Intuitive Astrology: Leo New Moon 2022

leo new moon astrology 2022

The Leo New Moon on July 28, 2022, is one of the sweetest New Moons we have experienced in a while. It carries the vibration of abundance, joy, and creativity. It is a beautiful New Moon for checking in with the flow of our lives and if we are where we want to be.

Some days, life tends to pass in a blur. We get caught up in the rush and swept up in the flow of our past actions and beliefs. But July’s New Moon is a good time to pause and consider the direction of our lives.

Are we moving in a direction that feels good? Are we taking actions each day that fill us with joy and inspiration, or are we living merely out of habit?

Whatever awakenings or realizations you have around these questions, this New Moon will be on your side, supporting you through any changes you wish to make or any new ideas, habits, or ventures you wish to try.

We can also use the symbolism of the Leo Lion to help guide our direction. Leo the Lion shares the message that we can be proud, confident, and fierce in who we are. When we shed the superficial, when we shed the burdens, when we shed the things that block us from being our true selves, we are able to truly shine.

Venus and Black Moon Lilith are traveling closely together at the time of this New Moon, further amplifying this need to be our true authentic selves, especially when it comes to embracing more of our feminine qualities, which live within us all.

But, the most active planet under this July New Moon is Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and expansion. Coupled with the energy of the Leo New Moon, it will guide us to bring more of our heart energy into the world. The world definitely needs more heart energy right now, and this New Moon offers all of us that gift.

To really make the most of this energy, bring your attention to your heart center under this New Moon. Listen to your heart, what whispers does it share?

One powerful and quick exercise you can do to connect with your heart is to close your eyes. Take three deep breaths, and then place your hand over your heart. From this place, ask your heart what it needs the most right now, and then trust the feeling or message that arises.

Slow down. Life is not a race. Is what my heart whispers to me as I tune in.

Moments after this New Moon, Jupiter also stations retrograde, making its energy doubly strong and more influential.

In astrology, Jupiter is known for bringing optimism and allowing us to see the silver lining, so if there is something challenging going on in your life, use this New Moon to help see a more positive or hopeful side to things. You can read more on the Jupiter Retrograde energies here.

While the Leo New Moon brings waves of harmonious energy into our being, there is another force that is humming along in the background, which may bring some unsettling energies into our world.

This unsettling energy comes from the Uranus North Node Conjunction. As nice as this New Moon is, we may not be able to escape some of the upheaval that is destined to unfold from this powerful conjunction.

The Uranus North Node conjunction is about raising our collective destiny. The things that we once relied on may not feel so reliable anymore. Our values and the things we depend on as a society is changing. But all of this is in an effort to escalate our collective consciousness and to move us to a higher timeline of our destiny.

A certain amount of chaos is inevitable on this journey, and we may see some of that triggered around this New Moon. Just remember that this New Moon offers that silver lining, so if your world is feeling a little rocky, or unsettling energies are whirring around you, challenge yourself to see even just a flicker of silver in it all.

Your Leo New Moon Ritual is here.

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