Libra Full Moon & Jupiter Neptune Conjunction Ritual

libra full moon jupiter neptune ritual

The Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Falling on April 12, 2022, this is an energy that will continue to shape the rest of the year.

The Full Moon for the month of April falls in the sign of Libra and peaks just a few days after on April 16-17, amplifying the cosmic waves of Jupiter and Neptune. Just as the Full Moon illuminates the night sky, it will also illuminate the fullness of these energies, allowing us to work with them with greater ease.

Jupiter and Neptune coming together signify a collective spiritual awakening. The merging of their energy thins the veil, allowing us to access higher realms, raise our vibration, and channel Divine messages from the Universe around us.

As Jupiter and Neptune align in the sign of Pisces, the element of water will be strong. Water is very connected to our emotions, as is the Full Moon.

The Full Moon heightens our emotions and increases our sensitivity. This will make the energies of the Jupiter Neptune conjunction even more noticeable, allowing us to really harness its energy. The Full Moon also adds an additional layer of intensity, with the dwarf planet Eris, helping us to tap into our feminine wisdom.

You can read in detail about the energies of Jupiter and Neptune, and the Libra Full Moon here and here, but if you would like to use this combination of Jupiter, Neptune, and the Libra Full Moon to raise your vibration, strengthen your intuition, and receive guidance from your higher self, here is a ritual to guide you.

Jupiter Neptune Conjunction and Libra Full Moon Ritual

This ritual is best done between April 9- 25, 2022. You can also do this ritual more than once. The meditation can also be used after this ritual anytime you wish.

You will need:


1.) Start by cleansing your aura using your tool of choice. As you cleanse your aura, feel free to recite the following –

“I bathe in the light of the Moon, allowing the moonbeams to absorb all that is no longer needed. My energy field is purified, allowing it to vibrate at the perfect frequency for me. I am grateful for my mind, body, and soul.”

2.) Next, cleanse your surroundings and where you plan to do your meditation. As you cleanse your space, recite the following –

“I cleanse this space with light and loving energy. Only love can dwell here. Only vibrations of the highest light can settle here. This space is a place of harmony, joy, and abundance. I am grateful for this space.”

3.) Next, get comfortable for your Adventures with your Higher Self meditation. If you are choosing to work with a crystal, have that in your hand, or you can meditate next to it, or have it resting on your body. Begin your meditation.

4.) After your meditation is complete give yourself a moment. If you need to take a pause, have a drink of water or make a cup of tea, and then when ready, grab your journal.

5.) You have three options here. The first option is great if you wish to channel, continue to receive messages, and tap into your psychic gifts. The second option is a little less work and is more about relaxation and self-reflection. You can also do this ritual more than once and try both options. The third option is to skip this step entirely and go straight to step 6!


You are going to continue to channel messages from your Higher Self or you can choose to work with your Spirit Guides or another deity of your choosing. At the top of your page write “My Higher Self/Spirit Guides want me to know…”

Then begin writing, just start with whatever comes to your mind first. Use your imagination and try to not lift the pen off the paper. If you don’t know what to write, make something up, write jibberish, just keep the pen flowing. Give yourself 20 minutes of free-flow writing and see what messages appear. Keep reminding yourself of your prompt as you write and watch what flows.


Select one of the following journal prompts. You can either free-flow write or bullet list your response.

  • I can bring more balance into my life by…
  • Choose a significant relationship in your life. What are the most powerful lessons you have learnt from this relationship?
  • Choose a difficult situation or challenge you are facing right now. Pretend this challenge belonged to someone else. What advice would you give them?

6.) Take a moment to pause if needed. Have more tea or water. Then do your Libra Full Moon Reading. Reflect on any insights that have come through and how they may relate to messages you have already received throughout this ritual.

7.) To close this ritual, take a big long stretch. Go for a walk in the fresh air, or do something relaxing like listening to music, bathing, or go to sleep! Feel free to repeat step 3 of this ritual as often as you like.

Happy Full Moon and Jupiter Neptune Conjunction!

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