Intuitive Astrology: Libra Full Moon April 2022

libra full moon april 2022 astrology

If there was a slogan for this Libra Full Moon it would be – “something’s gotta give.” It seems that wherever there has been tension, whatever has been pulled too tightly, is going to snap back, forcing us to make changes and to find a new way to harmony.

While the Libra Full Moon peaks on April 16-17, 2022, its energy is something we will feel for at least four days before and four days after. Due to the rise and fall of this Full Moon’s energy, whatever tensions need to be released from our lives are likely to come to a head before the Full Moon peaks.

Know that if you feel mounting tension in the days leading up to the Full Moon, it’s a sign that something has to be released, tension somewhere has to be cut in order to continue.

One of the planets very active under this Full Moon is Eris. Eris is actually a dwarf planet, but if we consider fellow dwarf planet, Pluto, as one of the main planets, it’s only fair that we consider Eris too.

Eris is known as the Goddess of Discord and Strife. She is the main player under this Full Moon energy, but don’t let her name alarm you.

Eris is a powerful warrior that moves from her feminine instincts, not her masculine ones. Her warrior-like nature comes from her heart. She is the mother that can lift a car in order to save her baby. She is the witch that is strong and confident in her magic. She is the woman that owns her sexuality and knows she is desirable.

No matter our gender expression, when we work consciously with the energy of Eris, it helps us to embrace our darker feminine side, the side that is shunned by society the most.

Dark feminine qualities can include things like jealousy, possessiveness, and manipulation, but it can also include transformation, magic, alchemy, healthy sexual expression, and feeling self-assured.

When we embrace our dark feminine, it allows us to balance the light feminine qualities, so we are not just agreeable and nurturing towards others all the time, but we can also stand in our power and own all of who we are.

Wherever Eris creates discord and strife, is often where we need to stand up and embrace our shadow feminine side. Sometimes this embrace requires us to clear things that are not serving our highest good, and other times, this embrace requires us to step into our power more.

The energies of the Libra Full Moon will be your guide, so allow the Universe to show you the way, and remember that there is nothing wrong with stepping fully into your feminine expression so you can feel powerful, desirable, and confident in your body.

Allow the flame of your feminine power to be ignited under the magic of the Full Moon. Allow the warmth of this flame to remind you of the lost wisdom and magic that the feminine possesses. Allow the flame to rise, so you can bring a higher balance to the masculine and feminine energies that flow across the globe.

We live in a heavily masculine society, and while there is nothing wrong with masculine energy, far more balance is needed. Each of us holds the power to create this balance by continuing to consciously embrace the feminine.

Whenever you feel the urge to discount the feminine, to disregard its magic, or to suppress its wisdom, pause and create a shift. This may look like honoring your monthly cycle, embracing your intuition, asserting yourself, and owning your sexuality.

While Eris may be stirring things under this Full Moon, whatever destruction she leaves in her path is a call for us to find a new way to harmony. Libra is all about creating harmony and balance, so know this is a cosmic force that is on our side.

Where do you need to create greater balance in your life? Often tension is a result of things being imbalanced for too long, so use these energies to bring your life back into an even flow.

As Libra rules over how we connect with others, our relationships may also come into the spotlight under this Full Moon.

Keep in mind that most of the people we encounter in this life can be mirrors, reflecting back to us the things that we need to work on or celebrate within ourselves, however, due to the cosmic forces surrounding this Full Moon, there is a strong need for us to assert ourselves, set firm boundaries, and ensure that the flow of giving and receiving is equalized when it comes to our relationships.

Whatever manifests, keep the idea of harmony in your mind. Know that anything that falls apart, any “discord” that presents itself, is simply an opportunity to smooth the flow of energy in and out of your life.

As always, Full Moons are powerful moments of release and endings. Use the April 2022 Full Moon energy to bring closure to anything in your life that no longer brings harmony. Trust the wisdom that lives within when it comes to any decisions that need to be made.

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