Intuitive Astrology: May Full Moon 2016

may full moon astrology 2016

The May Full Moon falls in the sign of Sagittarius on the 21st and is part of a bigger cycle that won’t be fully complete until June 20th.

In June, we also have a Full Moon in Sagittarius. Having two Full Moon’s in the same sign is very rare and indicates that whatever May’s Full Moon manifests in our lives is likely to be incomplete until June’s Full Moon.

This means that around the 21st of May we are going to get a glimmer of the cycle that is unfolding for us, and what lesson this Full Moon has come to instil in our lives.

Full Moon’s are like the peak point of energy in a cycle. Often on a Full Moon, we can see things manifesting in our lives. Full Moon’s are our opportunity to reap what we have been sowing and harvest the efforts of our work, but this Full Moon is slightly different.

The real harvest for this Full Moon will come in June, which means that May is all about looking and assessing what you need to pay more attention to.

If you feel like you have been taking one step forward and two steps back, if what you have planted is failing to grow, the Universe may present you with an opportunity around this time to either change your strategy or let the idea go altogether.

Perhaps around this Full Moon you may have to let go of ideas, dreams, wishes or plans that you have been holding onto and think about renegotiating your ideas.

It may not make sense to you just yet, but perhaps there is a better way for you to move forward that you are yet to discover.

If you are open and willing to surrender, over the next month you will be guided to the perfect path.

Just one day after this Full Moon peaks, Mercury will start going direct. Before Mercury goes direct however, he stations or stands still. Wherever Mercury chooses to stand in your life will be a powerful point of consideration and one that may need your attention.

Mercury is the planet of communication and when he is retrograde he tends to reveal a truth in our lives that we may not have noticed.

Mercury’s truth may be delivered to you in the form of delays, miscommunications or setbacks, but know that these are all ways that Mercury shows you the cracks that need to be fixed.

Because Mercury direct and this Full Moon happen so closely together, it is likely that you will start to see the bigger picture behind all of this retrograde energy that has been occurring in the Universe since April 2016.

Essentially, this Full Moon is going to activate a lot of the retrograde energy that has been swimming around, which will help you to see the shape of where it is all leading you.

Remember, you won’t have the full picture until the end of June, but for those paying attention, May’s Full Moon will definitely start guiding you in the right direction.

Mars and Venus, the two cosmic lovers also feature heavily in this Full Moon. This may cause a lot of heat and anger, but also passion and spontaneity.

During this Full Moon, both Venus and Mars are going to be having strong words with each other and you may see this manifest in your relationships with others and the relationship that you have with your self.

These planets together may also stir things that were brewing around mid-April 2016, so if there are lingering thoughts and feelings from this time, particularly in matters of romance, this Full Moon may activate them to be cleared once and for all.

If there have been weak points in your romantic relationship, you may also find that this Full Moon highlights them to you and encourages you to address them.

Just be mindful you think carefully about what you say, as the heated energy of this Full Moon may cause you to say something that you may later regret.

We all have Venus and Mars energy inside of us, so whether you are in a relationship or not, both these planets will also be helping us to communicate and reveal and truth inside of ourselves.

Venus will be helping us to unlock our creativity and see where we need to nurture ourselves more, and Mars will be helping us to drive action and energy into an area of our lives that needs attention.

May’s Full Moon is definitely interesting but will only reveal half the picture. The rest will follow leading up to June’s Full Moon.

This really shows that the Universe is preparing us for this next chapter that begins after retrograde season starting in August.

May’s Full Moon will be hot and heavy, but this will help to show us which way we need to move forward. If you get a little push by this Full Moon, trust and watch the direction it takes you in.

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