Intuitive Astrology: July Full Moon 2016

july full moon astrology 2016

July’s Full Moon is going to send a beam of self-love, which will give you the confidence and strength you need to create the life of your dreams. 

July has really been a month of rest and self-care and the Capricorn Full Moon on the 19th is only going to amplify this even more.

Earlier this month we had a very gentle New Moon in the emotional and watery sign of Cancer. This New Moon was the first breath of fresh air we have had out of the cycle of digging and cleansing the past.

Now that the cleansing part of the cycle is finished, the Universe has been guiding us to turn our attention to accepting what is and simply just loving ourselves.

If you have been burning yourself out, if you have been ignoring the warning signs from the Universe; if you have been pushing ahead without any consideration for your true feelings, this Full Moon is going to gently remind you about the importance of balancing your energy.

The Capricorn Full Moon is very gently going to hold out its hand and remind you to slow down and think a little more practically and methodically before moving forward.

The Capricorn Full Moon is going to hold out its hand and provide for you a place to rest if you need it.

During this time, your subconscious thoughts and feelings are also going to be illuminated.

Mother Moon is going to shine a light from within and guide you to become clearer about what it is that you want to achieve moving forward.

If July’s New Moon was all about emotions, July’s Full Moon is all about grounded practicality. It is about honouring your emotions but also leaving room to make practical decisions that are based in logic and truth.

Balancing these aspects and making sure there is room for both in your life, are going to help you to move forward on your highest path.

There has been a lot of confused and stagnant energy floating around in the cosmos in recent months and now things are starting to shift and become clearer.

As these shifts occur, we are going to feel a little all over the place and perhaps even pulled or pushed in a different direction. We may even feel nothing, and be left wandering around to figure out where to go next.

No matter what you are feeling, remember that this Full Moon is all about making practical decisions on what you want your life to look like. It is about getting clear on the best way to move forward in order to achieve the life you desire.

We have all been releasing and letting go of things, and now it is time to think about what we want to harvest for the months to come.

July’s Full Moon is the perfect time to sit down and work out what emotions you want to create in your own life. Joy, happiness, laughter, adventure, whatever it is, write it down and begin shaping your life around them.

You have the power to co-create your reality and with the ambitious energy of this Capricorn Full Moon, we are all going to be given pens to write and crayons to colour with.

If you are unhappy with the shape and direction of your life, this Full Moon will also help you to develop the confidence and belief that you need to make some changes.

It may also bring to your attention things that are no longer working for you or self-limiting thoughts that are blocking you from achieving the life that you truly desire.

If life has been flowing smoothly, this Full Moon may also bring some new, wonderful opportunities particularly when it comes to your career or education.

July comes as a reminder that the most important thing we can do for ourselves is to love and accept ourselves exactly as we are.

It also comes as a reminder that when we truly love ourselves and believe in ourselves, there is nothing we can’t achieve.

If you are in doubt about where to turn on this Full Moon, turn within, for that is where all the answers are buried inside of you, like little jewels just waiting to be found.

Want to read more about the Capricorn Full Moon? Check out my article on Huffington Post.

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