Intuitive Astrology: Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse March 2024

libra lunar eclipse astrology 2024

Eclipse Season 2024 begins with a Partial Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Libra on March 25th.

Full Moon Eclipses amplify the energy of a Full Moon, so you can think of them as Full Moon energy times ten! For that reason, they are incredibly powerful and believed to open portals to higher states of consciousness.

The portal that opens under this Libra Lunar Eclipse is one of endings. It seems that we are being guided to bring something to a close. Perhaps it’s a thought pattern, way of belief, or, perhaps it is something more tangible like the ending of a job, relationship, or chapter of our lives.

Eclipses affect us all on different levels and at varying degrees, but they always leave their imprint and always put us where we need to be. In fact, it is believed that Eclipses unlock fated contracts.

It is also important to mention that this Libra Lunar Eclipse is part of a bigger Eclipse cycle that began in April 2023 and will continue for the remainder of this year. The next time we revisit this same Eclipse cycle will be in October, so it’s likely whatever comes up in March will only be part of the story. We may have to wait until October 2024 or even March 2025, when we experience the last Eclipse in this series, for the full picture.

Let’s take a deep dive into the astrology behind the Eclipse-

The Libra Eclipse and Relationship Matters

The scales of Libra represent the balance between giving and receiving in our lives. Where are we giving too much? Where are we not giving enough? These questions are likely to be on our minds under the Eclipse and at the root of any issues that come up for us.

Our relationships are likely to be a big focus under this Eclipse, as Libra energy gets us to look at how we show up in our partnerships with others and what we are giving and receiving. Are we being truthful and authentic to ourselves? Do we like who we become when we are in certain relationships?

Libra energy does a good job at helping us to focus on the other person and to think about things from their point of view. Libra energy is what we can call in when we want to feel compassionate or to see what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes.

While it can be tempting to bring all of our attention to the other person and everything they are doing, or not doing, this can be a bit of a trap under this Eclipse energy.

At its core, Libra energy reminds us that everyone we meet is a teacher and really just a reflection of a deeper part of ourselves. We are all One, we are all fragments of each other. What we see in others and what we struggle with in others is a powerful lesson for us, too.

This is not to say we tolerate bad behavior or give excuses to stay in toxic situations, but it does allow us to look at things through the eyes of learning and deepening our own connection with the Self.

If a challenging relationship dynamic comes up under this Libra Eclipse, explore deeper than just pointing the finger or looking to blame someone. Go deeper, ask what this may be trying to show or teach you. Hold up a mirror to the situation and look at what is being reflected back. Ask what lessons can be learned.

It is never easy to do this on your own, and sometimes it also takes time for all of these questions to be realized. But see if you can hold space under this March Eclipse to bring some attention and focus back on to yourself and ask how this situation can empower you.

Relationships that feel rocky or unstable are likely to be tested under this Eclipse. You may find that dynamics that are no longer serving come up for review or that your thoughts and feelings around relationships may be changing.

The Libra Eclipse and Our Values

Creating partnerships with others is one of the most profound parts of being human. On this journey, we create partnerships with family, friends, and perhaps even with a spouse and children. We have a multitude of different partnerships in life, and they are all powerful teachers, sources of joy, and amazing portals of growth.

As a human species, we seek out relationships and connections with others. We don’t thrive unless we have them, so it’s safe to say that relationships are hugely important. They are also some of the most difficult dynamics we will encounter.

Relationships can bring out the best in us but also the worst. They can trigger wounds and leave us traumatized, but they can also be places of love, safety, warmth, and protection.

Relationships come in all sorts, and under this Libra Lunar Eclipse, we may find ourselves assessing the health of the relationships we have created in our lives. Are we receiving as much as we are giving?

We may find ourselves questioning what we desire from our relationships and consequently, what love means to us. We may find that what we once valued has changed.

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, and along with being the Goddess of Love, she also rules over our values.

Under the Libra Eclipse, think about what you really value. Think about what you value out of your relationships but also life in general and then see if those values are being met or not. Be honest and reflect on whether your actions are moving you closer to those values or away from them.

Visualize your Dream Relationship

The energy of the Eclipse is about endings and doing away with dynamics that are no longer serving us, especially in our relationships, however we can also use this energy to visualize what we wish to attract in our relationships.

Write down what you want your ideal partner to be like. Write down their qualities, values, and what they may like to do. Think about what the most perfect and ideal relationship would be like for you. Write it all down and offer it to the Eclipse.

You can do this offering by burning, ripping, or shredding the list under the darkness of the Eclipsed Moon.

The Libra Lunar Eclipse in Conclusion

Overall, this Eclipse is encouraging us to change the way we feel about our relationships by allowing us to recognize what we value and how balanced our flow of giving and receiving is.

While we may not have all the answers under this Eclipse, it will be our task to listen, learn, and keep growing from whatever comes up for us under this magical moon.

Your Libra Lunar Eclipse Reading and Ritual is coming soon.

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