Intuitive Astrology: Libra New Moon September 2022

libra new moon astrology september 2022

September has been a month of changing energy. It began with a strong flow of retrograde energy coursing through the cosmic skies, which always slows things down, getting us to pause, reassess, and deal with matters of the past.

Retrograde energy can also cause a fog or mist to roll in, clouding our thinking and judgments. This fog is there to draw us within and get us focusing on our inner world rather than our outer world.

Our inner world is rich with wisdom, insights, and intuitive knowledge, and this strong retrograde energy has been our invitation to go within, and explore the depths of our inner self.

September also brings the Equinox, which is the halfway mark of the astrological year and brings a turning point in energy. On top of this, just reaching the month of September can sometimes be a little stressful as we begin to realize that the end of the calendar year is right in front of us!

All of this shifting and flowing energy of September may take some time to adjust to, and we may be feeling out of sorts. But, the Universe always provides the medicine we need, and this time, our healing tonic comes from the Libra New Moon.

Reaching its peak on September 25, this New Moon brings open, expansive, and gentle energy, reminding us to focus on finding our balance. The cosmic music that flows from this New Moon is sweet, harmonious, and aligned to help us vibrate with our true and highest Self.

Under the dark night of the New Moon, ask yourself, how and where is my energy best used? Where can I be of greatest service?

Your energy is a precious resource, and even though life sometimes brings situations we must attend to, we always have a choice (even if it’s just a small choice) in how we approach those situations and how much those situations are going to deplete or energize us.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, opportunity, and abundance is very active under this New Moon, adding to its sweetness.

Jupiter brings a strong illuminatory effect to this New Moon, allowing us to see things with a greater clarity and higher perspective.

As things are illuminated for us, the sweet energy of Jupiter inspires us to focus on the silver lining or the positive side of things, no matter what is brought into our awareness.

Ancient astrologers would call Jupiter the Great Benefic, as its planetary energy was said to bring luck, goodness, and fortune. Whatever Jupiter was said to expand was believed to be for our highest growth and soul evolution.

New Moons are considered a time to draw things to us and can be powerful portals of manifestation. Add Jupiter’s expansive energy to the mix, and there is really a golden opportunity here to call in our highest dreams and wishes.

Under this New Moon, make it a point to set intentions of what you wish to call in. Be mindful that what you are writing down is from the heart, and not the ego. And keep your intentions a little open-ended, as you never know how the Universe, and influence from expansive Jupiter may help to take your intentions in directions you never dreamed!

The energies of the Libra New Moon are also calling for us to focus on simplicity. Be mindful of what you choose to take on during this time and see if you can approach everything from a simple mindset, rather than getting swept up in all the little details or what-if scenarios.

If this New Moon could talk, it would encourage us to simplify our lives. It would say- Try to see the lightness in any burdens that are weighing on you, try to laugh at yourself, or at the situation if you can. Forgive yourself, release yourself from anything that feels heavy on your shoulders. Simplify your thinking and thought processes. Allow lightness to radiate through your being and into whatever feels complicated in your life.

Following this New Moon, we begin entering into Eclipse Season which begins at the next New Moon on October 25.

Eclipse Season is always a time of transformation, new beginnings, and endings, so soak up the extra sweet vibrations of this month’s New Moon. Know that if things feel incomplete or if it feels there is more to the story, Eclipse Season will bring more answers.

Your Libra New Moon Ritual is coming soon.

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