Sure, change can manifest in a variety of ways, but it seems that this New Moon will be working on our emotions and triggering us to change the way we have been feeling about an event or our lives.

Sometimes our feelings are lying deep within us and we don’t always have access to them. Sometimes we don’t feel stressed even though we are. Sometimes we don’t feel hurt until we sit down and actually allow ourselves to process the emotion.

This is what the vibration of this New Moon calls for us to do, not just now but throughout the entire year.

We need to get better at feeling our emotions. We need to stop burying or tucking stuff away and allow ourselves to move through the world with a little more emotional freedom.

Being emotionally free can make many of us, myself included, feel far too vulnerable and far too open. Moving through the world this way can be a scary thing, and can send empathic qualities into overdrive.

But if 2020, with all its huge cosmic alignments and planetary changes is trying to teach us anything, it’s that we have to open our hearts deeper and wider.

I feel this lesson strongly highlighted in my own life too and I have consciously been trying to keep my heart open, especially when I find myself wanting to close down and retreat.

And as I was writing this article, I great teacher showed up to help me put it all into practice.

I had just done a heart chakra meditation to start my day and then needed to run some errands. I felt my heart vibing strong until I walked into this store and was met with some incredibly dense and negative energy from the shop assistant.

I bought what I needed and left the store feeling like I needed to douse myself in crystals and cleanse my entire body from top to toe! I found myself thinking about what terrible energy she had and how my poor little heart had absorbed it all.

But then when I got home, I realized I had missed the point! What if instead of judging this woman and her energy, I just send her some love?

I could hear my heart saying to me- instead of judging this woman and her “terrible” energy, perhaps just understand that she is just experiencing a hard time.

This thought instantly softened me and also made me feel guilty that I had judged her so harshly.

So I sent her some love. I didn’t close my heart; I instead opened it wider to include her energy. And the heavy feeling I had went away. I didn’t need crystals or bundles of herbs, or incense, I needed nothing, except the love in my heart.

There was a powerful reminder here for me to not judge, but to also remember that we have everything we need inside of us. While external things like crystals and herbs are powerful and wonderful, they don’t compare to the love that we have inside and the power that love can bring.

The New Moon shares this message and reminds us that an open heart is a strong heart. It reminds us that when we allow ourselves to soften, the world softens back.

Mother Moon knows that moving through the world with an open heart is a struggle for many, which is why she allows herself to move in phases.

She shows us when she is full and open and also when she is dark and needs to retreat. Her heart is always open, she just works differently according to her honored rhythms and cycles.

Just like the Moon, sometimes we need to wear our heart on our sleeve and sometimes we need to love from a distance.

Lunar energy is strong all through 2020, and as we begin this Lunar New Year with the first New Moon, we can all invite more openness and emotional freedom into our lives.

We can all open our hearts big and wide, for there is new space there for us to use.

On a more surface note, the vibration around this New Moon is tense and erratic, so we may need to be mindful of this and find ways to ground ourselves if we feel too overwhelmed.

But it is my hope for you, that if you open your heart a little wider than you feel comfortable, and shine your heart energy out when you are feeling overwhelmed or a little vulnerable, that something in that exchange will make you feel safer and stronger, and more aligned in your power.

If you have my Moon Calendar, you would know that the mantra for January is – “I am aligned with my highest power,” and the only way to achieve this is to dare to open your heart wider.

This is not to say you need to allow yourself to be taken advantage of, or to keep giving when it is not serving you. Rather it is about learning to own the power that comes through an open heart and learning to use to fuel more love towards yourself and others.

Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian and of community. It is a sign associated with helping others and thinking about the collective.

There is so much trauma and tragedy in the world that if you have any energy to even just give a little more love to yourself, to others, or to the planet, then you should make this a priority, even if it’s just for a few minutes on the night of the New Moon.

So yes, while the energy around this New Moon is all shades of volatile and a time where you would think to protect your energy and hunker down, I say listen to your intuition and do the opposite. Be brave and open your heart a little wider.

Be safe about it, but courageous to love a little more and to allow yourself to truly feel all you have tucked and buried away.

When you feel, you heal. And the healing doesn’t come from dissecting the emotion with your mind, it comes from just simply allowing it to move through your open heart, undisturbed and held in the space of full belonging.

Try it for yourself. Stretch your heart chakra open by flinging your arms to the side and pointing your chest to the sky.

Put a piece of rose quartz around your neck or tuck it into your bra, and then head out into the world with your heart leading the way.

Put down your barriers and as soon as you feel the impulse to run and hide, see if you can challenge yourself to do the reverse. You got this! And Mother Moon is on your side!

Happy first new moon of the year!

Your Aquarius New Moon Ritual for 2020 is here

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